The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Fox Of Wisdom Big Reputation

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Not long after the two sides stood firmly, the sound of the starting bell rang out.

There was no immediate transmission of a fierce battle from the big screen like previous rounds. Xing Wuyi and Solomon didnt move at all, they simply stood quietly and looked at each others eyes, as if they didnt hear the bell at all.

A few people stared at the projection screen, confused, their hearts filled with silent criticism. It was another strange confrontation! The two only released their own strength, Xing Wuyis six-star, and Solomons seven-star.

Besides the faint surprise in Bai Shengs eyes, there was even more joy. It was not expected that he would see such a battle special battle during the Recruit Tournament: reading battle!

To read the battle intention from the opponents eyes and at the same time calculate the opponents strength to determine the response that should be given.

In martial daos sparring, to end it almost immediately was usually done due to a big difference of strength between the two sides.

If the strength of both sides were close, the only thing that could be done was to go all out. It would be easy to result in death or heavy injury. How is it possible to end it with just one strike? If anyone dares to think about it, they would surely be defeated.

But if everyday sparring was about death or injury, how many martial artists would there be left in the world?

The official opening of the sky battle net had solved this problem, but there was another way. That was to do a reading battle!

Although this method lessens the pain in the fists and feet, the spiritual requirements were extremely high. When the battle between two gazes reaches its climax, even if the body did not move, it would bear a special pressure. If one didnt pay enough attention, it would also cause bloody injuries in the end.

Solomon did not expect that Xing Wuyi from East Asia would send out a challenge even before the game bell had sounded.

A battle without smoke or even any physical movements had unfolded unknowingly.

"Such a shrewd person." Caesars words had a hint of regret. Between melee, the sky battle virtual combat, and the reading battle, the reading battle was the most unfair way of fighting.

Reading battle could be said to be a special kind of spiritual warfare. There was no competition of essence purity, and some were just data gaps between star-classes.

This was a somewhat unfair battle! Xing Wuyi set up his own special battlefield on the battlefield.

If it was any other day, Solomon could have rejected such a battlefield. But today, he couldnt refuse. His ultimate goal was Qin Fen. If he did not even dare enter the battlefield of Xing Wuyi, then his heart for martial dao would be flawed and demonized. His end would likely be like Mourad Tschicks, who could only stand outside the strength of eight stars and not actually cross that threshold.

"Being able to use all environmental factors to transform them into his own advantage" Yang Lie also nodded, "This person is very cunning."

Cunning?Solomon had to admit that this East Asia recruit was indeed cunning. In a battle where the true energy purity and control strength were canceled out and focused purely on the gap between the star-classes, Xing Wuyi was weirdly unreasonable.

It was clear that the two sides still differ in the strength of one star-class level, but Solomon couldnt quickly take down Xing Wuyi in the reading battle. This opponent was like a cunning fox. Although he was in a weaker position,he could always use various methods to support himself.

If it was another six-star martial artists in this reading battle, Solomon was confident that he would have already long taken down the other side, and they would even spit out blood.

However, this East Asia recruits forehead was already filled with sweat. His spirit was under tremendous pressure, yet he still hadnt fallen.

Someone in the audience had begun to yawn. Ten minutes. This was the longest time in a single game of the Recruit Tournament, but it was also the most boring ten minutes. The two had stood still for ten minutes.

Bai Sheng stared at Xing Wuyi with interest. At first, he thought that this young man would be defeated after five minutes. Who knew that he still wouldnt be defeated even after ten minutes.

The reading battle was different from melee. There was already a huge difference in maintaining five minutes and persisting for five minutes and ten seconds. The difference between five minutes and six minutes was even greater than a few districts[1], and ten minutes?

Bai Sheng was incredibly surprised.This man, Xing Wuyi was already sweating droplets that were as big as beans on his foreheads in four minutes. When it was at the eight-minute mark, the military uniform on his body was already soaked completely.

The whole person looked as if he had just been scooped out from the water.

This man was like a man made of water, his body was shaking slightly, and he persisted for two more minutes. He just made the back of Solomons military uniform form a water stain, and Solomons forehead was also covered with sweat.


