The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Mu Ling Is Timid Vii

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"You ruthless lady! You truly have no conscience! My mother is so pitiful but you are still provoking her." Mu Huan turned to look at Feng Ruqing, her eyes were blazing with fury.

"She is pitiful? Has she lost her arm? Has she been downgraded to Spirit Warrior tier after putting in so much effort to make it to Holy Warrior tier? Whether or not she has deliberately done it, you cant deny the fact that she has harmed the old master. If we let her off just because she cries over the things that she has done, she is pardoned far too easily." The smile on Feng Ruqings face faded.

"What else do you want?" Mu Huan gritted her teeth hard.

"Two hundred strokes of beating with a stick, demote her from a concubine to a night soil carrier. Thats all for now, let me think about other punishments"

"Feng Ruqing, watch your tongue!" Burning with rage, Mu Huan snarled.


As soon as Mu Huan finished her words, she was dealt a blow on her face. She spat out a mouthful of blood and a tooth. Her face was red and swollen. Her eyes turned vicious and full of resentment.

"Mu Huan is just a scumbag. You dont have to do this to her. She does not deserve this. I can do it myself." Feng Ruqing tugged at Nan Xians arm.

Hearing this, Mu Huans eyes reddened with fury.

You slut! You have actually called me a scumbag!

"Uhm, alright," Nan Xian said calmly. He waved his sleeve, a sudden strong rush of wind slammed into Mu Huans face and once again, she spat out a mouthful of blood.

I will not turn down your request, but I do whatever I want depending on my mood. I will never sit back and do nothing if someone is rude to you."

Nan Xian had been holding back his anger since he was at the feast yesterday because of the things that Feng Ruqing had said. However, he would no longer hold back his anger now.

Feng Ruqing stared dazedly at Nan Xian. She could feel that the person Nan Xian was now was more lovable than he used to.

"Nan Xian, Qingyan is your mother after all. How could you allow Feng Ruqing to do this to Qingyan?" Mu Ling said after being silent for a while.

"Then, just kill her," Nan Xian said nonchalantly.

Hearing this, Mu Lings face stiffened. His hands balled into fists. He had nearly lost his mind, but he suppressed his anger.

He could not help but put his hand tightly around Chen Qingyans waist as if comforting her.

In fact, Mu Ling could only comfort Chen Qingyan silently. He dared not to utter a word. If Mu Ling messed with Nan Xian, both he and Chen Qingyan might lose their lives. Nan Xian would not hesitate to do this.

"Brother Ling, Dont worry about me. It is natural that they dont trust me. I know I was wrong. I will accept any punishment with an open heart. However, I dont want to make things difficult for you." Chen Qingyan smiled wryly as she shook her head.

As soon as Chen Qingyan finished her words, a dull feeling tugged at Mu Lings heart. He felt sorry for her and tightened his arm around her.

Somehow, he wished that Chen Qingyan was not sensible and tolerant of others feelings. It made him feel bad.

Chen Qingyan had always been considerate and willing to sacrifice herself to restore peace to the Mu family. How could Mu Ling blame her?

"Take her out now. Just do whatever Qinger has said. She will be punished with two hundred strokes." Suyi signaled at the servants standing next to her.

The servants exchanged glances, but did not move a muscle.

After all, Chen Qingyan was the one Mu Ling loved the most. Simply no one dared to hurt Chen Qingyan, not even the slightest bit.

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