The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Under The Heaven All This Territory Belongs To The King Exterminate Everyone Of The Family

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In the elimination round into the quarter-finals, East Asia, which had the most number of advances already had two representatives stop in the top sixteen. The aura of the luxurious East Asian recruit lineup had weakened instantly.

People were looking at Xue Tian who sat next to Qin Fen. Among the two East Asian recruits, one of them was in the first half of the battle, and the other was in the second half. Will they end up meeting in the finals?

The loudspeaker rang again. Caesar got up calmly with both his hands on his back as he walked into the field. His slow, casual pace made it seem like he was taking a stroll.

People were surprised to find that after Qin Fen had shown his strength in the Recruit Tournament, Caesar from Europe could still walk so leisurely despite that Qin Fen may very likely be the strongest. His seven-star strength exuded a faint aura of power, an aura that only those who also stood at the peak has.

If Qin Fens aura was said to be incomparable in terms of masculinity, then Caesars aura would be a king that fears no honor and disgrace.

Great Emperor! At this moment, everyone once again remembered Caesars title!

Bai Sheng nodded slightly with admiration in his eyes. Caesar indeed had the heart of a king. If he was born in ancient Europe, then he might really be one to create a shocking legend like the European historys invincible Great Emperor Caesar.

"May the West Asia recruit"

Mourad Tschick stood up suddenly, straight as a steel blade. A red spear was already in his hand, and his pace was not exactly fast. Qin Fens previous explosive rush was difficult to surpass, and for now, no one would still try to show any rapid advancement after Qin Fen launched an advancement that was almost like a high-speed train. It would only be a stepping stone for Qin Fen.

Mourad Tschick walked slowly, but he didnt give off the feeling of taking a stroll. His eyes were filled with extreme hatred while he stared at Qin Fen, completely overlooking Caesar who was his opponent for the current battle.

Too many unknowns had broken through from this Recruit Tournament, and people have slowly gotten used to watching the games quietly rather than cheering in excitement. That would only lead to missing out on the most interesting moments of the battle. No one wished to miss out on a grand assembly like this. Its level of excitement was already catching up quickly with the top competitions of the younger generations among the group of heroes.

Mourad Tschick finally pulled his gaze back from Qin Fen and shifted it onto his opponent, Caesar.

Caesar evaluated Mourad Tschick quietly. This man had a pair of eyes that were filled with hatred and that hatred had turned into a persistent will. The spear in his hand was not exactly thick, but it was indeed long.

The red long spear in the hand was like a legendary red dragon. The spearhead was connected to the shaft and a red light bloomed slowly. It definitely wasnt painted on by some red paint, and was obviously caused by the Mars unique red patterned forged steel.

A faint appreciation flashed across Caesars eyes. It was indeed a good spear! The seriousness that this spear gave to people would make them feel a sense of oppression that was filled with overwhelming murder intent.

One million soldiers, one man one spear, seven in seven out! Where the spearhead pointed was where all the dead souls would be! The lacquered red spear in the hands of Mourad Tschick gave a faint sense of war, a generation of glory for a famous general in a chaotic ancient battlefield.

The bell of the game had not yet rung. Mourad Tschick felt that Caesars gaze of admiration had turned bitter and cold instantly with the widening of his eyes. The people who saw the broadcast from the big screen all felt a chill that pierced their bones.

Caesars expression did not show any slightest change. His two hands also had yet to stretch out even with the approaching of the bell of the game. He only stood quietly, and his eyes flashed an increased admiration toward Mourad Tschick.

Admiration again?Mourad Tschicks cold gaze increased. This admiration was like those from an older generation to the younger generation! It was an incredibly high admiration! This kind of look had been seen once before in Qinghai. It was a light that had appeared in Qin Fens eyes.

He hated such a look. Caesars glance pierced deeply into his self-esteem.

The bell of the game rang and Mourad Tschicks shoulders shook suddenly. His arms trembled slightly, and the red spear in his hand made a "wu" sound that would only be heard when an object was thrown in the air during a long-range raid. The red spear was like a dragon. With the help of the red-marked steel, it created a deafening red line of light that shrouded Caesars surroundings.