Xing Wuyi spat a small mouthful of bright red, and his legs stepped back several times. His body swayed as if he was drunk.

Solomon closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. He raised his hand and touched the sweat on his forehead. He sighed secretly, thinking that this win was too hard. If he were to go on for another few minutes, he feared

Xing Wuyi wiped off the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth and looked up at the referee seat. He gently raised his arm, "Ive lost."

At this time, many people began to understand that the two just had an unimaginable reading battle! And it seemed to be very dangerous, as it resulted in Xing Wuyi vomiting blood.

Some people who didnt understand what happened were staring at Solomon with their frightened eyes. They secretly praised that this young recruit from Europe was so powerful, as he could let the opponent vomit blood and admit defeat with just his eyes.

Caesar was very curious and stared at the fatigued Solomon, "How strong is he?"

Solomon was silent for a while, and let out a long breath and praised, "The cunning fox was actually a fox of wisdom. If he also had the strength of seven stars, it would be hard to dictate victory or defeat."

The European recruit seats were silent. To be able to push Solomon to this level, there was really no one in East Asias recruits that could be underestimated.

The megaphone rang with the news of Zeus forfeit due to injury. African recruit Alice won without a fight and became one of the top eight in the martial battle of the Recruit Tournament.

Then, Golden Lion Pat also entered the top eight successfully because his comrade from Africa had forfeited.

To preserve strength, the two African recruits negotiated and made the decision to preserve their strengths. Everyones strength was almost equal, if they were to kill desperately, the outcome would likely become similar to Du Peng and Zeus. It was not the result they wanted to see.

The last pair of American recruits strangled, and the victory was quickly seen. A recruit that was not particularly strong had entered into the top eight. This made many people who were disqualified from the top sixteen jealous. They could only sigh that this persons luck was too good. In this tournament of strong contestants, he still managed to reach the top eight.

Qin Fen looked at the advancement table. His next opponent was Alice from Africa, Solomons opponent was Xue Tian, Yang Lie was against an American recruit, and Caesars opponent was the Golden Lion from Africa.

"Can you give me your opponent?"

After sinking for a while, Qin Fen turned his head and asked Xue Tian softly.

"You are interested?" Xue Tian raised his arm and put it on Qin Fens shoulder, "Thats great! My master told me that if I entered the top eight, it is considered that I have completed the task. I have already completed the task. I originally planned to forfeit in the next round."

Several recruits who didnt know much about Xue Tian were watching him with weird eyes. It was very difficult to understand how a military soldier would have no sense of honor.

"Qin Fen." A major from Africa walked into the players seats, "Do you have time today?"

Time?Qin Fen looked at the major from Africa, puzzled.Why? Has Africas mobile armor troops and aerial combat team still not given up?

"Our mobile armor forces really want to spar with you."

Qin Fens two eyebrows were like snails, moving closer to the center slowly. He was very doubtful and looked at the Africans confident face and eyes.

Where did this confidence come from?Qin Fen did not quite understand.The African recruits who watched the battle the other day were scared till their faces turned green. How did they find the courage to come challenge again?

The African major smiled and looked at Qin Fen confidently.Even if you were to break your head, you would still never think that our generals will take great risks in finding a foreign aid.

Qin Fen smiled.What happened to me? It doesnt matter where the confidence came from, so what even if I want to understand this? For the glory of East Asia recruits, for his own military merit, and in order to get a large sum of money for retirement, he would still have to fight.

The African major was stunned as he looked at Qin Fens smile. It was a self-deprecating smile but it revealed a hint of self-confidence. This smile seemed to be the very disdainful smile of a king standing at the peak and seeing the plots of his challengers.

"I understand." Qin Fen made a polite gesture, "Tonight, see you at the usual place."

Is this really a young recruit?The African major turned away with loads of questions in his mind.

The battle of the top sixteen had ended. Tomorrow was the first day of rest in the Recruit Tournament for all the recruits to adjust themselves to face the final battle.

Qin Fen didnt pay much attention to the other top eight members on the big screen and put more attention on Lin Ling.

