The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Tathagata Takes Action

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In the air, Qin Fen watched as Aslans breathless body fell from the sky. He then exercised his shoulders slowly and puffed his chest as he exhaled a long, deep breath. After wiping the sweat off his forehead, he looked up at the distant Tathagata.

The super nano battle suit had good water absorption and desorption ability. Qin Fens drenched body was devoid of sweat already; it had dried completely under the wind.

The fight with the Terrorist King, Aslan, was too demanding on spirit and aura energy. The biochemical beast might make the body as good as new, and the unity of man and nature might supplement the expended energy, but the exhausted spirit could not return to the peak state for the battle immediately.

The fight might not have been fairly short but both sides hadcontinuously resorted to big moves; both sides had brought out their full strength and in a short time at that. However, when it came to this kind of battle where life and death could be determined in seconds, this was a particularly long and arduous battle. Especially in the eyes of martial dao master and above level experts, this battle could only be described as long. In fact, the Flying Hearts sang more than half of their song during that time.

In this short period of time, God knows how many times Qin Fen was on the edge of life and death. It would not be an exaggeration to call it his most difficult and arduous battle since his debut.

The Terrorist King had a firm mind. And his overbearing manner of taking the stage had created panic in the hearts of tens of thousands of people. This panic had been integrated into his martial dao, shaping it into the aura of a terrorist king.

This clever use of panic emotions of hundreds of thousands of people had raised his aura of power to the same level as Qin Fens, maybe even more than Qin Fens. Qin Fen had never seen such an opponent.

"The power of music can touch the power of soul"

Gazing at the hundred of thousands of people in the stadium roaring, Qin Fen felt a special power between heaven and earth igniting his blood, burning his soul. The vast momentum suddenly seemed to come alive!

That was the roar of life. And it was because of this kind of roar that he had successfully turned the tables after wantonly using the Investitures of God and dispelled the panicked emotions the Terrorist King had gathered from hundreds of thousands of people in the stadium, rendering him powerless.

At the last Investiture of God, Qin Fens stirred emotions cause him to enter the unity of man and nature state, leading him into punching the mightiest punch he had unleashed since his debut. His martial dao had taken another step forward.

In an ordinary street fight, ordinary people could not afford to lose their aura of power. Once they had lost their aura of power, fighting anymore would be unnecessary. The aura of power was of paramount importance in a fight between martial arts experts; the aura of power was connected with their mind, and their mind was connected to their kicks and punches.

Qin Fen began to understand that ordinary people could still move others hearts once they made up their minds. It was only because of these ordinary people that the Federation had been ushered to todays prosperity, had todays space era.

This kind of power could be easily overlooked. Previously, Qin Fen used to pay more attention to the power of nature. Only until this recent fight, when everyone roared from their souls when he was immersed in the soul-stirring world of music with everyone, when he felt everyones joy and sorrow, did Qin Fen realized that there was another equally invincible power in this world apart from the power of nature: the hearts of people!

"Just what you expect from a rising star, you are indeed worthy to claim the title of the first expert among the young generation." Tathagata floated over, staring straight at Qin Fen with eyes shut. He could not help but heave a soft sigh in admiration. "Apart from that young man on Saturn, this is the first time I have seen this style, this aura of power on anyone else."

Tathagata could not help but repeatedly cluck his tongue. The result of this fight was totally out of Tathagatas expectation. Naturally, the terrorist king, Aslan had some unique aspect that he was able to roam freely in the Federation for so many years. Just as he took the stage, he had used the bomb to cause panic in the hundreds of thousands of people and merged these emotions of panic into his terrifying martial dao. Owing to which, he had successfully overwhelmed Qin Fen in terms of aura of power and star-class both. It could even be said that the had grabbed a ninety percent chance of victory.

And yet such a terrifying expert of his generation had actually died on Saturn. And that too in the hands of a younger martial artist!

The fall of a legend is often tied to the appearance of another legend! Qin Fen doesnt happen to be this legend, does he?

Tathagata watched Qin Fen, the young man who had said several times that he wanted to fight Tathagata, dive down into the stadium after his victory.

This is..!?Tathagata was stunned.

Qin Fens figure had already merged into the crowd. He was extremely fast. And everywhere he passed, his fists punched a huge hole in the stadium facilities.

