The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188 The Fruit Of The Divine Tree

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Feng Shaoyu and Yao Yue were dripping with sweat. They had had no idea that Jiang Chen would try to kill them, and this was why they decided toescape and took off in different directions. However, before they had even exited the mountain range, two bolts of lightning struck their heads. The bolts shattered their Protective Dipper Energy, and they both ended up falling to earth.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen had landed where they had previously been and saved Lin Yu. Lin Yus whole body was covered with injuries, and he felt quite feeble.

Senior brother, I fought back, Lin Yu said excitedly. Lin Yu hadnt allowed his adversaries to bully him, and he had fought back stubbornly. However, sadly, it was his resistance that had made his situation become so dreadful. After Lin Yu had stated thosewords to Jiang Chen, he lost consciousness. Jiang Chen bent over him and examined his wounds, and his expression became quite worried.

Let me take a look at him. The magical clone, Master Luo Cheng, walked over and started treating Lin Yus injuries.

The crowd was puzzled by Jiang Chen and Master Luo Chengs relationship, but, as they considered the great masters abilities, they realized that Lin Yus safety would be ensured. When the crowd raised their heads and looked at the sky, they discovered that the Yaoguang Holy Lands Deputy Master had already disappeared. But most of the people were still aware that this god-like man was still hiding somewhere nearby.

The great master is really outstanding! Han Conger sighed with emotion. As she thought about how she had belittled and distrusted the great master at first, indescribable emotions welled up in her heart. She looked at Xie Ting who was next to her, and her expression was hard to fathom

Tinger? When Shangguan Ru noticed her friends expression, she became slightly worried.

Hey, do you think that Xie Ting has a relationship with the great master?

Why are you so concerned about this? Could it be that you Shangguan Ru was taken aback at first, but she quickly figured out everything and revealed her pearly white teeth in a smile.

I dont like peerless heroes like you, while the great masters character and disposition are both excellent, Han Conger said.

If you love him, just chase after him. I will support you.

The two women were communicating with sound transmission, and other people couldnt hear their discussion.

Young Miss Xie, why is the great master being escorted by the Yaoguang Holy Lands members? Han Conger started making inquiries. Well?

Xie Ting was aware of the reason behind this, and it was because the great master had saved the Yaoguang Holy Lands Master, and the holy land was just trying to pay back the favor. But this was top secret, and she couldnt divulge it to others rashly.

I went to the Yaoguang Holy Lands Spiritual Pond along with the great master, and he must have gotten acquainted with them then.

A Spiritual Pond? Shangguan Ru and Han Conger were both confused by this. The Yaoguang Holy Lands Spiritual Pond was at heaven grade, and it was the best Spiritual Pond anywhere. However, even though Shangguan Ru wished to go to it, she couldnt bear to pay such a hefty price. The great master wasnt a cultivator. So why did he go there? All of a sudden, both women thought of the same possibility.

Han Conger heaved a long sigh and gave up on her plans. She assumed that the great master went there to help Xie Ting, and they probably must have bathed together there. Xie Ting was quite clever, and she realized that they had misunderstood this. She wanted to set them straight, but decided there would be too much explaining to do andjust gave up on this. She let them think what they wanted to, and her cheeks became slightly flushed due to this.


Lin Yu was treated and saved, and he quickly woke up feeling fine because of the great masters marvelous spirit elixirs effects.

At this moment, all the Abundance Land Academys disciples didnt dare to budge or even breathe loudly. As they thought back about Jiang Chens previous actions, they all became afraid that Jiang Chen would fly into a rage and kill them all.

The divine-grade disciple Wang Fei flew down slowly and said, Jiang Chen, most of the people here had nothing to do with this matter.

They were all just watching it without doing anything, the same as you. This helped the perpetrators actions. Yet, you say they had nothing to do with this? Jiang Chen spoke coldly.

An embarrassed look appeared on Wang Feis face, but he quickly answered, Li Changqing has already died. This affair must come to an end.

You have to leave those two people here. As for the others, they can leave. If you cant accept this, lets see how many can escape by themselves, Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, the other disciples of the academy spoke before Wang Fei could answer Jiang Chen.