Being ordered to forfeit from the higher-ups, does this kind of thing really not matter?Qin Fen rubbed his forehead gently and bumped into Lin Lings eyes that had no emotions.

"The duty of the military is obedience."

Lin Lings words were without any emotion and answered the doubts in Qin Fens eyes.

After the game was over, the recruits disappeared quickly from the arena.

Todays Qin Fen once again told everyone with his strength that he has returned to full potential.

Todays Caesar made people doubt the final outcome of the game. There was finally a new eight-star martial artist.

The night fell again. The mobile armors of the African Military Region had all appeared. All the pilots were sitting in the cockpit of the mobile armors, waiting for the appearance of Qin Fen.

Time passed by, and a figure flashed through the entrance. The recruits of various continents were surprised to find that it was not Qin Fen who came, but Little Dragon King Yang Lie.

Yang Lie walked quietly into the audience seats as if he was an ordinary audience, sitting quietly in the seat and staring at the stadium.

Not long after, the Golden Lion Pat also came to the audience seats.

After a while, Solomon and Caesar also appeared in the audience seats.

After another few minutes, Alices shadow appeared in the passage.

The face of Africas major was getting more and more gloomy. He stared at Xue Tian who was swaying in the passageway and sighed in regret, annoyed. He really shouldnt have challenged Qin Fen in front of this East Asia recruit.

Vortex Tiger glared at the major next to him fiercely.How could he propose a challenge to Qin Fen in front of that big mouth recruit?Tonight, the appearance of these several continents elite recruits, in all likelihood were all invited by this East Asia recruit.

"Sorry, Im late."

In the shadow of the passageway,Qin Fens voice slowly sounded. His outline also appeared gradually.

Yang Lie, Caesar, and Solomons eyes were full of doubts. Although they heard that Qin Fen was the super all-rounded king in this Recruit Tournament,when they actually saw him appear in the mobile armor battlefield to battle against those seasoned soldiers who been in the army for one year and specialized in practicing the mobile armor, their hearts still had a strange feeling.

"Old Qin, good luck!"

The voice of Xue Tian seemed particularly sharp in this quiet arena.

Qin Fen patted the mobile armor of Red Lotus Phantom and looked up at the Galaxy Steel Spirit of the African mobile armor.

One gaze made Vortex Tigers heartbeat accelerate inevitably. He asked himself secretly,he would not have noticed, right?


Qin Fen laughed. These mobile armors seemed to be a simple open model and could make the simplest and most effective attack preparation. In fact, everything was for one purpose, that is to hide!

"My reputation is really big," Qin Fen stared at Vortex Tiger with a half-smile. Who would have expected for the opponent to be a seasoned soldier who had faced hundreds of battles, the ace of mobile armors?

Hiding was a skill. Qin Fen was fortunate to be able to meet a hiding master like Gale Riley. If there was no such professional hiding master as such to teach all the hiding skills, one would be tricked by the looks of this mobile armor ace who was pretending to be a rookie.

Qin Fen climbed up the ladder to the cockpit. He turned his head and said with a smile, "General, I will fight one-on-one today! Starting with the Galaxy Steel Spirit."

What? Vortex Tiger was stunned, one-on-one?In the battle of mobile armors, this young man had always made arrogant requests for one-on-all battles.What happened today? One-on-one? Did he see through something? No way, right? Then why would he pick the Galaxy Steel Soul?

Qin Fen closed the cockpit happily. With just one sentence, he had already messed up the deployment of others. This feeling was really comfortable!

Vortex Tigers eyes were full of bitter laughter. Qin Fens strength was obvious to all, that was the level of the real ace mobile pilot. It was normal to be defeated by him, but if he was defeated? Will people believe that it was the work of a recruit?

Dont talk about victory, even if it was a tie, no one would believe it! Vortex Tiger felt a sudden headache. He looked at the Galaxy Steel Soul from Africa, raised his thumb and rubbed his temples while making a neck-sweeping action.

Win! Still have to win! Worse come to worse, Ill think of a way to explain after winning Qin Fen. I cant let this kid continue to go wild.

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