The spearhead swayed with the elasticity of the shaft. Every point seemed to be exerting true power, yet every point also seemed to be pretending to exert force, making it difficult for people to judge where the real killing skill was.

Big spear break armor!Even the armor of the ancient battlefields famous general would also be afraid of encountering the penetration of a sharp spear.

A full-force attack of Mourad Tschicks seven-star strength was far more powerful than many veterans of the ancient battlefield. If this spear were to pierce sturdily, even with the dragon skin bulletproof vest that Caesar wore, he would still end up having an additional hole in his body.

In this spear thrust that had the speed of a dragon and the slyness of a fox, the best way was to dodge! First, avoid this dragon tongue-like barrage!

However, young martial artists including Yang Lie were very clear that with the elasticity of the scarlet marked metal, dodging this spear attack would only weaken their power by a point. On the other hand, Mourad Tschicks morale would increase. The large spear in his hand would only begin to unfold and become a dragon that entered the sea, where his offensive would be one wave higher than the other.

Just as countless viewers guessed that Caesar would dodge, the eyes of a group of young girls from various continents shot an incredibly firm light!

They were not extremely strong in martial dao, but they were extremely confident in Caesar. Ever since his debut, Great Emperor Caesar had never lost! Even if his encounter was Qin Fen, this cheer group still believed that the final victory would definitely be Caesars.

Facing all adversities and triumphing in every battle was what it meant to be king!

Caesar didnt bother looking at the confusing spearhead. The eye could be deceiving, but the body would not be able to make any sort of deception. The moment Mourtad Tschick took action, Caesar then felt that his left shoulder was being locked down by a spear.

This was the martial sense that Caesar was most proud of! It was a crucial part of how, even when he encountered an opponent who was stronger than him, he had never lost.

Mourad Tschick was strong, but

The light of admiration in Caesars eyes never diminished. He didnt bother to look at the red spear that was like multiple red snakes attacking at the same time. The feet that made his body emerge rather than retreat did not seem like he was using any sort of footwork, and he took a step forward casually. He stretched out his right hand while he madea weirdly shaped fist that resembled the shape of a seal at first glance.

Yang Lies eyes illuminated suddenly. This was Caesars original fist technique Emperor Fist: Jade Seal!

The fist was like a seal, its aura higher than a sealed imperial edict! A fist that seemed ordinary yet filled with the power of an emperor.

A faint surprise flashed across Qin Fens eyes.This fist it has some meaning! It held the subtle meaning that he was the only supremacy! Good, very good!

The moment the steel fists collided, a sound of vibration was heard in the air. It was like the sound of metal contending when two pieces of rare cold weapons collided.

Mourad Tschicks palm was numb. The power on his shoulders dissipated immediately, and his feet retreated quickly.

The stress point was hit! Swords have their stress points, and similarily, spears have theirs! The stress point of Mourad Tschicks spear was slightly toward the lower half of the shaft. If ones weapon was not long enough, it would impossible to touch the stress point of his spear.

However, Caesars bare hands managed to touch it. Plus, his one fist had even stopped the rotation of the red spear and placed it into a state where it had not even the slightest sense of threat.

Bai Sheng clapped his hands slowly. His reason for the praise was different from most of the martial artists. That fist was indeed shocking, but that step was the true key in winning.

The seemingly ordinary step was not actually ordinary! That step was like taking a stroll! What Bai Sheng saw was just Caesar taking a stroll.

Under the heavens, it is the kingdom!

All of the land under the emperors feet belongs to him, hence it was natural that he would just be taking a stroll wherever he went! Only with this state of mind would he be able to use such a wonderful step earlier.

As soon as the jade seal opened, Caesar moved forward again. His body made it seem like he was strolling, yet his speed was somewhat faster than Mourad Tschick whose body was slightly weak. In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of the one who dared to challenge the Great Emperor.

