The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168 The Best Pair For This

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After Gu Juexi packed his things, he turned around and was met with a disapproving look from Ye Yuwei. He walked over and reached out to caress her face. Three days. Just three days and Ill be back.


To Gu Juexi and Yu Jiangqing, there werent any natural conditions that could pose as a challenge for them back in their hunting school. On the contrary, this place could stir up their thirst for blood.


Gu Juexi, are you aware that youre a father of two? Ye Yuwei growled, gripping Gu Juexis wrist. The annoyance in her voice was apparent.


Gu Juexi appeared nonchalant and kissed Ye Yuweis lips lightly. Wait for my return.


Ye Yuwei gasped. It was not out of response towards the kiss, but because Gu Juexi had just landed himself in more trouble.


As Lu Qichuan spoke to Yu Jiangqing, his gaze fell on the couple who were about to kiss and he quickly averted his gaze. This is not a training drill at the hunting school. If you sense anything amiss, retreat immediately. You both have families and careers on the line now. Back at the hunting school, there had only been two spots so Lu Qichuan couldnt go. Only Gu Juexi and Yu Jiangqing went, so they were the best pair for this.

Yu Jiangqing caught Lu Qichuans gaze and pretended to have not seen anything.

He conducted a final check of the equipment before saying, You mean Ding Ning? I bet she wished I would never return in this lifetime.

Ding Ning was his wife of a few years, who was currently missing.

The two of them did not waste another minute and left for the forest right after they had packed up.

Ye Yuwei stared at the entrance of the forest. That man was really fearless. Not only was he not afraid of death, he seemed to actively seek it out. She shuddered at the thought.

After the two of them left, Lu Qichuan turned around and looked at the other three. Ive brought quite a lot of food. Why dont we grab a bite before we discuss the resort? Lu Qichuan was gentle and calm as usual.

Ye Yuwei was upset. She resented Gu Juexi. She felt he did not prioritize her and their children for making the decision on his own without discussing it with her.

This was a big deal.

PA Wen was a mild-mannered person so he smiled at Lu Qichuan despite having objections.

Lu Qichuan had indeed brought a lot of food and it was a lot better than hardtack. It was almost as if they were having a picnic.

PA Wen brought Xiao Yaojing to a corner to eat. It was obvious he was dodging Lu Qichuan. Since the CEO was not around, he wouldnt know that Young Mistress was with Young Master Lu.

Xiao Yaojing teased PA Wen about his change in attitude. In the past, the CEO would trump everything else.

She was pleased with the change in him.

Lu Qichuan saw at Ye Yuwei sitting on the beach overlooking the sea and brought some steamed dumplings over to her.

Ye Yuwei looked at Lu Qichuan and hesitated before accepting the food. Thank you.

Lu Qichuan sat down next to Ye Yuwei. Dont worry, theres nothing that Rambo and Boss cant settle.

Rambo, Ye Yuwei murmured. That was Yu Jiangqings codename when they were on missions, but it didnt match his character. He mentioned Ding Ning earlier.

Yes. She was Rambos wife. Well, technically she is still his wife for the time being. Lu Qichuan didnt know for sure so he couldnt give her a certain answer.

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