The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex Wife Is Expecting Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Mother-In-Law Arrives

The little darling's high fever was too severe so the doctor did not recommend lowering the temperature through external means. Instead, he recommended the use of an intravenous drip.

The little darling was so small that they had to put the IV in his forehead. Shui Anluo tried to hug him tightly but the little darling was crying so hard that she could not hold him at all.

Chu Ningyi sat beside the bed and reached out to hold the baby's writhing little body. At this moment, the nurses have prepared the injection and were waiting for the little darling to quiet down before giving him a shot.

The little darling wailed and Shui Anluo began to sob as well. Chu Ningyi felt his headache grow at the sight of the mother and son.

He already dislikes noisy atmospheres but with these two, Chu Ningyi could only sooth himself internally once again. ' I can't scold my wife. After all, I had chosen her myself. I can't scold my son, I had conceived him after all.'

"Get out." Finally, Chu Ningyi got mad. He looked up and stared at the crying Shui Anluo.

Shui Anluo trembled and stared at him, blinking away at him with tears in her eyes.

Chu Ningyi stared at her pitiful face and instantly lost his sternness. "You're obstructing the doctors by being here," Chu Ningyi explained after he suppressed his personality with great difficulty.

The nurse nodded profusely. "Doctor Shui, why don't you wait outside?"

Shui Anluo sobbed tearfully. After weighing the situation, she turned around and left. However, she would turn around three timesfor each step she had taken to look at the bawling baby. Maid Yu was holding his little thighs and Chu Ningyi was hugging his squirming little body as the nurse sterilized the baby's little head with a cotton ball.

Shui Anluo walked to the doorway and leaned against the wall outside. The little darling's cries continued to ring in her ears and her heart throbbed.

Since his birth, the little darling had only gotten sick less than five times. In the past, Shui Anluo's mother would chase her out each time the little darling had to get an injection, afraid that she would cause trouble at the scene.

Chu Ningyi knew that his son was strong but he never thought that it would be this bad when the baby caused a ruckus. He even needed to exert a bit of force to restrain the baby's little body. As the needle pierced into his son's tender skin, Chu Ningyi felt a pang in his heart. His back was currently drenched in sweat.

Previously, he had felt no fear even when he had to lead troops into battle. He was not afraid either whenhe had been decommissioned for the first time from combat as a big shot from the business world.

Today, however, when faced with this little fellow getting an injection, it had actually caused him to sweat profusely.

After being pricked by the needle, the little guy slowly calmed down. He blinked his teary eyes and stared at his father pitifully.

Chu Ningyi's large hand stroked the baby's little face and wiped his small tears away. This was his descendant, his biological descendant.

Shui Anluo ran in when she heard that the cries had diminished. She then reached out to snatch the little darling who was now catching his breath.

Chu Ningyi got up but suddenly sat back down. He had used his right leg too frequently and alarm bells were now sounding in his body. He had ignored all this but now, he could no longer stand up after sitting down.

His action scared Shui Anluo and she watched as Maid Yu walked over to support him.

"Young Master."

Chu Ningyi waved his hand and looked down at his throbbing leg. "I'm fine."

Shui Anluo stared carefully at him, unsure of what to say. She felt sluggish and helpless as she carried her son.

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"How did he suddenly catch a fever?"

Just as Shui Anluo was in a daze with the little darling in her arms, her former mother-in-law's irritated voice suddenly rang out.

From the moment He Xiaoran had walked in, this was what she had seen. Gu Qingchen, who had tagged along, was standing next to her.

Gu Qingchen's eyes landed upon Shui Anluo. She curled her lips and was filled with a sense of disdain. For the most part, it was because she never had a good impression of Shui Anluo and because she had heavy schemes.

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