The Blood Summoner Chapter 14

Chapter 14: To The Lands of Stouts

"Come now, lad!" Gard said, prompting for Flo to follow, him and Kara standing on a platform by the base of the tall tower. "We ain't got the time!"

Flo stared disgustingly at the clockwork mechanics of the platform, it being seemingly bedecked by copper and brass -the common theme of human and engineering.

Flo was a half-dir, and something inside of him always clicked whenever he beheld these metal contraptions and the smell of rust and oil shifting within his nose. It just felt, seemingly unnatural, and he felt his guts gurgling and trembling whenever he encounters the scent, like a small lava pool was existent within himself.

"By the Great Beings' names, get on already!"




"Oh, I see." Gard said, his voice filled with pity for the poor child hugging the platform's floor as they ascended to the top stories of the tower, the sound of clicking gears and the smell of smoke tearing Flo's heart every second or so.

"Get over it already." Kara muttered behind herself, although Flo heard it as clear as day, resonating along his dir-like ears. "It's not my fault, you stupid whore." He also happened to mutter, although careful not to be heard.

As Flo felt the pressure of the platform pushing against him, him hoping for it to stop already, it finally came to an abrupt stoppage, hearing the screech of metal to metal killing Flo from the inside.

"Well, care to get out now, lad?" Gard said, pointing to the many humans outside the elevator doors staring down at him, still embracing the platform.

Flo fidgeted as he got up abruptly -flustered with all the people around, and got out the metal doors in fast strides as he shoved aside the many people in his way.

Flo then beheld a giant, concave ceiling adorned with many glass lanterns flickering majestic orange lights, along with mirrors hung on the ceiling to extend the reach of these lights to the wide space on the top of the tower, creating a mirage of beauty and adoration. Lights bounced from the ceiling, then to the walls, and finally to the metal ground, reflecting glints of lights that made the entire floor feel like a ballroom for fancy nobles.

Flo darted his eyes from one thing to the other, seeing many transport vehicles -that seemed to look like giant metal boxes, stationed on the ends of the giant room. On top of each of these vessels were much thick cables that extended from the center of the tower to the outskirts of the city, the metal boxes serving as like a transit that transports the public from the top of the tower to the many places across the city, having a grandiose, aerial view on the way.

Hundreds and hundreds of people were going on about their everyday lives, talking and walking as they passed by Flo, entering and exiting the elevator at the center as they pleased.

Not that Flo cared much anyway.

"Flo!" Gard hollered, a look of fatigue present on his face as he leaned against the large metal box, knocking at it with his fingers. "Let's go."

With the sound of the gears and cables coming online, Flo then dashed to the vehicle as they embarked, seemingly heading for the dock by the coast of the city.




There was complete silence. Awkward silence to be precise.

Flo habitually tapped his index to the metal bench every moment or so. The box they were in consisted of two of these benches positioned to face across each other, with Flo sitting on one with Gard and Kara seated at the other.

Every other moment Flo would groan, sigh, or do something just to keep anything from being too dull and stale. Well, It wasn't working.

Flo wasn't very used to it -having no enemies around to butcher his body that is. He was so used to fighting every day in the arena that, now it's quite peaceful and silent, it just felt so unreal.

"Kara, where's the staff I gave?" Gard asked, breaking the silence inside the ferry.

Kara then glanced over to Flo, expecting some kind of answer as well as to why she lost it. "I left it." Kara said, having a look of fake confidence masking her face, glancing over to Flo again with uncertainty.

"What?" Flo seriously didn't know why Kara was looking over to him. He didn't have the staff. He didn't even remember Kara was holding a staff. The last time Flo noticed her staff was when Kara suddenly perched on top of him, up on all-fours, dropping her staff as she held a dominant position over his lying body back at the castle.

"Oh." Flo muttered quietly, making the act of muttering a favorite habit of his. He and Kara both cast their face down, leaving something for Gard to ponder on.

"So, where to?" Kara asked, tilting her head towards Gard as she expected an answer, small streaks of light streaming down her face from coming from outside the windows. Gard then pointed to the outside of the window, a white, seemingly luminescent column standing majestically far out into the ocean.

"We're heading to the other domains?" Kara asked in exasperation, seemingly confused with a lingering hint of expectation apparent on her face.

"No Kara," Gard said. "A bit to the left." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

A small island was found to the left of the colossal column, albeit closer to the mainland than the pillar.

"To the city of the stouts," Gard said.


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