The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417 : The Family Must Unite Ii

The girls in this mainland hated her because she had stolen the state preceptor away from them.

This guy Could it be that he was also secretly in love with the state preceptor That was why he was so jealous of her?

How great would it be if everyone in the world who loved the state preceptor were as lovely as Jiu Ming? Why did each one of them haunt her?

Who knew that as soon as this was said, Hu Qing became even more furious. The flames in his fist became more fierce as he swung a fist at Feng Ruqing.

This damned girl disgusted him so much!

He was not a pervert Why would he like a man?

Only this girl would be perverted enough to go around hitting on the same gender, picking up girls, and stealing the girls that belonged to him!

The pot finally came back to its senses. It shook its muddled head from the fall and immediately leaped in front of Feng Ruqing, blocking the attack


Hu Qings fist smashed the pots body.

The flames were so hot that the pot body flattened down as if it had been melted.

Feng Ruqings eyes were bloodshot as she raised her hand and slapped the small pot a few meters away.

Only after seeing it move away from Hu Qing did she turn her attention to him.

"It seems like you really hate me because I stole your man, but Just because youre so perverted doesnt mean that everyone else is as perverted as you are The state preceptor will always be my man!"

"You shut up!" Hu Qing was burning with rage.

This damn girl! She is calling me a pervert?

However, his reaction seemed like he was annoyed that she had hit the nail on the head.


Nalan Yans face was covered in sweat under the flames. She stood close to Feng Ruqing, not daring to leave her daughter alone.

"Sometimes, I think to myself If only I could be stronger, I would never let my loved ones get hurt again."

Back then, she was the strongest in Liu Yun Kingdom.

The youngest spirit warrior.

No one in Liu Yun Kingdom was her match.

But she had met the even more powerful Divine Herbs Sect!

To protect her family, she had no choice but to leave her husband and daughter, and suffer all the hardships alone.

She thought her bitterness was over, but now she had met Hu Qing, who was more powerful than the Divine Herbs Sect!

And She still was not strong enough to protect her daughter!

"Mother, this grudge is between him and me. So, you take the others and leave And find Nan Xian."

While she had just deliberately said so many words, she had made Hu Qing pay full attention to her.

She was afraid that Someone would become like Ye Yi, attacking her family.

Hu Qings eyes were only focused on her. He was so furious that he could not care about anything else; all he wanted to do was break her into pieces.

"What nonsense are you talking about" Suyi smiled faintly. "We have become a family since the moment you chose to marry Nan Xian. The family must unite. How can we leave you behind?"

If she fled and left Feng Ruqing behind, her son Would never let her go.

Feng Ruqing saw the determination in Suyis eyes. The others were also unwilling to leave. She could only smile helplessly, knowing that no matter what she said, these family members of hers would not leave her behind

The flames around Hu Qing were even more intense. He roared and rushed toward Feng Ruqing.

An old face with a monstrous rage, so terrifying

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