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  • The Conquerors Bloodline

  • Genres : Transmigration -  R-18 -  anime -  multiverse -  games -  mind control -  bdsm
  • Status : Ongoing
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The Conquerors Bloodline summary:

This is a cultural reference guide, you've been warned. While there is plot, it is merely to get from scene to scene without there being massive time gaps....Parc Evans was taken from his home world and thrust into another. Tasked with the chance of becoming a king of conquerors he travels through dimensions. Taking on and conquering all who stand before him.Author's note:I make no claim to owning any characters or settings except those of my own making.Join me on discord.gg/Q8pnvGSPatreon patreon.com/Lasarus

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The Conquerors Bloodline Chapters

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