The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 744

Chapter 744 Could You Be The Reason Why My Brother Doesnt Want To Look For A Girlfriend?

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‘Have something?’

Nalan Chunbo glanced at the table, saw Wen Shan looking at him hopefully, and hesitated.

“Yes Papa Nalan, I spent so long to prepare all this. I can guarantee that it is all nice, authentic Chinese food,” said Wen Shan excitedly as she boasted about her cooking again, “just try some! They taste amazing, I assure you.”

Nalan Chunbo has never seen a girl like this. He had plenty of admirers but most of them were elegant and smart, and none had been this obsessive. It was strange to have an admirer like this.

Wen Shan dragged Nalan Chunbo to the dining table to show him the dishes.

“Are all these for the three of us?” Nalan Chunbo felt that this girl really could die if she continued to eat.

Wen Shan smiled awkwardly, scratched her head cutely and said, “I wasn’t sure what you like to eat so I cooked everything we have in the kitchen.”

In that moment, Wen Shan looked like a wife who was visiting her in-laws’ house for the first time and was trying to please them with innocence.

Nalan Chunbo wanted to say something but couldn’t when he saw her excitement, and reluctantly sat down on the stool. Xiao Yaojing chuckled to herself and sat down too.

Wen Shan sat down as well happily and watched Nalan Chunbo as he ate.

Xiao Yaojing couldn’t bear to look at her anymore and took a picture to send to Wen Tao.

[Yaojing: Was your sister adopted? Look at her! Her eyes are almost stuck on Nalan Chunbo.

Wen Tao: …

Wen Tao: Why is Nalan Chunbo there?

Yaojing: He came earlier today saying that he needed all the data we have of Tin City and told you to prepare the acquisition for tomorrow.

Wen Tao: You are staying together?

Yaojing: This was Yezi’s house and he had a room here.

Wen Tao: …

Wen Tao: Come back tomorrow after the acquisition.

Yaojing: Why? He is not going to do anything to your sister.

Wen Tao: …]

It was so late at night, and what Wen Tao really wanted to tell Xiao Yaojing was that she was the one that he was worried about.

[Wen Tao: Gu Enterprise is running out of money. Come back quickly or you might not be able to make your claims.

Yaojing: That’s ridiculous, Wen Tao! I planned for a short trip here, can I not claim for that?

Wen Tao: No!

Yaojing: Get lost.]

Wen Tao looked at the woman acting up. He put his phone away and closed his eyes. Of course he wouldn’t allow her to claim for a longer stay, what if Nalan Chunbo fell for her?

Xiao Yaojing tossed her phone angrily on the table and continued eating.

“Isn’t it midnight in our country now? Who were you talking to?” Wen Shan finally tore her gaze from her Papa Nalan and looked at Xiao Yaojing.

“Your brother,” said Xiao Yaojing easily, “I was showing him his crazy little sister.”

“My brother doesn’t even reply to my texts during the day, and he replied to yours at midnight? Why these double standards?” Wen Shan asked unhappily.

Xiao Yaojing looked at Wen Shan and hesitated when something flashed in her mind. Finally, she said to Wen Shan, “because most of what you say is meaningless.”

“Your complaining is meaningless too but my brother replied to your texts instantly anyway. Sister Jing, could you be the reason why my brother doesn’t want to look for a girlfriend?”

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