The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good For Nothing Miss Chapter 1740

Really? Su Luos lips hooked into a ghost of a smile, Dont you feel that the surroundings seem a bit fishy?

From Su Luo mentioning this, Dongfang Xuan really felt a trace of something being off!

But specifically where it was fishy, he couldnt say. He only felt that the bottom of his heart was somewhat cold.

Loathsome girl, what other ghost are you creating? Dongfang Xuans cold eyes stared fixedly on Su Luo. A trace of fear flashed through his eyes. His actions indicated he was taking precautions.

Su Luo laughed out loud with a content expression: Want to know, I just wont tell you.

Su Luo knew that the more she was like this, the more overly suspicious Dongfang Xuan would be. Making his hands and feet itch from uncertainty, only this way would her chances of winning be greater. In fact, Dongfang Xuans reaction was as Su Luo expected. His cultivation, because of his suspicions, couldnt fully be put to use.

Then you just accept death! Dongfang Xuans expression was sinister, in one ice seals the world move, it directly smashed towards Su Luos head.

The huge snowball whizzed over with cold wind, as if the entire world had entered an ice age.

Su Luo quickly retreated back, but the more that snowball rolled, the bigger it became and the faster it got. Faced with this huge snowball, Su Luo was like a tiny ant. No matter how fast her speed soared, she wasnt able to run out from the attack range of the snowball. In contrast, as the huge snowballs speed became faster and faster, the distance between the two got closer and closer!

This move by Dongfang Xuan showed he was serious!

He was trying to use one move to directly settle Su Luo!

Watching Su Luo being chased by that huge snowball, Dongfang Xuans mouth hooked into a sinister smirk.

Su Luogoodbye.

Watching Su Luo being fiercely crushed by the snowball as it passed, Dongfang Xuan had his hands on his hips as he howled with laughter, facing the front. His laugh was happy and carefree, as if the anger accumulated for a long time was finally set free at this moment. As if all the air he sucked in now carried a refreshing sweet scent.

Su Luo was dead, forever dead. In the future, he wouldnt ever see that loathsome girls repulsive face! Dongfang Xuans mood was extremely fine.

But very quickly, his smile froze at the corner of his mouth!

Su Luos.where was the body?

Even if she was squashed into mush, at the least, there should still be meat pieces? But when Dongfang Xuan controlled the huge snowball and his spirit entered to check, he very quickly discovered that something was wrong. Because there wasnt a trace of blood on the snowball, that was to say

Su Luo disappeared into thin air!

This damn sh*t, in the end, what happened?

Alive must see the person, death you should always see a body right?

Recalling that strange smile of Su Luos from before, Dongfang Xuan couldnt help but feel cold air coming from the soles of his feet. His ice-cold gaze quickly shot in all four directions, but what made him despair was that Su Luo seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Dongfang Xuan was jealous and not resigned. He once again released his spirit sense, searching inch by inch. But what made him thoroughly depressed wasSu Luo had really disappeared!

This loathsome girl really is a slippery mouse, having nine lives. No matter what, cant kill her! Both of Dongfang Xuans hands were clenched into tight fists. His fists shook non-stop because of his fury, all the veins on the back of his hands exploded out.

Go die, go die, go die!!! Once again letting Su Luo escaped, Dongfang Xuans heart was extremely angry. Now, he couldnt control it anymore and went berserk.

His fist started to bombard the surroundings.

Very quickly, in all directions, the dark-green that filled the eyes were razed to the ground. There were holes on all sides, and there wasnt an inch of the earth that was smooth. It seemed as if it had been rocked by major violence.

Being arrogant! Seeing Dongfang Xuan go berserk, Su Luo wished she could bite him to death.

Before, when the huge snowball rolled over, after accurately calculating everything in her head, when she knew she had less than sixty seconds and would be squashed by the snowball, she had firmly carried out the measures.
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