His gaze showed no anger, but it also didnt show a sturdiness like Qin Fen. Caesars hand that was clenched to look like a seal once again stamped without hesitation.

In the face of the red spear that could easily prick a man into a hornets nest, Caesar also would not just get into an emperors position and wait for an attack.

Caesars attack was very straightforward. There was no way of escape, but there was also no dazzling trick. It was easier than simple math, raising his hand to smash into the opponents head.

Its just that this seal had increased Caesars overall aura greatly. His two legs spread open slightly into a horse stance, his spine was straight, his neck became a little thicker, and his arm smashed downward.

His whole person looked like a good emperor who was diligent and loved his people, like he was holding a jade seal to seal official documents one by one.

Extermination of the whole family!

This was a sacred statement of the emperor. There was no joke, no mercy upon taking action, and no turnover upon being sealed forever!

Caesar raised his hand seal and gave an imperial edict with no intention of making a mistake.

Mourad Tschicks scalp was numb. The muscles of his whole body were pulsating, and his arms spread open the red spear on the top of his head. His had his horse stance lowered to become even more stable in order to fight hard against this emperors imperial edict.

The spear and the seal slammed against each other, and the impact hit the spear in Mourad Tschicks hands until he almost lost his grip. The round shaft spun continuously with high speed in his palm.

Stress point! The stress point again!

All martial artists with good sight were shocked. In this flash of a moment, not only did Caesar manage to strike a full counterattack, he even managed to find the stress point of the spear accurately when the opponent was in defense. This was indeed shocking, is he really a seven-star martial artist? A seven-star martial artist actually has such eyesight?

Mourad Tschick was also a master, but he was still not as good as Caesar in terms of martial senses. This stance did not block the Extermination of the Whole Family attack completely. His two shoulders went numb and he retreated.

Under Caesars jade seal, there was only a distance of half a foot from Mourad Tschicks head.

At this moment, Mourad Tschick even felt that he smelled the scent of death! But his gaze was what confused countless martial artists. It wasnt fear that flashed through, but hesitation! As if he had some important matters that he could not decide on.

In that flash of moment where he was about to be defeated, Mourad Tschick no longer looked at Caesar. Instead, he turned to look at Qin Fen who was outside of the field.

With just a glance, the hesitation in Mourad Tschicks eyes was replaced immediately with absolute anger. His two hands once again held the spear shaft, and his waist turned while using the strength of the whole body, pushing back the jade seal that was pressing the spear shaft downward!


The red spear burst with bright red liquid. Caesars body shook as he retreated for the first time ever since the battle began. He looked at his right hand that was bleeding with shock, and he looked again at the red spear in Mourad Tschicks hand that was filled with sharp steel thorns all of a sudden.

Hidden weapon!

Mourad Tschick stared at Caesar coldly. Although the use of such methods in this grand assembly was not against the rules, it was somewhat shameful.

If he could choose, Mourad Tschick would not have used it. Although there was no way of escaping the earlier Extermination of the Whole Family, the opponent could strike another Extermination of the Whole Family while he had yet to recover his arms. If he was to abandon his spear and retreat, then it would really be dangerous.

Mourad Tschick squinted at Qin Fen. He listened quietly to the simultaneous boos of the tens of thousands of people in the audience. The iceberg-like expression on his face did not have the slightest change.

Boo! Let your boos out!Mourad Tschick turned his gaze back to Caesar again, "Are you looking down on me? No problem! It doesnt matter! No matter how others look at me, I wont allow myself to be defeated. I definitely cannot lose!"

In the huge stadium, only the recruits of West Asia had tears in their eyes. Only they knew how heavy the burden Mourad Tschick was carrying! He would rather have his glory as a martial artist be damaged and still defend the glory of West Asia with determination to advance to the finals and defeat Qin Fen!

Caesar smiled and swayed his index finger gently. He said with an intriguing attitude, "No, no, no. It is my fault. I underestimated a martial artists determination in winning. You made me see your determination. This is very good, theres nothing wrong with it. Dont carry any psychological pressure, lets continue."

