The Employed Empress Chapter 106

Jiang Yu swept his eyes around. He saw his consort around the vicinity except for his empress. Turning to Xiao Lin Xi, he asked the eunuch. "Where is the empress?" "Replying to his majesty, the Empress went to take a look around at the river. Her Majesty said she felt stiff for sitting too long and needed a walk," Xiao Lin Xi replied calmly."Why didn't you inform me right away?" Jiang Yu mood shifted. "Who is she with? With her maid?"Xiao Lin Xi cannot perceive what's on the emperors' mind and could only reply with the limited things he knew. "The Empress is indeed with her servant.""What about guards? Did she take guards with her?""Yes, your majesty. The guards assigned to the empress followed them.""A maid and a few guards." Jiang Yu sighed helplessly. "She couldn't sit still and went to look alone, how silly can she be?"As always, his tone has a hint of reprimanding towards the Empress. With a flick of his sleeves, he turn to the direction of the forest. "Come, Zhen will accompany the empress.""Umm..." Xiao Lin Xi sweats turn cold for reasons unknown even to him. "Th--the empress is not alone. Imperial Concubine Su accompanied the empress."Jiang Yu paused. Clutching his brows, he asked, "Why?" towards his eunuch."Ah? What does his majesty mean?"'Why would his wife turn to look for a concubine instead of her own husband,' that's the thought running on Jiang Yu's mind.Pondering about it, Wei Yi Yi even made exceptions towards that concubine. While Jiang Yu wish for his wife and consorts to get along and live while treating each other as sisters, he felt something amiss. Showing favor for a concubine, isn't that what the husband do instead of the wife? The more he thinks about it, the confused he is.Suddenly, a melodic voice draws back his attention."Your majesty," Ye Ai Ning greeted. "It's been a while since Ning'er laid eyes upon his majesty.""Lady Ye," Jiang Yu said full of longing. Laying eyes upon her, the emperor's expression turned full of doting. "Indeed, it's been a while. Zhen has missed you."After yearning each other, the eagerness he felt for her turn into excitement the moment they stood so close. Wearing a pink robe that hugged her figure in an alluring manner, she was adorned in jewelry that shines under the light. A fine jade hangs between her brows and the red tint of her lips invited temptations.A beauty that could destroy countries. Ye Ai Ning grew more stunning since the last time he visited her.Jiang Yu reached to hold her hand but Ye Ai Ning shies away."Please mind your manners, emperor."They have been married for a long time but Ye Ai Ning still act bashfully. Just like him, his consort is one that follows etiquettes and rules. She too is strict in protocols and wouldn't act intimate outside.The two of them grew up together after all. Both raised by his own consort mother.He knew this but still reach out. What exactly was he hoping for? Retracting his hand, there was a disappointment in his heart."After missing my consort dearly, Zhen momentarily lost track of the surroundings," still with a warm tone, Jiang Yu simply brush the unwanted emotion away.Hiding her lips behind the wide sleeves of her robe, Ye Ai Ning gave a soft giggle. "If Ning'er is allowed to guess, then can this consort assume that she's the one occupying his majesty's thoughts?""If not you, then who else?"Pleased with the words, the tug on her lips become even harder to control. "Just a few seconds with the emperor and I'm already this happy," Ye Ai Ning did her best to smile gently. "By being this happy, Ning'er is not committing any sin right?""Nonsense," Jiang Yu said. Her smiles never failed to infatuate him.They were smiling as they fill up the gap created by missing so many days away from each other's presence. As they speak sweet nothings, Jiang Yu saw Wei Yi Yi.Walking closely by her side, Su Mei Fan was holding tight at the end of the empress' sleeve. The concubine would make silly remarks and Wei Yi Yi would smile gently in response.With Jiang Yu staring openly at them, it wasn't long until Wei Yi Yi's attention switched to him.Right next to the emperor, in a bashful manner, Imperial Noble Consort Ye have a hint of a smile in her eyes as she says something towards the emperor.Wow, love is in the air. Hold on, let me light some incense for the single dogs.Wei Yi Yi winks towards Jiang Yu and even send a two thumbs up. Whether he gets it or not, Wei Yi Yi could careless.Just know that this loyal one is cheering for you, Boss!What Wei Yi Yi received in return were Jiang Yu stares that questions her sanity. As two person from different eras, one from olden times and the other from the modern realm, it's actually a miracle if their lines of thoughts intersect."What's wrong, empress?" Su Mei Fan followed the empress gaze. As she saw Ye Ai Ning's back facing them, Su Mei Fan almost accidentally let out a snort."Fan'er, big sister packed some snacks. Why don't you follow me and have a bite?" The Empress said out of nowhere.Aren't they going to interrupt the two? But the empress' suggestion is also tempting! Su Mei Fan was torn in between!
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