This matter isnt related to us.

That is right, senior brother Wang Fei, lets quickly leave.

Those are the Wind and Thunder Departments personal grudges. So, let them settle them by themselves.

Wang Fei frowned. Jiang Chen had targeted their weaknesses with his words, and this was worse than killing them. The people who had come here to watch the show couldnt help but laugh up their sleeves upon witnessing the ridiculous behavior of the Abundance Land Academys disciples. However, they were still near the Divine Tree, and Wang Fei couldnt do anything.

Senior brother, please dont do it! Yao Yue couldnt begin to imagine what would be her fate if she fell into Jiang Chens hands.

Feng Shaoyus face became pale, while his lips quivered.

Lets leave! Wang Fei made a decision and left along with the other people.

Feng Shaoyu and Yao Yue, who still hadnt recovered, could only look on helplessly as they left.

Jiang Chen didnt pay any attention to the strangers who were still here, and he quickly strode forward. He subdued these two people, and he tied them to a wooden frame in the same manner.

Lin Yu. Jiang Chen handed a long iron chain to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu understood his intentions, and he took the iron chain. His hand started flickering with lightning, and it engulfed the whole chain. Lin Yu waved the chain strongly, and it struck Yao Yues body. She didnt just sustain the intense pain inflicted upon her by the lash, she still had to bear the lightnings torment. Her thin hands shivered ceaselessly, but she still couldnt budge by even an inch because she was bound firmly.

Feng Shaoyu, who was next to her, didnt fare any better.

Lin Yu was extremely infuriated, and his lightning power was becoming more intense, and, as he continued lashing, these two peoples clothes started burning. Feng Shaoyu and Yao Yue were begging for forgiveness in loud voices, and they were both crying bitterly, while their two academic badges emitted a great reaction. However, the Abundance Land Academys experts still didnt appear even after a long time, and it was unknown what the reason was behind this.

In the end, Lin Yusanger subsided completely, and he put down the chain.

You wont kill them? Jiang Chen questioned Lin Yu while looking at those two people, whose bodies had already been deformed.

I want to wait until I can deal with them with my own hands. Senior brother, please accept my request, Lin Yu said. After Lin Yu had gone through such ordeals, his temperament had changed slightly.

Okay! Jiang Chen didnt have any reason to refuse his request, and he brought Lin Yu back into the sky.

Great master, many thanks for your help. Jiang Chen obviously still didnt forget to express his thanks to his magical clone.

It was no bother. Master Luo Cheng waved his hand casually, and he expressed that Jiang Chen didnt need to worry about it.

When the people in the sky above the mountain range witnessed that the dispute was settled, they all went back to the DivineTree.


When the crowd approached the Divine Tree, they heard fighting sounds echoing from inside the tree, and they couldnt help but recall rumors related to the Divine Tree. Many of them were frightened, and they retreated a bit. However, there was still a group of people who knew that this matter wasnt related to the Divine Tree.

Jiang Chen thought back to the All Beginning Saint and the others who had gone inside before them.

The banquet still hasnt started. So what is going on?

The crowd was puzzled by this. The date was clearly written in the invitation letter, and the banquet should be held the next day. They had gathered here on this day just because they were worried that something unexpected would occur, and they came in advance due to this.

The myriad clans have many geniuses, and we must screen them to choose the truly talented ones. There is a test waiting for you in the dimension inside the tree. A voice echoed from the DivineTree.

Jiang Chen frowned. This was the voice of the dual-pupils wielder.

Other people were unaware of this, and they started discussing the matter mentioned by the person who had just spoken. They all expressed their displeasure because no one wanted their qualifications to be suspected for no valid reason.

The people who pass the test will get the fruit of the Divine Tree.

These words made people forget about everything else, and they all became excited. The Divine Trees fruit was the object of legends. Many experts had been killed by the Divine Tree in the past, and they had all come here just for the fruit. No one was aware what that fruit looked like, but since the Wizard Clan dared to state such a matter in front of all the myriad clans, it surely wasnt fake. This was why the crowd started going into the Divine Tree, one after the other.

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