The Blood Summoner Chapter 0 2

Magic System



There are ranks in every field of magic. Whenever a spell is cast, any spell for that matter, the one who invoked the spell releases a sort of leftover magos which converges into a certain giant shape behind the caster, with the number sides and size determining the strength of the spell. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The sentient beings are not limited to only one blessing from either Elder or Nature, and are entitled to gain as many blessings as they can to strengthen one's prowess or just cultivate one blessing to its maximum capacity, either of which are commendable. The term Mage is for those who have only one blessing. Magus is for those who have two blessings. Grand Magus is for individuals who attain three blessings or more from three or more high ranked Natures or Elders.

When two or more spells are cast at the same time in which lasts over a certain duration, the figure behind the caster alternates between the colors and shape of spells.

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Abysmal Magic - Nobody knows what it can and cannot do, and nobody knows how it can be possessed. Usually characterized by flesh and blood magic. Every magic unidentified is categorized here.

Primordial Magic - The most complicated and most advanced, yet is very versatile in power. From time control spells to spectacular summoning spells, these spells generally are connected to the characteristics of the Primordial Consciousness.

Nature Magic (Physical) - Nature spells have two deviants of itself, physical and elemental.The physical aspect focuses on the enhancement of one's own physical prowess to deal more damage, have faster agility and speed, gain better endurance, and many many more that correlates to physical ability.

Nature Magic (Elemental) - Nature spells have two deviants of itself, physical and elemental. The elemental aspect of this type of magic leans to element manipulation such as controlling fire, earth, water, and air to fit the need of the caster. Many other elements exists, such as the manipulation of light and darkness, however these four are the most common.

Elder Magic - The magos of the Elders -the smiths of the world. It grants the power to summon living beings present in the world and gives the power to command them as the summoner sees fit. It's like pokemon where one has to capture a creature for it to become a familiar, with the higher the level of the creature the stronger the summoner needs to be for him or her to be able to capture the creature.


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