The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 429

Chapter 429 I Will Teach You What Is Called Art

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One on one against a fifteen-star!? Are you kidding me?

Looking at the lieutenant colonel Qin Fen before him, his heart was filled with agony as well as surprise.

The other four soldiers smiled wryly at each other. Originally, they had planned to show this arrogant captain who was boss, letting him know that no matter how important he was, he should just stand there and enjoy the military merit honestly, and rely less on the power given by the upper brass to haphazardly command the mission.

But who would have thought that this lieutenant colonel, who by age and rank seemed to have entered the team through nepotism, would actually burst forth with an overwhelming strength of the fifteen-star level?

Get acquainted, what can we do to get acquainted with this lieutenant colonel?The five officers smiled bitterly, looking at each other. Even if then went at him together, it still would not be enough to fight the opposite party. In so many years in the line of duty and learning martial arts, they had never encountered such a strange matter; a teenaged lieutenant colonel having a strength of the fifteen-star level.

After a short surprise, Feng Lu began to understand why this tardy and honorable captain was a lieutenant colonel at such a young age.

The mere fact that he was a fifteen-star martial artist was enough for him to carry the ranks of lieutenant colonel on his shoulders, this rank might even be far too lacking as compared to the strength of his martial arts.

A paleo martial artist of the fifteen-star level, the main-star level! A level at which the martial artist could use his own true energy to fly.

It was almost all of mankinds dream to fly using their own abilities but not many could actually use their own strength to fly.

But those who could fly had a real criterion to be recognized and enter the ranks of experts.

"Captain Qin." Feng Lu heaved a long sigh and withdrew his hostility; his face looking calm and unperturbed. "In the world of martial arts, your strength is enough to become a martial dao master. Even if we sparred with you together, we still cant be your opponents."

Qin Fen, without withdrawing his true energy, quietly turned his glance to the others.

Jessica Wehr stared at the other three comrades in arms and they all smiled wryly and said, shaking their heads, "You win."

In the army, the strength was everything!

Whether it was your martial dao strength or your other military skills, if one reached a peak in any one of them, then no one would dare to look down upon him or her.

Lu Chu and Lu Han stepped half a step forward together after Qin Fen withdrew his true energy, "Captain, we arent a match to your martial arts strength but this military operation is not solely dependant on one guys strength. What we are going to attack is a highly advanced modern base. Im afraid mobile armors and various missile defense will be unavoidable. Even if your martial arts is extremely powerful in the face of various missiles"

Qin Fen leisurely paced about the various equipment in the hall; sometime he would reach out and check these weapons of war, which could set ones heart afire with just a touch, and sometimes he would size up the two officers who had just forwarded their opinion.

As someone who had once defeated the first mobile armor pilot in Africa, Qin Fen could naturally see that, even though the arms of Lu Chu and Lu Han brothers were muscular and their fingers had callouses, they were very flexible and supple; they were very likely to be ace-level pilots.

Qin Fen stood in front of the latest mobile armor, Epic Star and knew in his heart the two officers implied meaning. They might have conceded in martial dao but they were still angry and dissatisfied for the wait of three months. The self-esteem and glory of a soldier made them challenge again.

Even if we acknowledge your position, your strength, and leadership, we want to defeat you at least once!

"Are you afraid that I will drag you all down when piloting mobile armor?"

Lu Han and Lu Chu looked at each other before shaking their head. "Captain Qin, you misunderstood us. From the intel, we know that you are an ace-level mobile armor pilot, therefore, we want to learn some pointers from you."

Qin Fen lowered his head and kicked the ground lightly. In his heart, he was secretly laughing on the fact that these two might be saying they wanted to learn some pointers, but they still wanted to defeat Qin Fen from the bottom of their heart to show their own specialty.

"Alright! Then, I will let you know what a real mobile armor soldier is! How a mobile armor should be operated for it to be called a work of art."

