The Employed Empress Chapter 108

Burying the discontent, Ye Ai Ning was quick to act in support with the emperor. "It's rare for us sisters to share a meal. There's no need to feel embarrassed about it." Ye Ai Ning sounded friendly, however, acting like she's the female host wasn't appropriate. "In fact, even this sister is starting to look forward to share the table with you."As the emperor's consorts, they must share his burdens. His wishes come first regardless of their opinions.She got full of herself thinking that Wei Yi Yi will stay unfavored and that she had enough time to stabilized her influence.That was a mistake with a heavy lesson.Out of nowhere, the empress cough out loud. At first, it was kind of a solid tone, then after the first one, it sounded a bit heavier, followed by continues coughing until she was holding to Su Mei Fan for support."What happened?" Jiang Yu got alerted. He stepped closer to hold Wei Yi Yi but as she was already leaning towards Su Mei Fan, he was beaten to it by the concubine.Once again, Jiang Yu's outreached hands were left in the air.Extending her hands until she seemingly embracing the empress, Su Mei Fan took firm hold of Wei Yi Yi in fear that she might collapse to the ground."Your majesty! Your majesty, what happened? Are you hurt?" Su Mei Fan rapidly asked in a panic.In a hoarse voice, she replied, "I suddenly don't feel well.""Since when? If there's any discomfort, you should have said so from the start. Why are you holding yourself back?" Jiang Yu bombarded mindless questions.I said 'suddenly' so it's suddenly! Boss, why so slow right now?! Where's the brain you're using in court?!The forceful act that Wei Yi Yi display causes her tears to overflow. It mixed with the bitter tears she was crying inside."N-no... need for the emperor's concern." Wei Yi Yi leans further into Su Mei Fan's embrace. "I'll feel better after sitting for a while.""Lady Su, pass the Empress. Zhen will hold her instead," Jiang Yu gesture with his hand and opened up his arm, ready to received Wei Yi Yi.At his back, Ye Ai Ning was glaring with much jealousy, Wei Yi Yi could bet she just drowned with vinegar.Jiang Yu might not see but Wei Yi Yi can! Fearing a woman pettiness, she grabbed Su Mei Fan in fear for her dear life. In response, the concubine automatically embraced her tighter.I'm sorry for calling you a traitor just now. Fan'er you're the greatest ally!Jiang Yu, "..."Boss don't look at me like that! Why are you the one reacting in the first place?! You know, Boss, since we don't have any cellphone, it's hard to create any chance encounter. With this lack of immediate communication, let's forget setting any surprise at all. You're also busy, hard to drag and your consort is scary as fvk. Then there's this issue of having too many treasures in the palace that gifts have lost their special meanings.So many factors against Wei Yi Yi made it hard to act like a wingman. And then, now that she was trying to leave the two of them on their rare lovely date, this wooden block wouldn't take the hint at all!Ye Ming was much more easy to handle! She just needs to act friendly with the girl, text her regularly till she's comfortable to hang out together, and then start making excuses to introduce Ye Ming before 'accidentally' leaving them together because she has an 'emergency'.Easy right?! If that didn't work, there's a lot more to use. But this one in front of her couldn't even grasp the easiest one. How could she do something more?Boss, you are lower my self-rating! The two of you gives me shame! Sighing helplessly, Jiang Yu said in an unhappy tone, "Since you're not feeling well, Zhen will take you back.""Sister Su could take me back," Wei Yi Yi replied so fast a strong sense of rejection hit Jiang Yu.A vein almost snapped in his head in annoyance. Wei Yi Yi sweats at her back. With her nails digging to her flesh, Ye Ai Ning forced herself to remain silent. If she dares open her mouth to speak words of concerns, she might end up cursing like a harlot instead.The kind of face she was making, was enough to urge Su Mei Fan to laugh.The four was in a kind of dangerous dreadlock. Without as much a warning, Wei Yi Yi's salvation walks in.Consort Xie innocently entered into the war zone and was seized by the empress at once. "Sister Xie, were you able to get my medicine?""Wh---""Your majesty, since Sister Xie is finally here, Chenqie will be taking her medicine first. Please don't wait for us and freely have your meal with Sister Ye. We will be excusing ourselves now."Wei Yi Yi spoke briskly that no one was able to interrupt her. Taking both Xie Yu and Su Mei Fan, they left just like that. Wasn't she's feeling unwell? She appears so energetic while escaping!After their servants chased after them, Jiang Yu and Ye Ai Ning were left alone with a few servants of their own."Is--is the empress alright?" Even Ye Ai Ning was left flabbergasted.Glancing into Wei Yi Yi's fading silhouette, a hesitant look appear on Jiang Yu's face. He turned to face Ye Ai Ning and just when he was about to speak, a body crashed into him."Royal Brother! Ai! Ai! This one finally caught up! The road was so long and lonely! Do you know how much this brother yearns for you? I thought of you for every second!" Clinging into Jiang Yu, Jiang Liu expressed his tone exaggeratedly.
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