The Blood Summoner Chapter 0 5


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Humans - A colonial race focused on fusing magos with technology. Magicpunk in nature. This race doesn't usually break through the Ascended Rank System because they focus more on magos technology and thus have no time for cultivating their power, although they have high affinity for Primordial magic.

Deers (Dirs) - A tribal race imbued with the essence of beast and combat. They inhabit the sparse jungles and forests. They have pointed ears, are generally dark in skin tone, and have majestic antlers that aligns to their ability to use physical magic.

Hawks - A high-order race that uses staves to cast magic spells. Gifted by the Elders with versatility in magic. Their culture is centered around living in grandeur trees on floating islands, reshaping the barks and branches to their will to shape their homes and structures. Their legs -specifically the part below the knees, are like that of majestic hawks, and wings of eagles extending their grand majesty. They also are beautiful beyond belief. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

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