The Geared Immortal Book 2 2chapter 65

Volume 2: The New Journey Chapter 65 The Auction In The Town Of Dis Part 2

Chapter 65

The whole auction house is in a festive mood when those cultivators saw the genius who revolutionizes the alchemy profession. Although many harbor evil thoughts to either pouch her to their side or steal her secret nobody dares to make their move because right now, behind this young woman is the protection of the emperor himself. When the emperor heard of the miracle pill that Qin Lou supposed to have made, he sent protectors to be her shadow. The cultivator army of the empire truly needed those pills especially that the front line border of the empire is constantly under attack from the beast clan.

This is also one of the reasons why Shin Jiao didn't approach her. As he notices that there are two powerful auras which seem to be following Qin Lou. He didn't want to compromise himself and the underground base as it's not time for them to be known yet.

Shin Jiao is already confident with Qin Lou's skills in alchemy, coupled with the little knowledge that he imparted to her on their travels. He already thinks that it is already time for her to learn on her own.

He also found out that the pills being sold by the alchemy school in the town has changed. More like the pattern of making the pills has improved by leaps and bounds. He already understood the reason behind it. Since Shin Jiao didn't say that the technique is not a secret and with Qin Lou's judgment and good nature it became the main drive that advanced the alchemy technique.

When she decided to share this to Elder Ao and Elder Duang first, the two alchemists were thoroughly dumbfounded because of the new style plus the use of advanced technology is really baffling. They never would have thought that technology can be used in mixing natural elements to concoctions, and it would advance a pill's efficiency by great a degree.

Then they soon realized that what Qin Lou actually made in that contest at that time was the level 2 pill called blood regeneration pill, but she added the level 3 medicinal plant black Ganoderma making the concoction chaotic. Without the harmonization of natural energy, it's a deadly poison. But if balanced natural energy is injected to the concoction its effect instead of chaotic becomes rapid and fast healing.

The two elders were awed at the genius of this formula, and elder Duang finally realized what his researched lacks. Then Qin Lou finally showed them 'the extractor' which Shin Jiao made, a small artifact that can extract the natural elements in both spirit stone and beast core.

And because of this technology, a new way of alchemy process was created and more effective pills emerge. Thus Qin Lou's name became famous throughout the empire in just a couple of months.


Seeing that the people are starting to become rowdy, Nalin Ling faked a loud cough to get everyone's attention. She then signaled a young man who brought a large box in the middle of the stage. Nalin Ling slowly opens the box in front of everyone and showed a multi-colored stone.

"This is our next item for auction… one of the items that just entered today. This is a rare crafting and alchemy material, the multi-colored rock fruit." She introduced as a sly smile appears on her face trying to entice everyone in the audience to think.

"It is said that this multi-colored rock fruit is a treasure of the heavens. And when you put this in the middle of a bunch of people cultivating it can invoke a Dao law and understanding that law will become easier. So that means this is not only a consumable good it can also be an inheritance as this fruit never withers, hence the name 'rock' fruit." Nalin Ling explained with a gentle smile.

Everyone in the audience became excited as the fiery gazed in their eyes are directed on the head-sized multi-colored rock fruit. Nobody in this room doesn't know the usage of this rock fruit, an alchemist can draw impurities out while refining close to this thing, while craftsmen can use this to magnify the essence on the crafting material they are using while crafting. This is truly a great treasure for all the people in this room no matter what your specialty is.

"This rock fruit is too bizarre, why does it emit this weird aura? It's like there is a living creature inside this fruit…" Shin Jiao muttered under his breath.

While everyone is in an uproar, Qian Li, on the other hand, had a horrified look on her face. Her hands are trembling as her eyes are wide in fear.

"Ma… master, we… we… have to get away from this, place immediately. That… that thing is… is not a multi-colored rock fruit. It's just in camouflage, that… that thing is the beacon of... of disaster." Qian Li said as she looks at Shin Jiao, she then didn't bother about etiquette and just stood up and moved to want to drag him away to escape this place immediately.

