The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 773

772 Shi San

"Who are you?" If these two bodyguards had guns, they would have taken them out now.

However, these two didn't have guns and were deciding whether they should take out the amulets given by their ancestors.

The appearance of Lin Qiaole was rather shocking since she seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Lin Qiaole simply ignored them and squatted in the courtyard, happily holding the front paws of a husky.

A man from a window on the second level of the villa looked down at the courtyard and shouted, "Do not panic!"

Then, he laughed and asked, "Lady, who are you?"

Seeing Lin Qiaole ignoring him, he laughed at himself and continued, "You seem to like it very much. Its name is Hu Dou!"

"Who are you?" A man wearing a black shirt raised his head in alarm. A man with a shiny forehead had appeared out of nowhere and was crouching on top of the wall.

The two bodyguards thought that they were seeing ghosts.

"Pardon me! Actually, we are neighbors!" Ren Baqian laughed and floated down into the courtyard. He raised his head and said to the man on the second floor, "Don't you think so?"

Ren Baqian recognized the man as soon as he saw him.

This man had been to the martial arts center looking for bodyguards and had even invited Ren Baqian three times during the past few years.

However, Ren Baqian happened to be busy each time.

He didn't expect to see him in this situation, and it had to be mentioned that the other party was a powerful person.

Other people used honey traps, but this person used a beautiful dog! It was a new way of thinking. One couldn't become a big shot by being an ordinary person.

"I didn't expect to meet you this way. We haven't met before and I have been wanting to meet you. Please come in. Don't make a fuss over nothing! Let him in because he is an honored guest!" The man on the second floor was momentarily surprised to see Ren Baqian, but then laughed happily.

A moment later, Ren Baqian was sitting on the sofa while facing this man.

The other party was a fat, bespectacled man who was about 50 years old and who wore casual clothes.

These things weren't important because he was a famous big shot in the nation.

He was Shi San.

Ren Baqian had spent money playing video games made by his company.

The important thing was the roast pork on the table. There were also bowls and chopsticks as the other party had been preparing to eat a meal before Ren Baqian intruded.

"Try some! I was just about to eat when you happened to arrive! These pigs are raised by me and aren't available elsewhere. The flavor is very good and loved by others." Shi San warmly offered a plate and chopsticks to Ren Baqian, who was a bit taken aback.

He had never known anyone who greeted a guest by offering roast pork when they met for the first time.

On another side, there were some imported handmade chocolates.

Did the other party think that he was Lin Qiaole?

However, chocolates and candies were sent to his house every week, so it was normal for people to find this out.

The other party had put forth a lot of effort, but misunderstood something.

This thing was… the biggest mistake of not having White Rabbit Creamy Candy!

Didn't he see Lin Qiaole rolling on the ground with the husky?

Ren Baqian saw the other party finishing his food. Next, someone cleared the table.

Shi San said, "I was hungry because I hadn't eaten yet today. I apologize for being rude."

"It's alright!" Ren Baqian laughed.

The guy in front of him was quite interesting.

If Shi San were some other guy, Ren Baqian would have turned and walked away.

Fancy him eating in front of Ren Baqian. Did he think Ren Baqian was his subordinate?

However, this guy was very sincere in his mannerisms and speech. No wonder he was known as the most interesting one among the legendary bosses.

While he was sizing up the other party, the other party was also observing Ren Baqian during the meal.

Shi San hadn't met this mysterious guy before today, and Ren Baqian had exceeded Shi San's expectations.

Furthermore, there was a great disparity between how this man looked in person compared to the photograph Shi San had seen.

Ren Baqian looked strong in his photograph, but in person, he not only looked powerful, he was practically like a wall.

Ren Baqian's exposed skin reflected light like metal and amazed people.

His demeanor, coupled with his shiny bald head and lack of any eyebrows, made him look unkind.

If Shi San didn't have information about Ren Baqian and knew that he was a person who went about his own business, he wouldn't be sitting here facing him.

Ordinary people wouldn't pose any threat to a big shot like Shi San, but this guy was different.