"Thank you for your understanding, but I want to tell you something unfortunate. Maybe after you listen to this, you would no longer be so generous." Mourad Tschick said, "The aura close to death earlier had given me great pressure. Its like I have grown stronger at this moment."

"Is that so?" Some disappointment flashed across Caesars excited eyes, "I thought that you had gotten a breakthrough under the pressure of death and entered eight-star."

Eight stars?Mourad Tschick had a bit of bitterness in his expression and shook his head. If he hadnt used the hidden weapon in his spear earlier and instead accepted his defeat. under the slight addition of pressure in the process of defeat, he couldve probably really broken through to the eight-star realm.

Defeat and enter the eight-star realm.

Use the hidden weapon to counterattack and stop right before the eight-star gate

Mourad Tschick shook his head again. It was impossible for all the good things to happen to one person in this world. Since he had made the choice, he must not regret it.

As soon as his thoughts stopped, he raised his long spear that was covered in steel thorns and opened up a body movement that was like a warhorse. In the blink of an eye, he turned into an incarnation of a fierce general on the ancient battlefield.


The red long spear that was covered with steel thorns once again turned into a shadow that filled the sky. It was like there was a dragon hiding behind a red cloud that was tumbling up and down, pushing against Caesar with a force of ocean waves.

At this moment, Mourad Tschick knew that Caesar could no longer attack the stress point of his spear.

At this moment, most of the audience was showing a disgusted expression, while at the same time looking at Caesar with plenty of sympathies. The hardness and elasticity of the red-patterned steel were incredibly shocking. Even with Caesars eight-star Golden Bell Shield, it would still not be able to withstand the piercing of this large spear.

Qin Fen shook his head almost simultaneously with Bai Sheng, who was in the audience seat. When a spear was no longer a spear, the spear techniques would also change! Mourad Tschick was very clever. He indeed changed his spear techniques, for a shaft that had countless steel thorns not only brought defensive power, it would also somewhat affect the speed.

Although many could not tell the difference in speed, it existed.

Caesar stood still. He no longer continued using the footwork of Under the Heavens, it is the Kingdom this time. He just stood still and watched the spear that was piercing toward him motionlessly.

A pair of bright eyes left countless afterimages of the red spear. With his whole person shrouded within the shadows of the spear, he still remained still.

Yang Lies eyes first flashed surprise, and then showed some light of admiration. Caesar really gambled! After the rise of Mourad Tschick, Caesar remained still even though he was still obviously on the winning side. It could only be said that he had even greater ambitions.

However, the spear attack after Mourad Tschicks upgrade was even more difficult to see through than before. Even if he didnt upgrade, Yang Lie still didnt think that what Caesar wanted to do would definitely work. Furthermore

Jade seal!

No one had thought that the hand that clenched into a seal would smash onto the tip of Mourad Tschicks red spear!

The girls who had always supported Caesar were surprised to the point where they didnt even have the chance to scream. They have seen the previous slow motion where Mourad Tschicks spear looked like thorns, but it was in fact also spinning at extremely high speed! With one careless slip, he would not be smashing onto the bladeless part of the spearhead. That was a hundred times more dangerous than the steel thorns!

Mourad Tschick was equally astonished.Is this Caesar crazy? So what if he can calculate speed? Doesnt he know that I can change the speed of the spear at any time? No! With his ability, he should know this!

The tip of the spear reached Caesars throat. The sharp aura of the spear was even blowing against his skin and moved it slightly

Weng beng weng

The jade seal fell onto the spearhead. Mourad Tschick then changed the speed of the spear, but it did not affect Caesars hand that was on the bladeless part of the spearhead.

Mourad Tschick felt the power of layers of waves that passed through the shaft onto his palm. Without waiting for him to react, Caesars released the second jade seal, the third jade seal, the fourth

They all smashed onto the bladeless part of the spearhead. Bursts of unique oscillation power passed through the shaft and onto his palm

Eight-star! Mourad Tschick was surprised to see the aura that changed within Caesar. Qin Fen, on the other hand, squinted his eyes to look at the slight vibrations on the shaft. The release of true energy was done well.