Bombs!?Tathagata was stunned, once again.Was this Qin Fen a terrorist before? Or were these bombs buried by him? Or does he have an insider in the terrorist organization? Otherwise, how does he know the location of the bombs so accurately?

Bomb disposal?A stunned look appeared on Tathagatas face for the third time. Qin Fen was even more skilled than the real bomb disposal experts. He was as fast as lightning and thunder, just like the most outstanding soldier trained by the military! If a young man focused all his energy on martial dao, it would still be praiseworthy to have todays strength.

Tathagata, looking at Qin Fens powerful and breathtaking bomb disposal skills, finally understood why the position of every bomb in the stadium was revealed under Qin Fens punch.

In such a huge stadium like this, it was impossible to place all the bombs underneath it. Even the Terrorist King, Aslan could only place bombs at different positions and explode them at the same time to destroy the entire stadium.

For this, the position to set the bombs in the stadium must be calculated. As a result, how the bombs must be set was turned into an invariant formula.

In particular: where the bombs must be set to cause maximum destruction. Somewhere where it would not only blow the entire stadium but also kill most people in the blast. This was a kind of knowledge.

However, it was precisely because of this knowledge that the bombs had been set in a regular fashion. And since Qin Fen was so skillful in bomb disposal, he naturally knew where the bombs were.

Measure other peoples corn by ones own bushel; Qin Fen only needed to put himself in Terrorist Kings shoes and think how he would set the bombs if he was the Terrorist King. And just like that, he naturally knew the location of the bombs.

Eight hundred small bombs had been stuffed into Qin Fens super nano battle suit as well as Xue Tians and bloody Solomons nano battle suit.

As all the bombs flew into the sky, the blade in Xue Tians hands flashed as he used Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River that had always been used to behead others to explode all the bombs in the sky. The entire sky was dyed red for a moment.

Everyone stopped singing, and so did the Flying Hearts. Everyone raised their heads as they looked at the most splendid fireworks in the sky. No fireworks could be as thrilling as it was today.

People lowered their heads and looked at the person next to them, revealing a happy smile from the bottom of their hearts. They would never forget todays experience in this life!

The stadium that was bustling a moment ago fell into silence in the next moment, so silent that the crawling of worms could be heard. This was the quietest moment since the Flying Hearts started the concert.

Everyone looked up to the Qin Fen in the sky. At this moment, the young man, who had dismantled all the bombs in a flash, was happened to be staring at a person in the sky. Almost everyone on Saturn knew his special name, Tathagata!

The strongest expert under Elysiums Jade Emperor. The super expert who was known to be no less inferior to Jade Emperor.

"I say" Xue Tian brandished the katana in his hand as the gleaming blade locked on to the distant Tathagata. "Elysiums Tathagata, its your turn now!"

Qin Fen is really planning on fighting Elysium!?Hundreds of thousands of people in the audience were shocked again. Compared to the notorious terrorist king, the person the denizens of Saturn admired and feared more was Tathagata! It could even be said that Tathagatas existence made everyone on Saturn feel proud. It was precisely because of the existence of Elysium and Inferno that the constellation warriors of Venus, who wanted to make themselves the king, were unable to enter Saturn to compete.

"Do you want to fight me?" Tathagatas slightly closed eyes seemed to be staring at Qin Fen and Xue Tian. "Or do you want to go at me together?"

"One-on-one, of course!" Xue Tian raised his hand and touched the tip of his nose. "Are you alone going to be challenging us or should our group challenge you?"

The audience on the ground and the countless viewers over the internet choked at once upon hearing Xue Tians words.This young expert who seemed to be full of momentum is really thick-skinned. He doesnt have the demeanor of a martial arts expert, not in the least.

Tathagata nodded with a calm smile. "Fortunately, Im also interested in your blade as well as Qin Fens punches. You guys"

Suddenly, a huge screen popped up in the sky. A look of surprise emerged on Qin Fens face immediately. The appearance of the person on the screen came as a surprise to him.

"Tathagata, long time no see." The icy voice seemed to never have any feelings. The neat and tidy uniform on his body gave everyone the impression that this man was born to be a soldier.

"Du Hen!?" A look of surprise flashed on Tathagatas calm face for the first time. "Congratulations, youve defeated Zuo Dongting. But you cant defeat me."

A cold as snakes glare flashed in Du Hens eyes. He placed his hands under his chin and said indifferently, "You are still that confident."

