The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 743

Chapter 743 You Could Die If You Keep Eating

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Ye Yuwei felt the pressure from her son to answer the question but couldn’t do so.

Ye Xicheng looked at Ye Yuwei keeping quiet and heaved a soft sigh, as if he had imagined this exact outcome.

Ye Yuwei’s lips twitched when she heard her son sigh. She looked at him cautiously and asked, “do you really dislike him that much, Xicheng? He is your father.”

Ye Xicheng looked up at his mommy helplessly. “No, Mommy. Xicheng likes everything that mommy likes.”

Ye Yuwei pulled her son into her arms. “You and Xixi are always Mommy’s top priority.”

Ye Xicheng patted his mommy’s back as if comforting her, but what he actually wanted to say was ‘you left us for the old meatball this time, and Xixi and I almost lost our mother’.

Meanwhile at Tin City, Nalan Chunbo was finally feeling refreshed after a few hours of rest. He stood up and was about to exit the room when he saw Wen Shan leaning against the doorframe.

Nalan Chunbo jolted in shock and instinctively took a step back.

“Are you hungry, Papa Nalan? I cooked some food. I hate to boast but I am quite confident with my cooking, ask Sister Jing if you don’t believe me,” said Wen Shan smilingly, not bothered at all by how her Papa looked frightened of her.

“I have never tried your cooking. You’ve never even cooked for me once since we got here,” said Xiao Yaojing bluntly.

“Didn’t you try my brother’s cooking the other day? Our mother taught us to cook,” Wen Shan said through gritted teeth, turning around to shoot Xiao Yaojing a vicious glare.

Xiao Yaojing got the hint and kept quiet.

Nalan Chunbo walked past Wen Shan and took the documents that Xiao Yaojing passed to him.

“Papa Nalan…” Wen Shan was about to say something but decided not to when Nalan Chunbo turned around and stared at her icily.

“Friend of yours?” Nalan Chunbo asked Xiao Yaojing, frowning.

“Wen Tao’s sister,” Xiao Ying supplied pleasantly, leaning against the sofa and looking at Nalan Chunbo.

Nalan Chunbo looked at the crazy girl in disbelief. “She is Wen Tao’s sister?”

“Yes, yes, Wen Tao is my brother,” said Wen Shan quickly.

Xiao Yaojing covered her face with her hands to hide her embarrassment. She was reluctant to admit that she was the one who had brought this girl here.

“Doesn’t look like it,” said Nalan Chunbo emotionlessly as he walked past Xiao Yaojing to sit down on the sofa.

“What does that mean?” Not understanding what Nalan Chunbo said, Wen Shan looked at Xiao Yaojing and asked her.

“What he meant was you could die if you keep eating,” said Xiao Yaojing who then sat down in front of Nalan Chunbo. What she really wanted to say was that this Nalan Chunbo had a sharp tongue.

She could die if she continued to eat?

Wen Shan jumped when she understood the meaning. “Who are you calling a pig, Sister Jing?”

“It was your Papa Nalan, not me,” said Xiao Yaojing sweetly.

Nalan Chunbo felt his head spin whenever he heard the words ‘Papa Nalan’.

“The stock market for Gu International’s real estate business in Tin City hasn’t crashed yet; someone must have been controlling the market. The data is not detailed enough though, I will prepare a detailed one tonight. Please tell PA Wen to prepare for the acquisition of their real estate business tomorrow,” Nalan Chunbo said and put the documents on the table.

Xiao Yaojing nodded, not mad at Nalan Chunbo for not approving the report that she spent hours to prepare. “Do you want to have something first then?”

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