Eight-star! Among the tens of thousands of spectators, Caesars small group of supporters screamed excitedly. Caesar had used the strength of eight stars. Qin Fen was no longer the only one standing at the peak of the Recruit Tournament.

"Youve lost."

There was a smug look on Caesars face. It was unsure when, but his hand was now holding the spear that was taken from Mourad Tschick. The smell of death was indeed exciting! His body had been constantlyfed with medicine by his family since he was a kid, many of which he had yet to absorb and digest. Now, they were finally absorbed and digested under this nerve stimulation of his whole body at this moment.

"You how did you do that" Mourad Tschick stared at Caesar with disbelief. That spear attack was his best shot

"Its unfortunate." Caesar threw the spear back to Mourad Tschick, "The strength of my martial senses is something you cant comprehend."


Caesar let out a sigh and looked up at Qin Fen who was on the recruit benches. A slight sense of gratitude was shown in his eyes. The mere threat of death was not enough. There was also a need for other pressures, such as the peak pressure of a target.

Without Qin Fen, there was only the pressure of death

Caesar knew that it was still impossible to complete this transformation.

"Old Qin, envious right?" Xue Tian laughed while his eyes quilted into a crescent, "This is the greatest advantage of the descendants of the big family, to have an advantage at an early age in life! Even before they were born, they have begun to strengthen in the womb. I heard that Shang Guan Chuan Qi is even more ridiculous. His father was chosen by Suzaku, and all this is for him."

"It doesnt matter." Qin Fen shook his head gently, "Having an advantage in an early age doesnt mean everything. I have more than enough in my later stage in life."

Caesar had already returned to his seat. Only then did people realized with a shock that the almost obvious finals had become unclear all of a sudden.

Xue Tian was indeed strong. He defeated Sky Splitter Brooks, one of Americas top recruits, with just two steps. But it was the strength of seven-stars after all!

Caesar had reached eight stars! Plus the look of his counterattack earlier resembled Qin Fens unique attacking methods, in which he used a low-level martial strength to leave a palm mark on a high star-class martial artists chest. It was no longer a unique patent.

Mourad Tschick looked back to the players seat with a defeated expression and stared at the ground blankly. Although he used such a despicable tactic, he still lost.

A few West Asian recruits gathered around his side. Under the reflection of the huge battlefield, this small group seemed exceptionally lonely. An aura of desolation spread slowly among them.

"I was wrong" Mourad Tschick looked up slowly. His eyes were filled with rays of regret, "I should not have used the hidden weapon. Perhaps if I just held on for that short while, the winner for this round would have been me"

People soon discovered that in the battle categories of this seasons Recruit Tournament, West Asia was already out of the game in advance.

Who will be the next Military Region that will be eliminated? People stared curiously at Africa and then looked at Yang Lie from America. After all, he had Qin Fen in his half of the area. No one was optimistic about his victory against Qin Fen to advance to the finals.

"Congratulations." Solomon got up and looked at Caesar, "Whats the chances of you winning?"

"Not sure." Caesar shook his head, "But I am confident."

"Is that so?" Solomon turned to look at Xing Wuyi who was on the seats for East Asia recruits, and there was a smile at the corner of his mouth, "From the rumors, he was once the master of East Asia recruits, as well as Du Zhanpengs best follower. To be able to be Du Zhanpengs follower, he must have used some tactics, right? Hopefully, he doesnt disappoint me."

"En." Caesar nodded gently, "Hopefully, he can stimulate the precipitates in your body."

"May the recruit Xing Wuyi from East Asia"

"Its my turn." Xing Wuyi stood up gracefully. He raised his hand to take off the gold-rimmed spectacles on the bridge of his nose and placed it carefully on the seat. He looked up at Qin Fen and said, "Help me look after it, this was given to me by Master Du."

Many people evaluated Xing Wuyi curiously. This man had passed all the rounds to enter the top sixteen, yet he gave off a feeling that hid all the key facts, just like his gentle temperament, he didnt sway much.

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