The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 654

Chapter 654 As You Wish

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Deputy Manager Wang’s face darkened. They knew that PA Wen had brought Xiao Yaojing into the company but they figured it was just a favor because PA Wen has not intervened at all since then.

Deputy Manager Wang was worried now. Although it had been the relative of the bank manager that Xiao Yaojing had offended, Gu Juexi was obviously the person that they should be biased towards. On top of that, PA Wen himself was not someone who was easy to deal with.

PA Wen walked away from the confrontation and sat down on the couch. It looked like he was staying out of it but in reality he was secretly evaluating how tactful Deputy Manager Wang was.

Deputy Manager Wang was guilty of picking on Xiao Yaojing. Not knowing what to do when PA Wen intervened, he called up the bank manager.

Meanwhile, the woman who was sentenced to one month’s home confinement for child emotional abuse was telling her cousin to make Xiao Yaojing’s life difficult so it put the bank manager in a difficult position when Deputy Manager Wang called to ask for his instructions.

“Can you afford to piss Gu Juexi off?” The bank manager asked wearily.

It was an obvious no to Deputy Manager Wang, but what could he do? It wasn’t like he could take back something he said.

Meanwhile in Xiao Yaojing’s office, Xiao Yaojing was frowning at PA Wen who was sitting on the couch. “What brings you here?”

What brought him here?

He decided to come right after he learned about the relationship between that woman and the bank manager.

“Mr. Lu told me that you might be in trouble. He couldn’t make it, so here I am,” said PA Wen elegantly while controlling his facial expression to make sure it didn’t give away the truth.

Xiao Yaojing’s brows furrowed and she looked at PA Wen in disbelief. “Did Lu Qichuan really send you?”

PA Wen nodded simply.

Xiao Yaojing continued to look at PA Wen suspiciously but surprisingly did not feel excited about the fact that Lu Qichuan cared about her.

PA Wen lowered his gaze while waiting for Deputy Manager Wang. Xiao Yaojing sat down beside him and asked, “What do you think is on Lu Qichuan’s mind?”

“Maybe there’s space for you in his heart after all. It’s just like how Mrs. Gu had spent years beside Mr. Gu but he only realized his true feelings after she left him,” PA Wen explained, leaning back against the couch.

But he had made it up. In his mind, Xiao Yaojing could at least get to be with someone she loved if that really was what Mr. Lu was thinking.

So, he would rather give the chance to Lu Qichuan.

But what he said made Xiao Yaojing even more suspicious. How were Lu Qichuan and Gu Juexi the same?

If they weren’t the same, why would Lu Qichuan think of her at a time like this?

“Alright then,” Xiao Yaojing humphed. “By the way, what was it that you said earlier about referring me—”

Deputy Manager Wang came into the office before Xiao Yaojing could finish her sentence.

“I am so sorry, Xiao. There has been a mistake, you can keep your project,” Deputy Manager Wang stammered. “We are sorry for troubling you, PA Wen. Do we have the honor of buying you a meal if time allows it?”

“Don’t bother, I have errands to run,” said PA Wen as he got up from the couch and smoothed his shirt. “Be more careful next time, Deputy Manager Wang. Don’t make things awkward.”

“Of course, of course,” said Deputy Manager Wang as he wiped sweat off his forehead.

PA Wen turned back to look at Xiao Yaojing intently then left the office.

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