The Blood Summoner Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Blood and Hormones

A black knight thrust its spear against Gandel, however parried by a nearby soldier with a swing of his ambient sword. The sword was sent flying however, sending the soldier tumbling from the mighty thrust of the knight, toppling over, leaving himself open.

With a drive, the knight held his spear strongly by his left, giving a quick thrust into the fallen soldier, piercing his armor like butter.

The man was dead.

The black knights then continued to pursue Gandel, who was now hiding behind a line of human soldiers, quivering in fear. More and more soldiers continued to rush in and offer assistance, while all the more black knights came to upset the balance.

Burning arrows rained above the line of soldiers, seemingly coming from the black archers by Flo's side. Although the arrows couldn't break through their magic-imbued armor, it was enough that the oncoming barrage of arrows cracked their guards.

"Order now!" A familiar voice howled in the front line of soldiers. "Vanguards, to the front! Deploy the bulwarks!" It was Faun, taking command of the human troops.

"Drag the injured to the back!" She said. "We cannot have any more casualties!"

All the while this was happening, Flo was in a total state of arrest. He was lying on his back, toppling over, as a girl on all fours perched on top of him, seemingly inching nearer and nearer by the second, her lustrous brown curls hanging over his face seemingly teasing with Flo's bare skin. "Hmmm~" She hummed.

He doesn't know how to feel about this. In the first place, he doesn't even know why this was happening -but right now, this, obviously, without a damn doubt, was not the right time. This girl is damn sick in her head, and Flo needs to get his head straight so he can escape from all this mess.

"Move." Flo said, shoving over Kara, sending her tumbling over the hard floor.




"Sorry." Flo squealed, looking down in arrest. He knew he shouldn't have done it, but he couldn't think of anything else to get her away. That's right. He's not in the wrong; this girl was just unusual. Very unusual. Never before has he met someone even remotely like her.

Why is she like this? Flo thought as he glanced over to Kara, fixing her curls as she combed it with her bare hands. Flo stood up on his two feet, giving a hand to Kara as she tried to stand -her hands meeting his.

Flo realized when he stared at Kara's figure only an inch away from his. "She's taller than me." He muttered, in awe of her albeit mature appearance as well.

His eyes then dashed over to their hands still intertwined -then to her wrists, seeing the scars of shackles embedded upon it. He also noticed her somewhat -no, absolutely revealing line of clothing patched over her behind the robes, something that a dirty whore would usually wear.

What does that mean? Flo thought as a blast of heavy fire popped by his left, leaving him dumbstruck.



A black archer fell -its armor broken, falling and breaking apart from the other pieces of metal as it crumbled, exposing a bright core emblazoned with blood-red flames from the remains, which then dissipated into nothingness.

Another loud blast came from his right, as after then, he heard blades clashing in the same direction. As Flo turned to take a look, a black helmet flew his way, although missing his head by an inch. Another one dead. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"It's him." Flo whimpered, watching as Xel, sporting an ambient figure at his back, dodge an arc swing of a sword. The black archers beside Flo dropped their bows and quiver, dissipating thereafter, as swords seemingly appeared from nothing within their grasp.

Xel took a step back, or rather dashed back, and took a breather, with the figure behind him radiating faint red then green, alternating between the two. Three black knights then followed his wake, not allowing a moment's rest. "Damn." Xel cursed under his breath as he took off his robe, revealing several brass weapons -daggers, bombs, and many others Flo didn't know of.

He leaped to the middle of the three knights, catching hold on it through the gaps on its neck as he turned over to its back, locking both its arms using his two legs like a spider cherishing its meal. He then held his blaster at point-blank to the right temple of the knight and pulled the trigger. All that in a moment, another black knight was dead.

The other two knights drove their blades in a single arc as they tried to catch Xel. However, he stunted a backward somersault, dodging the swords as the blades met instead with the armor remains of the headless black knight -the armor crumbling as the swords clashed with it along with the core dissipating.

Flo was in awe, watching something like this unfold. He fought many hybrids and slaves at the arena, however, he couldn't imagine himself maneuvering his body like that to fight, nor has he met fighters that moved like that till now.

Flo had thought he was strong enough to survive in that arena for so long.

He was so wrong.

As Flo was awestruck by the fight, Xel suddenly looked his way. "What is this?!" He shouted to the oligarchs as he pointed to Flo with his weary right. "How is this boy casting such high tier magos?!"

No, it wasn't Flo he was pointing at. It was something behind him. As he turned around to see what it was, a glint of amazement and awe lingered on his eyes. He beheld a majestic and massive, ten-sided, black figure, decorated with intricate symbols and emblems -shifting shapes by the second, with a crown emblazoned at the center of it all, burning fire red.

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