The Geared Immortal Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1 Chapter 3 My Own Way

Chapter 3

Silence is deafening as no sound can be heard inside the dimly lighted cave. Shin Jiao can only hear his ragged breathing as he's been trying to test his cultivation theory for a while now. It's already been 2 days since he started, and almost all of the food he bought are gone. Luckily there is a small stream of water inside the cave which flowed non-stop.

The unmoving body of Shin Jiao is like a stone statue, but after some time, he opened his eyes and a smile appear in his mouth.

"Ha, ha, ha! I did it! I was able to figure out the truth about this theory. Combining both spiritual energy and mana is almost impossible, but I did it! Ha, ha, ha! Who would have thought of this complex process other than me?... He, he." Shin Jiao shouted in his excitement and pride swell in his heart.

Since he was able to combine both techniques, by doing some experiments and through trial and error. He became truly happy because of his first accomplishment in this new land. But sadly he found out that he had no spiritual roots, so basically he is supposed to be just a mortal. So his only option is to open his mana channels, but once he did that, he could not use spiritual energy anymore. This is a bit of a dilemma for Shin Jiao, but as a researcher, his mind works differently. For others, this might be a stumbling block, but for him, it's a challenge. So the only way to solve this is to make energy containers, which he accidentally thought of when he noticed that his laptop is almost out of battery. Then the word 'battery' made him realized something. He can create something within his body to contain the energies just like batteries. With that in mind, he started his experiments and started cultivating.

Shin Jiao was able to create his own way of cultivation, it was something that he could control. Within his dantian, he was able to make a sphere with two layers. The first layer or the outer sphere acts as the container for purer energies. The second layer or the inner sphere acts as the container for the raw absorbed natural energies, which will then be compressed into purer energy after the inner sphere is filled, and then the pure energy will be transferred to the outer sphere.

"Ahhh… I can feel the energy being absorb inside the sphere automatically. Although it's slower still it's effortless and even in my sleep, I can still absorb natural energies. He, he… This is a bit different from others but at least this way I can become stronger my own way." Shin Jiao said to himself with a smug look on his face.

"What if I try to fill the outer sphere faster, I'm not too sure yet what would happen but if my calculations are correct, it would create another one to accommodate the power within my body." After saying that, he closed his eyes and decided to concentrate and try to feel the natural energies in his surroundings.

After some time he noticed something, he can clearly see even when his eyes are closed different colors in this surroundings. Then he tried to absorb each of them but to no avail. They just floated there and didn't respond to his will. Without a choice, Shin Jiao open his eyes a little dejected. When he first formed the sphere he clearly saw and absorbed those same energies. But why is it that he couldn't do it now?

"I think there is something that I'm missing but what? How am I not able to absorb natural energies now?"

Then he remembered that Gubu left something inside the ring. So he quickly took it out and thought for a while as he felt excited to dive his mind into it. Actually, Shin Jiao wanted to open the ring using technology, but since there are no markings in it, he is unable to open it. That's why his only choice is to learn how to use natural energy or spiritual energy.

"Maybe the jade slips that the senior left inside this ring holds to answer."

So without thinking twice anymore, he held the ring in his hand and dive his consciousness inside it.

Seeing the world once again inside the ring made Shin Jiao feel amazed at the creator of such a thing. Then he noticed something after looking at the things around him. The things inside the ring must have been there for 50 years. Then why is it that some of the medicinal plants piled up on one side didn't grow or even withered? That made Shin Jiao a little suspicious, as seeing that made him think that there's more to the ring that just a spatial ring.

"If these things are still as they are then inside this ring time is irrelevant. Maybe time even doesn't flow here, now if that's true then this thing is truly amazing. Well, I'm not too sure of this yet so I have to do some experiment first. But first thing first, I need to use these jade slips and learn more to enhance my cultivation."

So he took them out one by one and began by diving his consciousness inside a jade slip. The first jade slip has an engraving of '1' in it so, Shin Jiao figured that it should go first. There Shin Jiao learned the history of the crafting style that Gubu created. As he studies it, Shin Jiao realize something. Gubu's cultivation is high because according to his style of crafting he is able to manipulate both spiritual and natural energies. But at the very first he is just using spiritual energy. Then he learns the more complex ones when he starts to manipulate the natural energies. And according to his learning, this is only possible when someone is on the nascent realm. Unlike mana manipulation which is too general, natural energy manipulation is a little complex as according to the jade slip. One should be able to balance all the 6 present elements: water, fire, wind, rock, holy, and darkness. When every single energy is balanced Gubu discovered that any materials can be manipulated and could become like soft clay. This discovery made Gubu the best artifact maker in the whole planet.

"This is far too amazing, so in order for me to absorb natural energies, I need to balance their absorption to the letter. But this crafting style is too overpowered, with this ability only my imagination is the limit to what I could make. And of course, I must also consider the materials needed for crafting. But man… if I can do this while on earth…" Shin Jiao's excitement was suddenly interrupted when he suddenly recalled the woman's face before he got here.

"I wonder how she is now. Although I'm in a new world already and don't know if I could return, I can't help and still worry about her. Sigh… Well, what can I do? I just hope that she's going to have a good life and live her dreams." Shin Jiao muttered to himself sadly but deep inside him he already accepted his situation.

He pushed everything back in his mind and started to concentrate on the things he has to do so that he can get out of the cave. Shin Jiao then put all his concentration, time, and effort to learn the rest of Gubu's legacy and increase his strength at the same time.

