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The Demon Lord Walks Among Us summary:

A world in which humans and demons live near, but separately, divided by hatred, fear, religion, and a long canyon.A war, begun by the human lands, that ended with the assassinations of several of the demon generals and the Demon Lord.A retaliation by the demons, poisoning a river without thought of the consequences.That is the most recent continuation of the cycle of hatred, war, death, and fear.A girl, orphaned by the war, fed up with the cycle of hatred, crosses from the demon lands to the human lands.Witness her journey as an ordinary adventurer to end the cycle of war and death, as she gains her own harem and accepts the fact that she's the new Demon Lord.Witness the Demon Lord as she gets into all kinds of situations that she shouldn't have gotten into unless the goddess of fate felt miserable and wanted to distract herself.** Note: please, for the love of everything good, cute, and fluffy, THOROUGHLY read the long-as-hell author's note (and the later edits/postscripts, which I have separated FSR) that I made be its own chapter. It's just that long, sorry. I ramble in those somewhatoften, okay? It does, however, have a lot of useful information scattered around in it...

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