The Geared Immortal Book 2 1chapter 101

Volume 2: The New Journey Chapter 101 Killing The Great Flood Dragon Part 1

Chapter 101

The frantic sounding footsteps of multiple people can suddenly be heard as their shadows traverse through the forest. In a far distance, the howling of an enraged beast suddenly reverberated through the Dark Forest. Panic and anxiousness can be seen on each of the faces of the people as they push themselves to run faster. They have seen the brutality and the strength of the demon beast, and they know that they are not its match.

Their robes fluttered through the air as they ran with all their might. Each of them knew the result if the huge beast catches up to them.

This group of people is Ya Nian's group who had escaped after Wei Qi Nian.

"Young mistress, you have to go with the others. I will try my best to buy you some time." One of Ya Nian's servants suddenly said.

"No, we can still escape. If we stick together it is safer. I don't want anyone sacrificing themselves for my sake." Ya Nian suddenly said with panic in her expression.

"Those people that are left in that place wouldn't last that long in fighting against the flood dragon. If we don't buy you some time to escape, it would be very dangerous. Please, young mistress, I beg you to go now!" Another of her servants added.

Ya Nian was stunned at the loyalty of her two maids, the two have been with her since she was young. She knows that the two might incur fatal wounds if faced against the demon beast, but she could not retort their pleadings.

While this is happening the flood dragon has stopped roaring from afar which only means that it was already done with its rampaging and maybe enjoying its victory.

"Cousin, we must go. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain." A very handsome young man wearing a green robe with a silver cornet on his head spoke.


Unable to decide on things, Ya Nian just stood there as if deliberating her decisions. Then her sorrowful gaze turns towards the two beautiful women who both are wearing their 1st rank servant pink robes. Her mind is in a mess as she truly values the two like her own sisters. And she could not imagine them being trampled by the demon beast like those who fought against it.

"Zen Nian, where are you? Please… please help me this time." Ya Nian's eyes began to tear up as she deeply wished for her younger brother to suddenly appear and be her shield.

Meanwhile, three shadows upon a tree are looking with curiosity at the flood dragon that is currently enjoying the traces of human blood on its fist. They could not help but cringe upon seeing the expression of the beast that shows great pleasure and ecstasy. Though they could not understand how the demon beast is feeling, but just from its expression, they know that it is currently on cloud 9.

"Young master, what should we do now?" Rat Ling suddenly asked turning his gaze to Zen Nian.

Though his words sounded like he is worried, yet his action and expression tells otherwise. Both his hands are rubbing themselves as if waiting in great anticipation for a great gift that would fall on his lap. Upon seeing this, both Shin Jiao and Zen Nian could not help but to look at each other and shake their heads.

"Rat Ling, your strength is not yet enough to contend with that flood dragon." Shin Jiao said rolling his eyes and bursting Rat Ling's bubbles.

"Brother Shin, how can that be? When I and young master Zen are fighting against it, we actually drove it into a corner." Rat Ling said with pride lifting his chin up.

"Haha… All you did can cause it some paper cut wounds. Do you think that was enough? Luckily young master Nian can give it deep gashes so the flood dragon fears the both of you. But those are still not enough to kill the beast, we need something that could cause it greater damage ." Shin Jiao replied as his mind began to think of a way to deal with the flood dragon.

In Shin Jiao's mind, he is thinking of a way to be able to injure the flood dragon deeply or even kill it in just one go. And what he had in mind is either the freeze bomb or just make a combination of exploding crystals like how he defeated the Giant Demon Rock Snake. But then he needed a lot of crystals for that, so without a choice, he needed another way to defeat it.

Then an idea pops up from his mind, Qi explosion. He recalled how the hybrid tiger Fen Hu exploded while they were in mid-air. When Fen Hu overcharged his core, the Qi in the surroundings congregates in a rapid spiral motion. Then when it reached a point where the core could not endure anymore it exploded.