She had seen the devastation that had happened in the memory crystal of her ancestors. It was like she was there when it happened. At that time the town of Haven is having the same 'rock' fruit being sold in an auction and after a week, a black dragon arrives flying through the horizon. Then that black dragon actually destroyed half of the town in a single breath and that breath directly tore a straight line towards the City of Er.

When she saw that memory from her ancestor she was fear-stricken and started to cry. She can actually feel the reality as if she was really in that place at that time.

So without hesitation anymore Qian Li didn't hide anything to Shin Jiao and directly told him this story.

"Hmm… that dragon sound's familiar." Shin Jiao thought, but what puzzles Shin Jiao more is the real background of Qian Li.

He didn't want to probe more as he wanted for her to tell him her story in her own due time.

"Hey, don't be agitated. We'll be fine, I assure you that. Okay?" Shin Jiao said while patting the trembling hand of Qian Li.

"Master…" She looks at him in distress, but upon seeing his calm and handsome face she felt comforted at least for that instance.

She knows the capability of her master, all she has to do is to put her trust in him. As if awakening from her folly, Qian Li suddenly remembers that she is still holding Shin Jiao's arm and he is also patting his hand gently. Seeing this she suddenly blushed, this is the first time that she felt such gentleness given to her by another person besides her mother.

Shin Jiao on the other hand just watched as the people began their frenzied bidding for the multi-colored stone. He wanted to join, but because of Qian Li's story, he decided to back down. If it is really true then that thing may be a Trojan horse. He knows that there are beasts or beast clan that uses the soul or essence of a cultivator as a means to strengthen their own. He knows this as he already faced one of those kinds of beasts.

After the multi-colored rock fruit was sold for a whopping 2 million low-grade spirit stone, Nalin Ling immediately opens another box, but this time the thing inside is the one that Shin Jiao needed, the black stone.

"This one is quite small ain't it?... sigh. I guess I can just upgrade my wakizashi this time." Shin Jiao thought-feeling disappointed at the size of the black stone.

"Well, I'm not going to explain further as everyone knows the value of this rare item. So let's begin… The starting price for this rare stone is 500,000 low-grade spirit stone, with a minimum bid increment of 10,000." Nalin Ling said as she signaled the start of the bidding.

Shin Jiao earn around 3 million low-grade spirit stone selling all those beast core and beast carcasses last time. So he is a bit confident to bid for this stone, plus the value of the shield would also be enough to compensate if ever he would lack the fund.

So without hesitation, he immediately entered 1,000,000 while everyone is in a bidding price war which is already at 700,000.

"From booth 3, we have a bid of 1 million any one bidding higher?" Nalin Ling announced.

Upon seeing the figure everyone felt a little hesitant as 1 million is not a small amount but judging from the size of the black stone which is smaller than a fist, it's may not be worth it.

"1.1 million!" a man's voice suddenly came out from booth 1.

"My Lotus sect wanted to bid 1.1 million for the black stone." The man added.

Shin Jiao suddenly froze.

"This voice… that's the World nascent cultivator from the swamp… shameless. Why would he use his cultivation to bully people?" Shin Jiao felt a little dejected at the silent provocation the man is showing.

Nalin Ling's expression suddenly became ugly in this situation. Who would have thought that the seemingly righteous Lotus sect would bully others at this time?

But Shin Jiao didn't concede he got to have this black stone. If push comes to shove, both he and Qian Li could just activate their cloaking and escape this place. With that determination, he places another bid.

"A bid of 1.5 million, coming from booth number 3!" Nalin Ling's eyes suddenly became bright after seeing that someone really dared to face against the Lotus clan.

"Haha, this junior is really daring, I bid 1.6 million. I Shanguan Lao would like to see this junior's ability. Haha." The man from the Lotus Sect said in a loud voice.

When everyone heard this they became dumbfounded, especially those elders of the sect in this place. Even the two protectors of Qin Lou hiding in the shadows immediately turned vigilant. Shanguan Lao's name is famous as one of the strongest World Nascent cultivator. He is one of the reasons why the Lotus Sect became powerful and prestigious.

