The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313 The Safe?

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They arrived at the hotel. Nalan Jing was expecting them.

It was as if he knew from the beginning that they would come.

There was agonizing distress on Ye Yuweis face when she saw Nalan Jing.

Nalan Jing asked them to sit while gesturing for his bodyguards to leave them be. He took a seat across from them.

According to the family tree, you are Weiweis uncle, so I should address you as uncle, too. Gu Juexi broke the silence.

Ye Yuwei was stunned, and honestly rather amused. She should have been the one who greeted him first, but Mr. Gu was quite fast in taking the initiative.

Nalan Jing didnt object. He knew that Gu Juexi had made a clever move by breaking the ice and putting them in the same boat, aka one big family.

In doing so, no matter what Gu Juexi asked later, he had to give him the answer because they were one big family after all.

Back then, did you give the diamond to my father? Gu Juexi asked.

No. That day, I hadnt even reached the Gu family house yet when Ai Mijia called to inform me that Didi had an accident, so I went back right away, Nalan Jing answered honestly, conspiring to Gu Juexis family card.

Ai Mijiathe crucial piece of the puzzle in this series of events.

Then, Uncle, did you kill Ai Mijia? Gu Juexi asked the question he thought was the most important.

Nalan Jing sneered, Kill her? She wasnt worth the trouble. He barked out a cynical laugh, and suddenly asked, Ai Mijia is dead?

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi. She didnt understand what was going on.

Yes, someone dug her eyes out. I admit that I was a little too anxious before, but Ai Mijia was the driving force backstage in this matter, and she was the only person who disappeared mysteriously in the middle of the sea. Thats why I suspected that it was you who killed her. It was your warning to me for being blind, and it was also you who had appeared in Gu Tianxins video. As Gu Juexi was explaining his theory, he peered down at Nalan Jings wrist and saw the word Ye tattooed on his hand.

Nalan Jing leaned back against the sofa and laughed. Whatever I want to do, I will do it myself. Ill go after the Gu family by myself to give Didi justice, I dont have to take advantage of anybody.

Gu Juexi was certain Nalan Jing was the person he said he was, so Gu Juexi didnt doubt his claim.

Gu Tianxin told us that you are hiring a hitman to kill her, is it true?

Nalan Jing laughed again and looked at his bandaged fingers. Kill her? I just want the safe thats with her.

The safe?

Uncle, whats in that safe? Ye Yuwei asked anxiously.

A mask. Gu Tianmus mask. I have to take it back, Nalan Jing said, a hint of menace appearing in his eyes.

Gu Tianmus mask was an important prop in this series of tragedies, and Nalan Jings intention was reasonable and understandable.

But this time, the reason I came back was to make your father apologize. Ai Mijia should be condemned, but she wasnt worth my effort, and furthermore, Didi wouldnt like me killing people. Nalan Jings expression softened when he mentioned Ye Dis name.

Gu Juexi reached out and took Ye Yuweis hand. I heard my dad said that you had disappeared after the car accident.

Nalan Jing was staring at his fingers. He looked up at Gu Juexi and said, Yes.

Then may I know why you left the hospital? Gu Juexi raised another question.

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