The Blood Summoner Chapter 0 4


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Bitefish - Colonial, carnivorous, fish-like animals that glow ambient green to attract prey. Relatively small but stays in schools when hunting prey or fighting other schools of bitefishes. Inhabits the middle domain on sea and ocean biomes. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Royal Elk - Stag-like animals with thicker fur and stronger legs, their hides usually glowing ambient blue because of the sparkflies inhabiting their fur. They tend to form symbiotic relationships with these flies that live on their backs so that lost members of the herd can find their way back quickly. In a predator versus prey situation, the herd makes a round enclosure with the strong ones on the outside, using their antlers to fight off the invaders. Inhabits the middle domain on forests and plains.

Shifters - Felines that are characterized by their thick, lucent fur by the tail, fast movement, and the ability to shapeshift and acquire the abilities of the being they shift themselves into. Prized as one of the greatest familiars one can possibly capture. Lives in the higher domain on sky island plains.

Sky Whale - Whale-like animals that can mature to become as big as flaoting islands, even greater if their environment allows so. Feeds on magos found accumulated on clouds. Most of the time its gigantic back is home to a diverse ecosystem of plants, animals, and sometimes sentient races. Inhabits the higher domain on clouds.

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