Qin Fen swung his shoulders widely as he marched towards the nearby mobile armor simulator in large strides. All the mobile armors before them were the property of East Asia Military Region. If it was damaged, there was a very high chance of enemy hiding in the dark taking advantage of this Achilles heel. So, it was more convenient to use the simulator.

Dumbfounded, Feng Lu stared at Qin Fens majestic back with a lot of confusion.This young martial artist doesnt look like a fool, so why cant he tell between praise and provocation from others words? He opened his mouth to arrogantly proclaim that he will teach others? Moreover, said what is called the art of operating mobile armor?

A smile was hung on the faces of Lu Han and Lu Chu as they walked towards their respective mobile armor simulator.

Martial daos high strength could at most mean a faster reaction and even faster reaction but it certainly not mean that one should a very good mobile armor pilot.

Since you have an incredible martial dao strength even before you had turn twenty, all your time and energy must have been spent on your martial dao. You mustve not had time to further study mobile armor piloting.

Information can be deceiving sometimes!Lu Han confidently sat inside the mobile armor simulator. As an ace pilot, he understood it better than anyone that the stance of a mobile armor was also a vast set of combat skills. Even if one devoted their entire life to it, he or she might not understand it completely.

Qin Fen placed his hand on the console he had not touched for a long time. Although he hadnt touched it for over half a year, he didnt feel he had gotten rusty, not one bit.

Drill instructors of the recruit camp had forced him to undergo that weird training again and again back then. Now, these skills had long been completely ingrained into his body.

Qin Fens response had become faster with the growth in his martial dao strength. His speed and accuracy were also higher than before because as his strength continued to increase, so did his courage.

Previously, once the overclocking had reached the limit, Qin Fen dared not overclock the drive furnace even more violently even if he was clearly able to do it because his body was not strong enough. If he made a mistake while piloting and the drive furnace exploded, he would be dead for sure, there was no mistake in it. Owing to which, he didnt dare to be faster and fiercer. But now, this worry had disappeared.

Getting stronger was important but that heart was even more important! Ever since Qin Fen had chosen Shinto as his martial dao, Qin Fens mentality and temperament were also changing subtly, bit by bit.

"Captain Qin." Lu Chu put-on that high-tech instrument visor and said with a smile, "Since our mission is in the desert, lets simulate a desert scenario. I wonder whether you plan to be on offense or defense? Also, I was wondering with whom you will compare notes with first?"

Qin Fen leaned back in the cockpit, sitting as casually as if he was sitting on a sofa before gently moving the yoke back and forth on the console happily as he said, "I said I will teach you how to pilot mobile armor. So, of course, I will be against you both. How can a teacher teach a student alone?"

Lu Chus hand on the yoke twitched ever so slightly as he shot a gleam of suspicion at Qin Fen through the corner of his eyes.He really sounds crazy! Against an ace pilot, he didnt even mention comparing notes but rather, every time he opened his mouth, all he has been talking about is teaching others with such a high attitude.

"Thats good!" Lu Han forced a smile with his twitching lips, but it could hardly be called a smile. "The two of us, who had been evaluated as ace mobile armor pilots by the Federation, learn from Captain Qin well."

Ace!?Qin Fen raised his hand and scratched his long hair.If I remember it correctly, he didnt seem to have learned under the drill instructor for a long time and yet he was recognized as an ace mobile armor pilot! This might have frightened others, but if hes trying to scare someone who had even defeated the top ace-level mobile armor pilot of Africa with it, then Im afraid this tiger skin is too small. It isnt even enough to make a flag.

Feng Lu was getting more and more curious.Obviously, this Qin Fen is trying to completely overwhelm everyone in one fell swoop with his arrogant words. Such an idea is not wrong for the commander of a squad.

But! If his rampant battle ends in a failure, then he will completely lose his control over the squad!Feng Lu shook his head, again and again. He couldnt understand why this young man could be so confident.Even if this young man is an ace mobile armor pilot, he cant be this confident as his opponents are also ace mobile armor pilots!

