The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1590

Chapter 1590 It Was Not The First Time He Betrayed Gu Juexi Anyway

"Im alright, aint I?" Wen Shan murmured as she reached out to hold Nalan Chunbos face. "Because I know that you are my knight, so you will definitely appear."

Nalan Chunbo was amused by her words. He reached out to hold her hand and kissed it gently with his lips.

Wen Shan started to worry. She asked tentatively, "You didnt beat him to death, did you?"

"I didnt, but he will avoid you like the plague in the future," Nalan Chunbo said nonchalantly. He did not think a scholar like himself unchivalrous for saying such hooligan-like things.

After what just happened, Nalan Chunbo did not want to be a gentleman, especially if the consequence of being a gentleman was to see the woman he loved getting hurt. He would rather be a knight.

"Wen Shan, your influence on me is beyond my expectation. So, no matter what happens, you mustnt leave me, or Ill die," Nalan Chunbo said in a sudden austerity.

Since the incident just now happened beyond his expectation too. he lost all rationality in his head after making sure that Wen Shan was unscathed. He thought that nothing would make him lose his mind except for that incident.

However, it was obvious that he had underestimated Wen Shans influence on him.

Wen Shan blinked and stared at Nalan Chunbo again. His serious eyes would deter anyone from doubting the authenticity of his wordsbecause they were definitely true.

"Okay." Wen Shan held his hand and solemnly promised.

Nalan Chunbo reached out and pulled her into his embrace again as though he was still uneasy from the fear he felt just now.

The two of them lost track of time in their embrace. The first person to let go was Wen Shan. After loosening her grip on Nalan Chunbo, she held Nalan Chunbos face again. "Teacher Ding told me to tell you to be careful of Professor Yin. He said that Professor Yin had found quite a few professors earlier, although I dont know why he told me to tell you. I feel like it would be more appropriate to tell If this."

When Wen Shan said that, her eyebrows were tightly mashed together, giving her quite an adorable look.

Nalan Chunbo reached out and held her hand. "Okay, I got it. Lets go back first."

No matter how many people that old bastard found, they would not be able to stop him from receiving his prison sentence. This was an unshakable truth.

Wen Shan nodded. Nalan Chunbo fastened her seatbelt for her and started the car. Wen Shan grinned and said, "I feel like Ill lose my ability to take care of myself whenever Im with you. "

Nalan Chunbo looked at her amicably and answered, "Isnt this just nice? You dont have to do anything in the future."

"Then, what if you dont want me anymore?" Wen Shan jutted her chin and looked at Nalan Chunbo with a hint of grievance.

Nalan Chunbo laughed softly. "I wont."

There would only be a situation where she did not want him.

Wen Shan grunted. "I will be free tomorrow. I can go back to school."

Wen Shan suddenly shouted after saying that. Nalan Chunbo snapped around to look at her. "Whats the matter?"

"You havent written the script that you promised Big Brother Gu. You have been accompanying me for the past few days," Wen Shan said in embarrassment. It was over now that the script was still incomplete. Big Brother Gus new play was all ready except for one thingthe script.

Seeing how things turned out, it was unbelievably awkward now.

"If the script isnt ready, then hell wait," Nalan Chunbo said calmly. After all, it was not the first time he betrayed Gu Juexi. What was wrong with letting him wait?

Wen Shan was speechless.

Suddenly, she changed her mind. The person whom she admired the most was not her sister-in-law but Nalan Chunbo. Indeed, only extraordinary people would dare to make Gu Juexi wait.

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