The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2612

Volume 4 Chapter 2612 Returning 2

Three other mermaids were swimming nearby as a large fishnet was shot at them. It would appear that the mermaids were hotly pursued.

A fishnet was undoubtedly not a strange thing to see at sea, but a fishnet that was installed with both tracking and navigation systems was definitely unusual. The fishnet was traveling just as fast as the mermaids, like a torpedo, and the mermaids were about to fall into the trap.

"Help!" The mermaids were desperate, so they called out to Gu Xijiu for help.

Gu Xijiu noticed their state of despair and decided to teleport to them right away. Unfortunately, she ended up being a prey in the net as well, along with the other mermaids.

As soon as they were caught in the net, they were pulled back up.

"Splash!" The net was finally out of the water, and alas, Gu Xijiu could see daylight. What she saw next almost stunned her; she could not quite believe her eyes.

It was a ship; even though sh.i.p.s were the most common sight at sea, the one that she had just encountered was not quite the same. Instead of a sailing vessel, the ship actually resembled a giant spaceship that was afloat. Accurately speaking, it was not in contact with water. Instead, it was hovering above the surface of the water.

What kind of ship was it? Could it be a hovercraft? A hovercraft would still come into contact with water, however. Furthermore, the vehicle in front of her was many times larger than a typical hovercraft. The ship looked more like an unidentified flying object that she was once told about.

Dozens of armed men made their ways out of the cabin at once on noticing the catch. Gu Xijiu was shocked at the sight of these armed me. Her heart thumped with astonishment as her mind went deeper into her thoughts.

Had she gone back to the modern days? The armed men looked just like the people of the Special Forces.Without a doubt, these armed men were foreigners, as all of them were blonde with a prominent nose, and they had bluish-green eyes. Noticeably, they were all quite good looking.

One of them was carrying a small controller in his hand. With a flip and a press of the button, the net was then lifted onto the ship. Soon, Gu Xijiu and the mermaids found themselves being threatened at gunpoint.

"Today's catch is good! We have got three, enough for all of us to savor. Hey, there is also a two-legged goat!"

A two-legged goat? Gu Xijiu had not been so humiliated in a long while. She squinted in disapproval and carefully observed the man and the gun that he was holding. The weapon looked very modern and fancy;however, she had never seen it before.

Since Gu Xijiu used to be an assassin, guns were some of the mostcommon things in her life. She could fire almost any gun accurately. She was also skilled at putting a gun's pieces back together, even with her eyes closed.

The gun in the hands of the captors looked like the most powerful gun she had heard of the AKM. However, the body of the gun was so narrow that it did not seem like it could fire a bullet through the hole. What kind of gun was it?

She took another look at the ship and was quite convinced by a crazy idea. She suspected that she had traveled through time and landed somewhere in the future. Everything seemed even more advanced than she could remember from back in her days in the modern world.

As soon as the net was open, the three mermaids found themselves on the deck and started trembling in fear. One of them made a desperate attempt to escape by taking a leap into the water, but the men on the deck were not ready to let her go. Quick off the mark, one of them pulled the trigger to release a flash of blinding red light at the mermaid.

He had an excellent aim and went for the mermaid's head. Obviously, he wanted her dead.

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