Ren Baqian's bearing was intimidating. Most people who faced him would feel like a man facing a tiger.

"Hu Dou is raised by my daughter. Your lady friend can come here to play whenever you are free! You are about the same age as my daughter, and the two of you should be able to get along. I'm an old man, so there is a generational gap between me and my daughter!" Shi San smiled.

Ren Baqian grinned and revealed a set of white teeth.

Lin Qiaole's real age wasn't that much younger than this guy's.

Looking at her having fun while rolling around with the husky, it was partly due to her nature and also because she treated the people in the room as if they were invisible.

Shi San muttered some polite remarks and then leaned back.

Ren Baqian knew that he was going to discuss serious matters.

"Mr. Ren, does the government's recent implementation of the [Fifteen Sets of Initial Stage Cultivation] have anything to do with you?" Shi San asked.

His original intention was to get to know Ren Baqian first, but after several attempts, he discovered that Ren Baqian wasn't easy to contact. Since he had the opportunity now, it was better to grab it. Furthermore, this matter had surfaced, so there was no reason to hide.

Ren Baqian nodded.

"Although Mr. Ren isn't famous, you are a great man!" Shi San sighed before continuing, "Does Mr. Ren have something better than that?"

"Actually, you shouldn't be asking me about this. Not only does the nation have the [Fifteen Sets of Initial Stage Cultivation], but the nation also possesses hundreds and thousands of skills that it has developed in recent years. This technique is the most stable and suitable for ordinary people.

The nation has many martial arts techniques that are better. With your status, it will not be hard to obtain them.

Although I have some different skills, they may not be comparable to what the nation has," Ren Baqian said frankly. There was no need to hide this matter from the other party.

During these past few years, the nation had invested time and effort developing those skills and made tremendous progress.

"What if those skills aren't suitable for me? Based on what I know, these skills come from Mr. Ren. If you could do me a favor, you will be rewarded."

Ren Baqian looked at him and laughed.

Shi San seemed to look relaxed, but his eyes displayed anxiety and he was serious.

Cultivation was also dependent on talent.

Although the nation had pushed out many types of martial arts manuals, they were based on what Ren Baqian had provided. Certainly, some people were limited by their "talent."

Even though he was a technology magnate and a top person in the eyes of ordinary people, Shi San was just another human. Would the nation show him all the available manuals?

However, it wasn't a bad idea to have Shi San as a friend.

"I can't guarantee you anything, but if can you be more specific, I will see if there are any ways to do what you want."

Shi San was elated to hear this and replied, "Your effort will be appreciated, and you will be rewarded regardless of the result."

Ren Baqian nodded his head slightly.

After airing his thoughts, Shi San was relieved.

The two of them chatted before Shi San brought up the old subject of recruiting bodyguards.

Besides the winged cavalry, the top experts were only found in the government and in Ren Baqian's martial arts centers.

During this era of great change, it was the dream of every rich man to hire some top experts as bodyguards.

Two days later, Ren Baqian went to Lin Qiaole's snack filled room. She was sleeping soundly and hugging a pile of candy.

Ren Baqian kicked her butt.

Lin Qiaole yelped and jumped up.

Next, she followed up by striking at Ren Baqian with two claws.

This time, however, Ren Baqian protected his face and 99% of her strike left two rows of white marks on his arms.

"Do you want to continue staying here or do you want to go back with me?' Ren Baqian asked. There was no trace of the herdsmen, so Lin Qiaole didn't need to stay here.

More importantly, she went to Shi San's home to play with her "friend" every day.

Ren Baqian was starting to worry about leaving her here.

Besides worrying about people fishing out information from her, he was also worried that she might be on the wanted list by the time he returned.

Upon final analysis, she was still just a ferocious beast.

"I'm not going back!" Lin Qiaole shrank back as her claws brightened.

With so much candy here, she wasn't ready to forego the pleasure.

Ren Baqian had to repeatedly urge her for two hours until she felt as if there was a bunch of flies buzzing around her.

In the end, Ren Baqian returned to Dayao by himself.
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