The Blood Summoner Chapter 5

Chapter 5: An Aura of a Crusader

"Enter." Flo was thrown in upon a great throne room, its inner balconies wreathed in green banners stitched in magnificent embroidery, its color complementing the hazel-colored walls and columns made of stained brass, iron, copper, and all sorts metal ores. There was a large green carpet laid out upon the center, stretching from the entrance of the room to the five golden thrones of the oligarchs.

The balconies were brimming with humans, wearing high-cost clothes, and looking that of nobility. Once the sound of shackles clattering and thudding got their attention, the place shushed in silence and stared at Flo, struggling to stand on his own two feet.

Flo felt so weak, his knees buckling with a few bruises here and there. There was a clear mark on the wrists and ankles where shackles grappled unto. It was an ugly sight, Flo thought.

"Let us start." One of the five oligarchs, an old hag wearing a robe, commanded. "Where is Xel?"

"He is late." Another oligarch said, an old one, stroking his gray beard.

At once, the high doors opened once again, bringing forth a man holding immense power, his majestic aura seemingly seeping out of his body and creeping along the carpet as he strode with immense kingliness towards the thrones of the oligarchs. But of course, he wasn't a king. He wore a brass-colored robe, hiding two blasters by his belt. His blonde hair danced around the silver circlet with wings carved in each side of the temple, complimenting his strong aura.

Xel, his name, stood beside Flo, his aura seemingly following his every movement, like a phantom. He glanced at Flo, giving him a cold simper as he bowed to the oligarchs. "I am here." He said in a low tone, as the crowd upon the balconies were silenced by his pure majesty and power, not even comparable to the oligarch's aura combined.

"Crusader Xel." Said another man upon the throne, looking around fifty. "Why are you late?"

Maybe Flo was confused. Yes, he must be. After all, why was this strong and potent being holding such tremendous power bowing to such lowly individual?

"There was a disagreement," Xel said, glancing a look at Flo, making him tremble. "They wished for the ownership of the Primordial's magic."

"Nonsense!" The old hag howled. "We had discussed of this accordingly!"

"So then?" The bearded one said, habitually stroking his gray beard. "How did you resolve the conflict?"

A slight smirk grew upon Xel's face, giving it a gruesome shade of ugliness along with his beauty. He reached for something behind his robe, grabbing a bloody and bandaged sword -no. It wasn't a sword; it was a hand, blue and rotten.

"Here." Xel sarcastically offered to the oligarchs, throwing off the rotten chunk to the floor, rolling over the carpet, and making a mess with the blood spurting all over.

"Boy." A fourth of them said, looking disgusted and displeased. It was an old woman, the eldest of them dotted with many golden pieces of jewelry, standing up as if to rival Xel's power. "Do you have any idea of what the consequences might be?"

"Guilty or not, I can and will handle everything they might throw at me." He said, shrouded with pride. "Why don't you try Baba? You were very bent on building good relations with their family." He paused, then rose to stand, eyeing the aristocrat Baba. "If you were to defeat me here in a duel, I'd gladly severe both my hands as compensation."

Flo trembled at the gushing aura of Xel, filling the room with extreme power and might. The nobles on the balconies also quivered, keeping a close watch at Xel. At some point, while Flo witnessed this event, he caught himself saying, "Awesome."

"Fighting isn't the only way to victory, my boy." She stared hard back at him. It was tension all over, and Flo knew Baba wasn't just bluffing herself out of it. She was strong also, holding quite the aura that was many times higher than the rest of the oligarchs. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Was she hiding her aura? Flo couldn't tell. He only felt her essence once Xel and Baba started to clash against each other. For all he knew, the other oligarchs' aura could also be stronger than what he initially felt. However, the way he saw it if Baba and Xel were to fight here and now, Xel could and would still win by a large margin.

"Bah!" The woman gave in, backing down to seat again in her throne. "Let's set aside this matter for now."

"Yes." Xel steadied himself, calming his majestic aura. The strength of the omitted ambiance decreased as Xel took a step back, the air seemingly drawn to him as his aura seeped back into his body.

"Now then," Xel said, turning to face Flo, who was in awe of his recent performance.

"Is he the sacrifice?"

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