5 days later…

The almost absence of light meant the absence of its warming touch. Ahead was the sound of water dripping into the water. And the temperature inside the cave gradually changes. In one corner of the dimly lighted cave sat an emaciated man unmoving with his eyes closed. The only way to tell that he is still alive is the faint, slow, and calm heartbeat which can be heard within the silence.

Shin Jiao slowly opens his eyes and he can now feel the power coursing through his body and bones. Although he became thin and almost emaciated still the energy inside him was able to keep his life. Since his food was already gone 3 days prior he was able to rely on the flowing water. But it was not enough as his body absorbed all the food he ate which then combined with the natural energy to make his bones, internal organs, and skin strengthened. Since the nutrients are not enough he became thin in just a short time.

At that time after he was done learning everything in the jade strips, he decided to cultivate and make himself strong so that he can face the dangers outside the cave. According to the things he had learned, this world has many monstrous beasts. So to survive he needs to be ready and becoming stronger is the key for his survival as his meager strength on earth might not be enough to keep his life in this world. That's why it took him 5 days to prepare, and now in his dantian there exist three spheres.

"I guess this is my current limit in cultivating in this place, I need more nutrients to increase the sphere in my dantian. Oh, crap. I'm all bones now. Tsk… I need to make a weapon first so that I can find some food. According to senior Gubu, this forest does have some fruits but most of those fruits are guarded by beasts. Well, my only option is to hunt small creatures then." Shin Jiao said a little excited. Then he looks around to find something to test his new crafting skill and make his very first weapon.

Then his eyes went to the stone table on the side. Its length is enough to make a least 2 short swords. Shin Jiao went beside it trying to figure out how he can remove it from its place. But to his surprise when he tried to lift the table it actually weighs less than what he thought. He felt like lifting a table made of hardwood not of stone, although it's still a bit heavy, he can still manage it.

Following the instructions of Gubu, he didn't use spiritual fire as he is still unable to wield spiritual energy. Instead, he used the natural energy around him. After confirming the amount to needed he let the energy flow in each of his fingers and send the main element in his palm. And since he is going to craft something using the stone he focus the rock element on his palm.

When his hand touches the stone it slowly became soft like clay, then as he spends his energy he slowly made it look like a machete. Shin Jiao is a little familiar with using this kind of weapon, a machete is one of his favorite weapon to bring whenever he had a mission in a jungle or a forest.

After some time, a rough looking machete came into view. And Shin Jiao felt that one of the spheres in his dantian is now empty.

"So crafting this simple stone machete cost me 1 energy sphere. Hmmm… not too bad for a first timer I guess." Shin Jiao said to himself as he brandishes the weapon.

Feeling the weight in his hand and testing it by slashing the air. Shin Jiao was amazed at his strength as whistling sound can be heard every time he made a slashing move. After testing the machete, Shin Jiao had a wide smile in his face.

"This would be enough. If it's not then I'll have to find more suitable materials then." Shin Jiao held the machete in one hand as the other hand pushed the stone blocking the entrance.

To his amazement, he was able to push the large stone back as it slowly opens. Shin Jiao didn't open it too wide, as he is aware of the dangers outside. Weak as he is now, he would just be wasting his time if he died. After pushing just enough so that he can poke his head out, Shin Jiao noticed the grassy smell of the forest and the trees. But then he suddenly stopped as the thick smell of rusty iron like stench enters his nose.

"This is blood!" Shin Jiao muttered in a low voice.

He suddenly became alert of his surroundings as his sight scanned the area. Then what he saw made him stepped back a little. On the ground, he saw dozens of dead wolf-like beasts but their size is not normal according to his standard, they are huge. Each one is the size of an a.d.u.l.t cow.

The wounds the wolves' received seem to be from a sharp object, evident of the holes in some part of their bodies, and some have their limbs sliced off.

"This is like a slaughterhouse… These wounds seemed new, I think this happened just a few hours ago… Hmmm… What might have happened here? Judging from the wounds on these wolves the one responsible might have great strength but the skill is a little shabby." Shin Jiao said as he observes and checks each beast in the area.

"Wait a minute… These are all fresh meat. Maybe… well, there's no harm in trying." Shin Jiao had an idea.

Then with a thought, he extends his hand and sends the carcasses inside the spatial ring one by one. He walks around and put each carcass he can see inside his spatial ring. As he was doing this he noticed something from behind the bush. Then he saw a jade-like white leg without a shoe, judging from the look of it there's no mistaking that it belongs to a human and from the shape of the feet and leg it should be a woman. So Shin Jiao slowly approached the area and then he was stupefied by what he saw.

A woman is lying on the ground and had her clothes almost turn to shred. It might be better to say that she is almost n.a.k.e.d. From her outer robe to her undergarments, everything was shredded exposing her jade-white skin which is tainted with blood.

Shin Jiao shook his head when he saw the wounds all over her body. Most of them are fatal, so even if he tries to help her, she would still succ.u.mb to death. So he decided to turn around and get something to cover her and maybe even bury her here.

"This woman should be the one who fought against these many giant wolves. If this is true, then she is really strong. And I truly respect her for her great strength. I guess I need to give you a proper burial then." Shin Jiao said as he tried to look for a perfect place to bury her.

But before he could turn around he noticed that the woman just moved and then heard her utter a soft m.o.a.n.

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