"What if I could make a Qi container and all we needed is to activate it… then that would be the most effective way to damage the enemy. But the explosion should be small so that the flood dragon's body won't get destroyed." Shin Jiao thought.

While thinking, Shin Jiao's hands inadvertently moved and began making something. Not long later, Shin Jiao was able to craft a new item. He is now looking at an object in his hand that resembles a thin sword. The long blade of the sword is not sharp enough to use as a cutting tool, but the tip of the weapon is sharp enough for piercing. Near the tip of the sword are four holes, this is where the Qi energy would burst.

What he now holds in his hand is a sword which looks like a rapier, but it is just an arm's length. This is due to the lack of metal ore, as he was only able to carry two fist-size ore. He plans to make two so that both Zen Nian and Rat Ling can have one each.

"Shin, what kind of weapon is that?" Zen Nian curiously asked while eyeing the rapier.

"This is our way to defeat the flood dragon... Let me tell you how to use it…" Shin Jiao excitedly said as he explains how the rapier can be used.

Meanwhile, as the three converses atop the tree. The flood dragon has finished licking its fist but is still hungry for more. It's like it has been addicted to the aroma and the taste of the blood of cultivators. Waking from its stupor, it suddenly turns its head all over the place trying to find something after not finding any humans anymore, it suddenly sniffs the air. Upon doing so it suddenly detects the presence of three individual not too far from it, cold sweat could be seen on its scaly forehead.

It knows who the three was, and even though it is already a level 4 demon beast it is not yet familiar with its strength. So it decided to run out of the area and decided to hunt the other humans who escape. Then with a swish, the demon beast vanished from its spot.

"Hey, it ran!... Is… Is it afraid of us?" Rat Ling was suddenly stupefied at the situation.

Clearly he knows that the demon beast can find them sitting above the tree that's why they are just waiting for it to make its move. But what he didn't expect is for the level 4 demon beast to escape with its tail tuck underneath.

"Don't worry, I already marked it with my spirit Qi. It won't escape that far." Zen Nian suddenly said.

"Well, let's go then. On our way, you need to practice on controlling the flow so as not to destroy its body, okay?" Shin Jiao said as he jumps down from the tree followed by Zen Nian and Rat Ling then the three chases after the flood dragon.

Shin Jiao wanted to confront it head-on, but without proper preparation, they would just be banging their heads on a wall. So, the time they spend chasing would be enough for Rat Ling and Zen Nian to learn on how to control the special feature of the rapier.

Meanwhile, the flood dragon heaves a sigh of relief as it discovers that the three didn't chase after it. It already swore in its heart not to face those three humans and engraved their scents in its memories. But not long later it suddenly found traces of a group of humans and without another word, it immediately chases following their direction.

It didn't take long for it to find the scent of 9 people. The people are currently arguing about something when the flood dragon decided to jump out. Then its huge figure suddenly appears in front of the arguing humans.

The group was startled upon seeing a massive hulking figure appear in front of them.

"Damn it! It's already here! Go, young mistress, there is no time to think!" suddenly someone shouted in panic.

From the nine people, three of them suddenly wore a pale complexion and began to retreat slowly. Their action immediately grabs the attention of the flood dragon. But before it could pounce over, six figures block its path.

"Young masters and mistress we'll hold it off, the three of you needs to run now!" one of the figures shouted.

These people are Ya Nian and her group. Before they could run far enough the flood dragon has already traced their path. So it was able to catch up to them immediately.

"It's already too late… even if we ran, we can't outrun this flood dragon. All we can do is fight against it and hope for the best." Ya Nian said as she draws her weapon.

Everyone looks at each other and nods as they agree to her statement. No matter how far they escape, the flood dragon can chase after them very quickly.

As the group faces prepare to fight a delighted expression appears on the flood dragon's face. It can now once again rampage its heart out.


Suddenly a figure dashed out from the group and rushed towards the flood dragon's looming figure. This is precisely Ya Nian who grabs the opportunity to surprise attack the creature. When she was near enough to the demon beast Ya Nian suddenly execute a skill.

