The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 1003

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003: A Father and Son's Tacit Understanding

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After his memories were altered, True Immortal She Pi might have forgotten the White Night Spell, but the Snake Form which was the foundation it was built on definitely wasn't something that could be erased from his mind; this was the root of all the magic True Immortal She Pi had developed. If his memory of the Snake Form was tampered with, he would lose all of his fighting strength, and Bai Youquan definitely didn't want that to happen.

Fang Xing could open his mouth so wide because he had been cultivating the Snake Form since young.

"How can you do that" True Immortal She Pi gazed at the young man in astonishment. The Snake Form was the root of all his magic, and logically speaking, no outsiders would know it he had been planning to pa.s.s this magic art down to the next generation after he got married.

"Dad I know you won't believe whatever I say now, but I think you will if we fight it out," said Fang Xing.

He had been born with the memory of the Snake Form, because True Immortal She Pi had pa.s.sed on some memories of his magic to him during the cell reproduction in the final moments of his life. The Snake Form and the White Night Spell, which included Immortal Mode, were pa.s.sed on in that moment when True Immortal She Pi spat out the egg.

It could be said that these were things Fang Xing had inherited in his bones, and no one else could copy them!

Also, it was the best proof of their relationship as father and son!

"There's an extremely strong restriction on your room, how can we fight?" True Immortal She Pi asked doubtfully.

"It's simple. Let's fight with words."

After thinking for a bit, Fang Xing looked at True Immortal She Pi with a solemn expression. "Dad, I'm going to make a move"

True Immortal She Pi: "???"

Right after that, Fang Xing started to use his glib tongue. "The moment I say I'm going to make a move, I suddenly kick out at your lower abdomen with my left leg. This is the Divine Snake Swaying Tail, where my leg instantly becomes countless phantom images which you can't keep up with, like demon specters where you can't tell what is real or false."

So this was the battle of words

Finally understanding Fang Xing's meaning, True Immortal She Pi instantly replied, "But you didn't expect that as you kicked out with your left leg, you would leave your right leg the most vulnerable. I swiftly circle around behind you with the Snake Shadow Step and wrap both my legs around your right leg. Not only do I evade your attack, you're restrained by my consummate body techniques! I stretch out my hands to grab your head."

Fang Xing: "Father's reaction and body techniques are indeed extraordinary and would intimidate anyone. But against someone who has cultivated the Snake Form since young, this sort of physical restraint is nothing at all. I raise my hands to grab and block yours, and I relax my body to shed my outer skin before instantly pulling away several body lengths from you. "

"Shed your skin You can actually shed your skin!" This was unimaginable to True Immortal She Pi. The various combat skills of the young man in front of him were extraordinarily similar to his they could almost be said to have been cast from the same mold.

At this point in their war of words, Fang Xing was confident that his father True Immortal She Pi was becoming convinced of his true ident.i.ty.

True Immortal She Pi's memories had been altered and Bai Youquan had forced him to become a research lackey for their black shadow organization, but Fang Xing always believed that his father absolutely wouldn't roll over for them just like that.

This was a man who had mastered all kinds of core technology back then. While the black shadow army had tampered with the man's memories, Fang Xing believed that as long as his father wanted to, he would definitely be able to get his memories back.

After his resurrection, True Immortal She Pi was sure from memory that he didn't have a son. However, every aspect of Fang Xing's behavior was astonishingly similar to his.

Indeed, True Immortal She Pi started to doubt himself.

What was his name? Where had he come from? Where would he go after death? What was at the end of the universe?

Who killed him?

And who actually was he

He fell silent at all these doubts and questions.

At the same time elsewhere, w.a.n.g Ling and his group had made a breakthrough in their investigation. Mother Juan led w.a.n.g Ling and the others to the school staff dormitory where she stayed. Mother Juan had a single room, so she was the only occupant.

When she took out a world map from a drawer, w.a.n.g Ming and Guo Ping traded looks and smiled after looking at it. "Miss Juan'er, we already have a map like yours. We used high-precise equipment to do a scan, so our map might be a lot more precise."

Mother Juan smiled enigmatically. "Then do you know about the Five Great Altars?"

Guo Ping was stumped by this question. "The Five Great Altars?"

"It's understandable if you didn't notice them. There are tons of barriers on the place, and unless you head over to see it with your own eyes, you'll never find it with any sort of scan. The intruders behind the scenes here aren't stupid," said Mother Juan.

"Then, Miss Juan'er, where did you get your map from?" Dog Two on the ground asked.

"Someone gave it to me when I was a small child. He predicted that it would be the key to saving two worlds, and in order to do so, the Five Great Altars must be seized first."

"Who was that person?"

"I don't know, but I'm certain that this person wasn't from this world. After his explanation, he disappeared like the light. He wore a gray cloak, and looked like he had stepped out of the ancient past. When we shook hands, I could even feel a piercing chill coming off him."

"Was he also a soul of the dead?" asked w.a.n.g Ming.

"Definitely not." Mother Juan shook her head. "Departed spirits don't have such clear awareness. It was as if he could see into the future, and he was the one who told me everything I know. Also he actually told me the reason why the black shadow army was absorbing the dead from other worlds.

"The Palace of Mirrors was built based on the five elements. They engender one another and create a balance between Yin and Yang. The real world is Yang, while our world is Yin. Thus, there is no place more suitable than the Palace of Mirrors for absorbing souls of the dead. After the black shadow army came, they built the dream houses and controlled the altars which maintain the stability of the Palace of Mirrors. Their ultimate goal is to complete the Five Elements Transfer Soul Array and combine the Yin and Yang worlds into one.

"When that happens, Yin and Yang cannot be separated and the universe will fall into chaos. The fusion of both worlds can only lead to destruction. The dead here are like puppets, and have no desires or needs. Once both worlds merge together, this att.i.tude will definitely affect even more people."

"What will happen?" w.a.n.g Ming's expression was grave.

"A great number of people will go on strike and the global economy will come to a standstill. Celebrities won't go on Twitter or Weibo because they won't be bothered about their hype. Live stream gamers will no longer care about winning or losing, and won't even be bothered to use cheats they might simply quit live streaming altogether. Restaurants will shut down because no one is willing to cook, and people will have to live on snacks and frozen food. At that point, there might be a shortage of drinking water and fasting pills"

w.a.n.g Ling's expression changed when he heard these words.

From what Mother Juan was saying, all the people of the world would be affected by the dead and become like salted fish if the two worlds merged together.

Once all the snacks and frozen food in the world were practically used up, no one would be willing to continue producing them! Then, what would happen to his crispy noodle snacks???

No way!

He definitely couldn't let that happen!.

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