The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Names During Arguments

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Gu Juexi’s mind went blank for a moment.

Ye Yuwei had been with him when they received the news that the old Mr. Gu had passed away. Ye Yuwei told him that Qian Yikun told her about the news, but she did not mention anything about Gu Tianmu.

What did Gu Tianmu say to Ye Yuwei?

Gu Juexi gestured for PA Wen to leave and then took his phone to call Ye Yuwei.

Meanwhile, Ye Yuwei who just reached the resort saw Gu Juexi’s name appearing on her phone and didn’t want to answer the call. She watched her phone ring for a few seconds and reluctantly answered the call in the end.


“Is that your attitude?” Gu Juexi was furious at the way Ye Yuwei talked to him. Couldn’t this woman speak nicely to him?

“It’s how I am. I am no match for the best actress,” Ye Yuwei scoffed.

Gu Juexi couldn’t respond to that—he didn’t doubt that Ye Yuwei would remember it her whole life.

“Did Gu Tianmu call you last night?” Gu Juexi asked bluntly.

Ye Yuwei paused for a second and wondered how Gu Juexi knew about it. Her hesitation made Gu Juexi certain that Gu Tianmu had called.

“What did he say?” Gu Juexi asked angrily. “I am telling you, I would be so mad if you let his harsh words get to you. Was it the Bai family again—”

“I didn’t pick up.”

Ye Yuwei’s simple answer made Gu Juexi swallow all the harsh words he was going to say. It made Ye Yuwei happy; in a way, it showed her that Gu Juexi actually cared.

And then the line got cut off.

Ye Yuwei was speechless at how he wouldn’t even give her the chance to make fun of him. He shouldn’t call her if he wanted to hang up so badly!

Gu Juexi’s mind went blank when Ye Yuwei told him that she did not pick up the call. He realized that he had sounded stupid, so he ended the call right away to eliminate any chance of her making fun of him.

Whoever acted fast won in situations like this.

Gu Juexi was actually happy that Ye Yuwei didn’t pick up Gu Tianmu’s call.

Ye Yuwei got back to her office and tossed her phone onto her table. She didn’t back off whenever Gu Juexi picked on her, and that man actually hung up before she could say anything.


Qian Yikun knocked on her door and entered the office while Ye Yuwei was deep in her thoughts. “How is the renovation going? Can we start sending the invitations? Can the resort be launched on time?”

“I am sure that we can launch the resort on time. Please don’t worry about it, Mr. Qian,” Ye Yuwei said confidently.

Qian Yikun chuckled. “I am curious. Why do you always call me Mr. Qian?”

“Because it’s working hours,” Ye Yuwei said simply.

“Is that how you call Mr. Gu too?” Qian Yikun threw an inappropriate question at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei paused for a second at the question then replied, “I call him Mr. Gu even at home. Why do you ask?”

“Nothing. Is that something romantic between a husband and wife?” Qian Yikun laughed.

Ye Yuwei was speechless again. Wasn’t it more like names during arguments?

Then again, Ye Yuwei couldn’t tell Qian Yikun that.

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