The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good For Nothing Miss Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739 A place to hide (3)

Just when Su Luo had finished hiding, Dongfang Xuans figure had already appeared in front of this ancient tree.

Inside the ancient tree, it was pitch-black like the night. Su Luo held her breath with rapt attention. She adjusted her bodys functions to the slowest state, she even controlled her heartbeat to its weakest state. She withdrew all the spirit force into herself.

Momentarily, Dongfang Xuan couldnt sense that Su Luo had already hid. His body was like lightning, he quickly swept by and continued forward.

But Su Luo knew the crisis hadnt been resolved. Because based on her understanding of Dongfang Xuan, wanting to escape from his pursuit, it wasnt an easy matter.

Sure enough, it was as Su Luo anticipated. Very quickly, Dongfang Xuans figure returned.

Now, his pair of eyes was like snow swords, shooting in all directions.

But the result wasnt the one he wished for.

Because he couldnt find Su Luo.

He actually lost Su Luo just like this after chasing her?

Dongfang Xuan was about to blow his top in his heart!

Every time, when he was almost about to kill Su Luo, she could always escape the calamity. Every time it was like this! The more Dongfang Xuan thought, the more unreconciled angrier he got. One fist hit towards the ancient tree in front of him.

Su Luos heart rose to her throat in an instant, her thoughts continuously cried out bad luck.

Because unexpectedly, the ancient tree Dongfang Xuan smashed towards was the one Su Luo was hiding in.

One only heard a rumbling sound, and Dongfang Xuans fist directly smashed in. And just at this critical moment, Su Luos figure lowered, avoiding this disaster by a hairs breadth!

Otherwise, Dongfang Xuans fists position was aimed right at Su Luos heart. If this fist was to hit, wouldnt Su Luos organs become meat pulp?

Fortunately, this ancient tree was already under the Variant Acacia Trees control. So the Variant Acacia Tree secretly communicated to Su Luo, telling her there was danger. Only because of this, she had the chance to avoid it. Otherwise, with her spirit senses shut down, she wouldnt have been able to sense the situation outside.

Separated by a layer of tree bark, Dongting Wang Yu simply couldnt have imagined that the Su Luo he was striving with all his might to find was only half a meter in front of him.

After smashing this fist and venting some steam, Dongfang Xuan turned and was about to leave.

After Dongfang Xuan left, Su Luo knew she couldnt stay here any longer, so she hurriedly walked out.

But Dongfang Xuan hadnt left for long before his figure stopped.

Su Luos figure immediately stopped in place. Right now, she really was stuck between going in and retreating, because as long as she moved, Dongfang Xuan would discover her.

But even though she was motionless, Dongfang Xuan still discovered her presence.

As to how he discovered her.Su Luo gave a bit of thought and understood. So, it turned out it was because of that fist.

One might ask, based on Dongfang Xuans current strength, how could his fist that hit the ancient tree only leave behind a small hole? Under normal circumstances, even if the ancient tree wasnt smashed into smithereens, at least, it should have been pulled up by the roots ah.

Dongfang Xuan didnt think of the Variant Acacia Tree controlling the ancient trees body. He also never thought that Su Luo would be so lucky as to avoid that fist. He just felt that this ancient tree trunk had some problems and wanted to turn back to study it properly. But he had just turned around and met with Su Luos eyes.

Loathsome girl! Dongfang Xuan became excited in an instant! So excited that the finger he had pointed at Su Luo trembled non-stop.

At this moment, Su Luo calmly smiled and greeted him: Such a coincidence.

Yes ah, really is coincidental. This really is called traveled far and wide to look for something and finding it so easily. Dongfang Xuan now really understood the meaning of this phrase.
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