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The Devil Withinn summary:

Warning: This whole book consists of swearing. Like, A LOT of swearing, and mild gore and violence as well. You have been warned..... :)Inna Lovenhart was tricked by her friends to visit an event in Akihabara while she was in Japan. All because of their selfish request. Albeit furious, she decided to get it done and...

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The Devil Withinn Chapters

Time uploaded
275 Apologies2 weeks ago
274 Apologies3 weeks ago
269 The Curse 14 weeks ago
243 Damnnnnn4 weeks ago
242 Urgen4 weeks ago
241 Inna? 34 weeks ago
240 Inna? 24 weeks ago
239 Inna? 14 weeks ago
238 Break4 weeks ago
237 Break4 weeks ago
218 Update4 weeks ago
210 Forced :4 weeks ago
191 The Storm 34 weeks ago
190 The Storm 24 weeks ago
189 The Storm 14 weeks ago
182 Modor4 weeks ago
151 Alana Knows4 weeks ago
145 Finals4 weeks ago
138 Postponed?4 weeks ago
135 Healing Her4 weeks ago
128 Innas Dance4 weeks ago
127 Innas Song4 weeks ago
121 Harisen4 weeks ago
119 Catfish4 weeks ago
99 Disgusting4 weeks ago
98 Pregnant?4 weeks ago
90 Eriden Chair4 weeks ago
82 Am I Fat?4 weeks ago
73 Lets Eat?4 weeks ago
64 Right?4 weeks ago
63 Excuse Me?4 weeks ago
62 Rag Doll4 weeks ago
61 Masochist?4 weeks ago
20 Edseria 44 weeks ago
19 Edseria 34 weeks ago
18 Edseria 24 weeks ago
17 Edseria 14 weeks ago
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