"Since our mission is a raid, as a trainer, of course, I have to be the attacker myself so that you can learn from it." Qin Fen turned his head, looking at the two opponents. "Do you have any questions?"

Raid!? Attacker!?It was totally out of Lu Han and Lu Chus expectations. Originally, they had thought that Qin Fen would take a defensive stance, relying on the simulated base and other auxiliary combat equipment. However, they had not expected him to take on the simulated base with complete firepower alone and also, fight with two ace mobile armor pilots.

"So, lets get started." Qin Fen didnt even close his cockpit; he didnt care if the glare from the lights in the room would affect his battle, not in the slightest.

Lu Han and Lu Chu glanced at each other before closing their cockpits obediently. Two of them and a base with complete firepower, they could not afford to lose!

Entering the LAN server!Suddenly, the projection around Qin Fen changed to that of a desolate desert with endless sand floating over the sky. But it was easy to find the location of the base from the equipment.

"Then open your eyes and take a good look!" Qin Fen leisurely drove the mobile armor forward slowly. "The most artistic mobile armor operation is about to appear in front of your eyes. Dont blink or you will regret it for a lifetime."

Arrogant!The five special soldiers had never seen such an arrogant young soldier! They clearly knew that he was using the strategy to suppress everyone so that they were convinced in the shortest time, but they were still a little upset.

Qin Fen continued hanging a confident smile on his lips. His goal this time was to make everyone unhappy with his arrogance. Only when they had been defeated under this kind of condition would they be convinced completely.

The battlefield was not a place to play house. Having learned how to command a team from Mrs. Phoenix, he had a better understanding of the teams cooperation. If the commander could not command others like his arms, it was very dangerous.

Insect warrior, insect warrior with a base!Qin Fen knew that there should be strict security even he hadnt look at the intel. Although heavy firearms could be found in the Federation easily, he still must think of a way to carry certain equipment.

Qin Fen still chose the good-looking Red Lotus Phantom. This medium-sized mobile armor was relatively light in weight, making it more convenient to move in the desert. More importantly, it could also do combat maneuvers that could convince everyone.

Lu Han and Lu Chu found the speed of Red Lotus Phantom on the radar very strange.Its really slow! Even if a novice pilot can pilot it faster! Is he taking a walk after dinner? Or is he being too careful? Obviously, he has not yet entered the range of all the missiles on the simulated base, so why is he being so careful?

"You think Im too slow?" The smile on Qin Fens face widened. "Okay, lets speed it up. But after your defeat, dont blame me for being too fast and not giving you an opportunity."

While theopportunitywas still echoing in the lobby, Qin Fens aura fiercely changed. The distant Feng Lu felt like he was hallucinating; the one sitting in the cockpit wasnt a human but a tiger that was about to go on a hunt!

As Red Lotus Phantom moved, a dazzling red beam of light cut a straight line through the yellow desert at a high speed! Lu Han and Lu Chus hand involuntarily shuddered when they saw the speed of advance on the radar.

This is too fast! Is he really piloting Red Lotus Phantom or a lightning bolt!?

Fast!Lu Han had never seen anyone drive the Red Lotus Phantom so fast.A drive furnace needs to be overclocked by a few hundred percent for this kind of speed!? Is there really someone in the Federation who can achieve such precise judgment and control?

The Red Lotus Phantom on the radar appeared before Lu Han and Lu Chus line of sight in just a few moments. They no longer needed the radar to find the enemy mobile armor.

"Is this fast? Then, lets go faster"

As Qin Fens words echoed in the hall for the second time, the hearts of five special soldiers jolted suddenly.He can still speak under such speed?

Jessica Wehr raised her willow-like eyebrows as she quickly punched in the buttons on the game console in her hand! She was also partaking in the fight! A large number of devices in the room had long been connected to the game console in her hand during her free time.

And now, the defense that should have been simulated by the computer with no intelligence had now been taken over by Jessica Wehr, the computer genius, in the blink of an eye!