"But of course." Tathagata, carrying his hand back, spoke just as indifferently to the tall Du Hen facing the projection screen. "You guys have taken the wrong path and naturally, cant reach the end."

"Didnt you leave the army as you didnt want to become a divine beast martial artist?" Du Hens cold words were filled with inexplicable ridicule. "How could someone, who is not faithful to his own partner, reach the end?"

Tathagatas indifferent smiled was filled with self-confidence and even more ridicule. "A soldiers duty is to obey. How can a place where obedience is the duty give birth to a divine beast martial artist who is above everyone? You cant find the endpoint by taking the wrong road. Du Hen, the sea of suffering is boundless, yet a turn of gear is the other shore."

Du Hen withdrew his hands from under his chin and retorted coldly, sizing up Tathagata, "Since everyone calls you Tathagata, you truly think yourself as Tathagata?"

Qin Fen, watching at the two cross verbal swords, could not help but stare at Du Hen. The Snake King had always been calm and quiet. Every time he talked, he always went straight to the point. He had never seen him engage in a battle of words with anyone. There wasnt any debate with Zuo Dongting back then.

"Your appearance" Tathagata furrowed his brow. "Are you going to discuss Buddhism with me?"

Du Hens eyes shot an icy glare that felt as if it would freeze anything in his line of sight instantly. Even the people watching the broadcast on the internet could feel the coldness in Snake Kings eyes.

"You owe me a life!"

Tathagata nodded without hesitation. "Yes! Want me to pay you back?"

"Thats right." Du Hen leaned back on the rotating chair. "Leave this place! Today, avoid fighting with Qin Fen."

"Oh!?" A look of surprise appeared on Tathagatas face for the second time. "A cold-blooded animal like you is actually using the old account between you and me like this. It seems your heart is still alive."

"I wont give up! A diving beast martial artist will definitely appear in Du Family!" Du Hen cast a sideways glance at Qin Fen. "As for him, he is holding the torch of someones else spirit, although theyonce used to be life and death enemies."

"Old Zuo!?" Tathagata looked at Qin Fen in surprise.According to the intel, this young man is the murderer of Zuo Dongting. How could Zuo Dongting

A look of understanding appeared on Tathagatas face in the next moment. Zho Dongting had spent his life trying hard to have a divine beast martial artist appear in the military. When there was no opportunity, he would work hard to earn the resources from the army to prepare for the future divine beast martial artist! Apart from the existing grudge, Zuo Dongting fought with Qin Fen because Qin Fen, to some extent in Zuo Dongtings opinion, was violating his goal of creating a divine beast in the army.

What crossed in Zuo Dongtings mind as he was dying?The corner of Tathagatas closed eyes twitched, again and again. He clenched his fists as he spoke calmly. "Perhaps, Old Zuo was very happy? He saw the hope of his lifes greatest wish before his death"

"Qin Fen!" Tathagata opened his eyes suddenly!

In a flash, the hundreds of thousands of people in the stadium felt as if they had been struck by a heavy hammer in the chest at the same time. Their faces changed suddenly in unison. In a flash, a majestic aura of power broke out from Tathagatas body as if a real Buddha was descending on earth, filled the sky and earth with boundless Buddhist energy.

The Tathagata with his eyes opened and the Tathagata with his eyes closed were two completely different concepts! In an instant, the stadium seemed to on the verge of collapsing under the pressure of the aura of power after Tathagata opened his eyes.

"This palm is left to you by Old Zuo!"

As soon as Tathagatas words fell, he flipped his palm and pressed it towards Qin Fen. Everyone in the stadium began to cough blood the moment Tathagata pressed his palm, one after another. The majestic palm pressure pressed Qin Fen as if Tathagata was really casting the Five Finger Mountains from the legends.

Ten Thousand Buddha Greeting! The same Ten Thousand Buddha Greeting used by Tathagata was far stronger than the one Qin Fen had displayed back on Earth. In the blink of an eye, the overwhelming palm energy pressed out a huge palm of energy visible to the naked eye before Qin Fen.

When one said fight, fight it was. Qin Fen had never extinguished the idea of attacking the moment he saw Tathagata. Even when Tathagata opened his eyes and displayed a stronger strength, the thought of retreating never crossed his mind. He raised his right arm up and punched straight at the center of the oncoming palm!

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