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The First Order Chapter 54

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Ren Xiaosu was astounded to learn he had actually completed the quest, because he had no intention of completing it right from the start. It seemed that the palace only wanted him to get stronger. How else could Wang Fugui's "I thank your eight generations of ancestors" count as sincere thanks?!

Ren Xiaosu's current Strength was 6.5 and had officially exceeded twice the level of a normal adult. Of course, this was only a comparison of the average rating of a human being. Individuals who had undergone intensive training would not be considered average.

The convoy quickly passed through the canyon and drove on. Those who had fled in the direction of the wolves in their panic ended up getting bitten to death by them. The pursuing face bugs were acting strangely as well. They were unwilling to step out of the canyon by even an inch, retreating slowly when they reached the edge of the canyon pass.

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The wolves and face bugs were like two species in the wilderness that did ....

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