As a computer genius, Jessica Wehr had a very powerful calculation ability. After the entire base defense system had been taken over by her instantly, she immediately started to calculate Qin Fens speed.If I use the missile at hand, I should be able to take the opponent down.

"I am about to start. First, I will take out the defense system, and then, I will kill you."

Qin Fens words resounded again. He directly announced his battle sequence as his arrogance reached its peak in a flash.

Attack my baseJust as this thought flashed in Jessicas mind, the Red Lotus Phantom on the screen suddenly accelerated again. Immediately, a glaring red G2 ground-to-ground anti-mobile armor guiding missile flew straight at Qin Fen!

You are finished!Jessicas fingers bounced quickly. Just as the flames came out from the back of the missiles, the Red Lotus Phantom had crossed the missile launcher and rushed to another missile. A glaring flash of red burst from G2 just as it breathed the flames out of its tail, countless little fragments flew everywhere immediately after.

G2Before Jessica could operate, the missile had been hit by Qin Fen

Lu Han and Lu Chu hastily moved their aiming devices at Qin Fen to get a lock on him, but Qin Fen was simply too fast. He was like a red lightning bolt, rushing about the base with complete disregard to the salvo of missiles fired by Jessica. He drove that huge body left and right through the missiles and destroyed various combat facilities of the base, one after another.

F3 continuous missiles, G2 surface-to-surface anti-mobile armor missiles, cluster missiles

Looking at the screen filled with rockets flying everywhere but unable to hit the Red Lotus Phantom, drops of cold sweat trickled down her forehead unconsciously.

"The fight is over"

Qin Fens voice resounded in the hall, once more. The two soldiers, one of whom was participating in the battle openly while the other secretly, had their hearts gripped by a chill completely.

In a fight where missiles are flying everywhere, how can someone divert their mind and speak? Is he really human? Is his drive furnace not going to explode?

Lu Han and Lu Chu could only watch as their mobile armors were destroyed before they raised the canopy and shakily walked out of the simulator, deadly pale.

From the beginning to the end of the fight, the had not fired a single shot or a single missile! It was not that they did not want to launch an attack but they could not lock on to the red lightning bolt.

Qin Fens last word had completely destroyed their spirit, confidence, and hope.

Staring blankly at his pale-faced comrades, Feng Lu lamented in his heart non-stop, "These two are ace pilots! They have achieved brilliant battle records and glory in counter-terrorism missions. Both of them are first-rate fierce characters, no matter whatever division they are assigned to, they are widely contested.

"How did this happen? How is this possible? In front of this young lieutenant colonel, they, who had once given nightmares to terrorist organizations, they who speak of those names would send shivers to the enemy, were as vulnerable as novice pilots no! Like babies! They didnt even have the power to fight back! They were as vulnerable as a baby who had just been born. They just let themselves trampled by this lieutenant colonel!"

Looking at Qin Fen, Jessica Wehrs face was also ghastly pale. She had just used the computer to carry out a super missile encirclement plan. Not to mention a large mobile armor, even a small mosquito could be taken down precisely!

However, the super missile dragnet that not even a mosquito could escape was not able to hit this lieutenant colonel

Qin Fen released his grip and gently moved his fingers as he walked out of the cockpit. Then, looking at the five special soldiers whose faces were uglier than dirty dishes, he asked indifferently, "What do you think? Was it enough to be called an art?"

The five nodded in unison. Although they did not want to admit that it was an art, having just piloted the mobile armor, whether they were someone who liked abstract art, fantasy art, or realistic art, they had to admit that it was indeed an art! Regardless of the genre, the art had to be acknowledged.

"So do you learn anything? Was my speed to fast for you to see clearly? It doesnt matter, I can teach you again"

Qin Fens words had not yet fallen when Lu Han, Lu Chu, and Jessica Wehrs face turned pale instantly! What just happened was like a nightmare already! Living that kind of nightmare once was enough for a lifetime.

If they went through it a second time, perhaps their hearts would not be able to take it and they would simply retire.

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