The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Life Is An Experience

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It was still early when they finished their dinner. Gu Juexi made a phone call while Ye Yuwei waited by his side.

Gu Juexi paid the bill after his phone call and left with Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei recalled something on their way back to the hotel. “Hey, Gu Juexi, we didn’t really talk about my attempted murder and that killer! You changed the subject!”

Ye Yuwei was suspicious. She knew that Gu Juexi diverted the topic to their children when they spoke about his little lover—and she had been led toward the averted route.

Gu Juexi stroked Ye Yuwei’s head apologetically. “Next time, I’ll let you have more fish soup to see if we can change the liquid in this brain into fish soup.”

“Ye Yuwei smacked his hand off her head and warned, “Gu Juexi, don’t you dare change the subject again.” She was not letting him succeed again—she had learned!

His laughter grew merrier. He rarely laughed but when he had Ye Yuwei by his side, her dorkiness always had him in stitches.

Gu Juexi wrapped his arm around Ye Yuwei’s shoulder. “I have someone looking into it, we’ll just have to wait for the results. Moreover, I’m right here, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Don’t try to act cool, it wasn’t you who rescued me earlier,” Ye Yuwei sneered, reminding him of the fact.

Gu Juexi was silent. This round, Gu Juexi had been KO-ed.

Suddenly, Ye Yuwei realized something. “Does it mean that the person will show up whenever I’m in danger?”

Gu Juexi patted her head after hearing her. “My little dum-dum, I’m impressed with your wild imagination.”

He would never do anything to risk Ye Yuwei’s life. Not only that, that person was definitely not Ye Shu.

Ye Yuwei glared at him in disdain, deciding to ignore him for now.

Gu Juexi chuckled and followed Ye Yuwei. “We can expect the results soon, you can stop worrying.”

Ye Yuwei glanced up at Gu Juexi. “Are you always so confident in everything you do?”

The question made him frown. He thought about it seriously.

“In matters of life and death, if you lack confidence, how do you expect people to follow your lead?” Gu Juexi continued, “When I was in the army, I had to lead the boys into dangerous situations even I feared but even if I was trembling in fear, I had to act calm for them to show them that I would get them out of there,” Gu Juexi said softly.

“It took me some time to realize that it is not success that brings out your confidence. Instead, it is confidence that guides your way to success.”

Ye Yuwei looked up at him. The things that this man had gone through, nobody could imagine.

Gu Juexi patted her cheek lightly, almost like a caress.

“What? Did I sweep you off your feet? Do you bow down to your husband in admiration?”

This level of narcissism was also uncommon among other people.

All of Ye Yuwei’s adoration and respect disappeared in the blink of an eye. She cackled and pushed his hand away. “Dream on!”

Gu Juexi was not offended. He quickly counter-attacked and grabbed her hand instead, and they resumed walking, hand-in-hand.

Ye Yuwei dropped her gaze, looking at her hand that was being held. Beside her was a man she used to love so dearly.

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