The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Mu Ling Is Timid Ix

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"Alright," Mu Qingyin said with a bright smile on his graceful face. Only when his eyes met Mu Lings did his face darken.

"Brother, I have always thought that you care for the old master. I dont expect you to leave Chen Qingyan. She has done so many things to harm the old master, but you are still defending her. I am so disappointed in you," Mu Qingyin said coldly.

Regardless of whether Chen Qingyan was intentional, as long as she had done it, she was at fault. However, Mu Ling had blindly chosen to take Chen Qingyans side and did not even care about his own father. Thinking of this, Mu Qingyins heart filled up with resentment.

As the saying goes, nobody is perfect. Although Chen Qingyan was wrong, she had been reprimanded and punished for her wrongdoings. Moreover, she accepted the punishment willingly.

Since Chen Qingyan had a good attitude to own up to her mistake and she did not harm the old master on purpose, one should not keep picking on her.

However, Mu Ling knew that Mu Qingyin disliked Chen Qingyan since the beginning. It was natural that Mu Qingyin was indignant toward her. Moreover, Chen Qingyan had nearly killed his father.

Usually, even if Chen Qingyan had made a mistake, Mu Ling would take Chen Qingyans side and reprimand Mu Qingyin.

However, he simply could not bring himself to speak this time around. He merely brushed his sleeve and walked out of the courtyard with his heart full of grievance.

Mu Ling was too afraid of offending Nan Xian. However, he was indignant toward Nan Xian. He was indignant toward Suyi too because of Nan Xian. He did not even walk close to Suyi.

Hence, Suyi truly enjoyed the peaceful and quiet moment without someone pestering her.

"Dont forget to uproot all these and burn them. Cut down those trees too. I am exhausted. I need to rest. I will make them suffer again later. "

Since Feng Ruqing had decided to stay in the Mu family, some people were doomed to suffer.

Just as Mu Ling walked out the courtyard, a group of people could be seen pinning Chen Qingyan down to the ground and beating her ruthlessly with a long spiky cane.

Seeing this, Mu Lings face darkened a few shades. He quickly rushed up to one of the servants and grabbed the spiky cane from his hand. He then gave the servant a slap across his face and sent him flying.

"Feng Ruqing told you to beat her with a stick, but you are actually using this!" Mu Lings eyes reddened.

Although the cane was much softer than the stick, it was full of barbs. Each stroke could tear Chen Qingyans skin. Blood could be seen oozing out from the wounds.

It was natural that Chen Qingyan had cried pathetically.

"This the old master sent this over just now. He wanted us to use this instead.1" Startled, the servants said anxiously.

1Mu Ling tightened the cane in his grip. His eyes were blazing with fury. He felt as if a hand was tugging at his heart, it was so painful that he had nearly suffocated.

Father! Why why do you do this to Qingyan? Qingyan was deceived into sowing these plants. She had always been taking care of you all these years, is it not enough to make up for her wrongdoings?1

1"Manor MasterYoung Master Nan Xian is here." The servants swallowed hard as he said.

Hearing this, Mu Lings body stiffened. His hand shook violently.

Cough! Cough!

"Brother Ling, dont worry about me. Since the old master dislikes me, it is natural that he did this. Please dont stop them from punishing me. It makes me feel better." Chen Qingyan spat out two mouthfuls of blood. Her face was covered with tears, her eyes were filled with remorseful misery.

Mu Ling knew that if he stopped them, it would only worsen the whole situation as Chen Qingyan would get punished more severely.

Hence, even if he was indignant, he could not help but give the cane back to the servant.

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