The Blood Summoner Chapter 0 3

Rank System



In the world of Fleis, magic is deemed the most treasured gold of all kinds of gold, thus the ranking of an individual depends entirely in their prowess in spell casting and combat ability. As an individual's rank increases, their lifespan also increases proportionally.




Bronzeling (1) - The lowest tier of all. Regular soldiers fall in this category.

Silverling (2) - Considered a feat by the common masses to fit in this tier. Officials fall in this category.

Goldling (4) - Highest rank you could achieve without blessings of the Elders or Natures. Many leaders fall short here.




Herald (16) - A stepping stone into the great world of magic. Most of the people are contented with reaching this level.

Crusader (64) - Considered the great mountain in which only a few can climb and surpass.

Archon (256) - A great position worthy of trophies and medals. The known highest rank attained. Here lies the lesser Elders, also known as the Gods.

Immortal (1024) - A rank not revealed to the masses, a secret. A portion of the great individuals that entered this rank lost their sanity in which the power overwhelmed them. Here lies the Elders and Natures.

Divine (4096 - 65536) - "The rank of the Ancient Ones." Here lies the power of the Ancients. Although three individuals reached this tier, they could not reach the higher spectrum of this rank. The Divine is separated into three ends: Normal Divinity, Greater Divinity, and True Divinity.

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The Celestial (???) - Here lies the Conscience, unimaginable in power and majesty. Not one has reached this tier, however the Consciousness tells of a story that he is not of the highest rank.

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