"Rapid Flowing river slash." She shouted.

Then torrents of sword seem to appear from behind her like a tidal wave as they crashed against the huge body of the flood dragon. But before the skill could hit the flood dragon it casually waved its palm and blocks the sword wave. When the skill was interrupted, only the tip of Ya Nian sword can be seen sticking on the demon beast's huge palm.

This situation made Ya Nian panic, the skill she just used was her trump card. No one in the clan has ever defended against it. Even her master will have a hard time defending against the skill. That's why she is confident that she could fight against the demon beast with this skill.

But now it was rendered useless, so panic immediately filled her heart. But before she could react, the demon beast suddenly grabs her sword and pushed it towards her. The force was too great the Ya Nian was not able to counter as the handle hit her shoulder.

Unable to endure the pain as the bones on her shoulder were actually cracked by the raw force, due to the pain she let go of her sword while she was flung away. She was sent crashing towards a tree and slumped on the ground. Because of the impact, Ya Nian could feel that she received a fatal blow. The situation made all the people stupefied as they could not believe what they are seeing.

"How can this be? This is not true right?"

"Young mistress!!!"

"Damn it! I'll kill you!"

The individual reaction of the group at Ya Nian's defeat made the surrounding in chaos. What the group could not understand it that, Ya Nian already receives a fatal wound, why is she not being teleported?

Then everyone remembers the despicable act of her older brother. That strike might have something to do with the rune on her robe not functioning. Or maybe the flood dragon has found a way to torture them more and Ya Nian is the first to experience it.

But all of these are just their conjecture with no actual proof so they turn their attention at the flood dragon still holding Ya Nian's sword. With a wave of its hand, it discarded the sword and slowly walks towards the group. It now realized that the human is now unable to fight, so it decided to take care of the rest and just enjoy its meal later without interruption.

"Attack!" someone suddenly shouted as two figures rushed in.

These two are the loyal servants of Ya Nian. As they dashed forward, they sent a barrage of attacks towards the flood dragon. But still, it was not enough to even scratch its skin under its thick scales. This situation made everyone showed a panic expression.

The flood dragon suddenly waves its arm towards one of the women. Luckily she has very fast reflexes and was able to lift her sword to block the attack. Though she escaped being hit directly yet the force was still too strong that it made her small figure fly.

She landed heavily near Ya Nian while spewing mouthfuls of blood, though her body was not hit and she was able to block, the excess Qi was still too strong. Gritting her teeth she slowly stood up then turn her head to her mistress. She then found that her mistress is having a hard time breathing and began to panic.

She realized that because of anger they have neglected her. They should have taken care of her mistress first before fighting the flood dragon. So she quickly took out a transparent green pill and put it in Ya Nian's mouth.

After Ya Nian swallowed the pill, the servant heaves a sigh of relief. She knows that her young mistress's life is now saved. The pill she gave her is no ordinary pill; it was given to them by the princess and to be used just in case of an emergency. The princess told them that it was called the Rapid Hemostatic pill, and was invented by a genius alchemist from the Empire.

The servant then turns her gaze towards her companion who is still fighting against the demon beast. Since her companion has nimble feet she was able to survive the onslaught of the flood dragon's attacks. This made the demon beast mad so its attacks began to intensify.

Though the woman was able to dodge, the difference in strength is still too large. Because of frantic dodging, the servant made a single mistake and was sent away in a silvery flash unable to defend herself.

The two servants who were defeated is the strongest of them all, so hopelessness is now marked on everyone's face as they suddenly saw the flood dragon turn its head towards them. The remaining people knew that they are not a match for the demon beast and even running is not an option. So without any choice, fighting it and be sent into the Safe Zone is their only hope.

And since it is still dangerous, they are just wishing that they would receive less grievous injuries.

But then before they can make a move, three figures suddenly appear while talking leisurely. When the three saw the group, they were stunned with disbelief clearly shown on their faces. Then with a tone of excitement, one of them suddenly blurted out.

"Oh, they are still alive!"

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