"My master bids 1.7 million, and hopes that the senior from the Lotus Sect won't use intimidation as this is only a business transaction, not a war zone, being civilized and making friends is worth more value than making enemies." A beautiful voice coming from booth number 3 came out.

Upon hearing this many cultivators in the area nods their heads, but some shook theirs as they could already imagine this cultivator being killed by the Dao ancestor of the Lotus sect.

"Haha! I never would have thought that in this place someone would dare bid against me. and even give friendly advice to this old one... Alright, I concede!" after hearing these words, Shanguan Lao suddenly said.

Everyone was dumbfounded after hearing Shanguan Lao's words. They never would have expected that the famous Dao Ancestor of the Lotus Sect would be so kind as to withdraw from bidding.

"Interesting, I found another interesting person. Hehe… Now I found two people with balls. If only I can rope them to join the cause… But I guess the other one from the swamp can't join us as he is just a mortal. But this one, I really like his fearless attitude." Shanguan Lao thought.

"I Shanguan Lao may be a shameless person, but I admire those who have balls to stand on their own. Unlike the rest of those that are in here. Che! Little mortal girlie, tell your master that I personally invite him to join the exploration team for the Black Fog Swamp." He suddenly added as he plans to gauge the true ability of the one from that booth if he joins the exploration group.

"I humbly thank the senior for his benevolence, I will give you my answer tomorrow." Shin Jiao changed his voice making it deeper so as not to alert Qin Lou.

Shanguan Lao actually wanted to see who is in that booth, but it seems that the person inside was able to put up a higher level concealment formation, as all he can see is a vague figure of two people, a man, and a woman.

Seeing that he had already achieved what he wanted, Shanguan Lao stood up and left the auction house. Nobody from the Lotus Sect followed him as everyone knows that this Dao ancestor of theirs is too random and would just do whatever he wanted.

But in this area, two women and a small boy suddenly froze in place. Qin Lou's hand is shaking as she looks at Lemy while a smile appears on her face. She didn't know why but her instinct is telling her that the person in booth 3 is Shin Jiao. And with Lemy's sharp intuition and hearing he can clearly tell it already, which confirms her guess.

In booth 1 the beautiful woman suddenly stood up, her expression has a mix of emotions.

"This... is he really... No... It's impossible... But I need to make sure... I..." She thought as her emotion became unstable.

Meanwhile, while the auction is going on, in the elder's council room of the town of Dis, a group of middle-aged men is sitting around a long table when a black figure suddenly entered the room.

"Greetings elders!" the man in black robe salutes.

"Hmm… What news do you have?" the elder which looks like the head, sitting at the end of the table asked.

"We noticed that a week ago, our scouts hadn't reported anything and we lost communication with them near the middle boundary of the forest. We have sent 2 teams already to investigate but they didn't come back, I believe we have to assume the worst. This is my report elders." The man said.

"Well, the reason why I called you all today is because of the gut feeling I have. I fear that there is a great danger coming our way." the head elder said as he slowly stood up.

"I trust your judgment, scout leader. There might be a huge wave of monsters coming. I also receive a piece of news that there is a multi-colored rock fruit being auctioned today... I'm not being paranoid but all of you knows what happened hundreds of years ago, hopefully, we won't be the second Haven town." The head elder continued.

Everyone in the room was silent, as every one of them is old monsters. They also saw what happened in Haven town hundreds of years ago. At that time almost half of the town was wiped out. Luckily that dragon was distracted by something that it suddenly stopped and left, giving way for the cultivators to win.

"Inform every sect and the kingdom of Yi to prepare for a high alert response. They should be here within a week so that we can bolster our defenses as soon as possible. Ask all those array formation masters for assistance, if the town of Dis falls, the whole empire might suffer." The head elder immediately sends his command as everyone in the room directly nods and disappears in a blink of an eye.

"This might be the most dangerous time for this town, I hope that the forces we have are enough to fight against any powerful beast that might come."

In the auction, Shin Jiao was able to get the black stone due to the size of the object which is not worth the price it has reached so no one is willing to bid for it anymore. Plus most people here are waiting for the main item.

"Now, let's continue with our next item…" Nalin Ling suddenly showed a large array projection in the air of an old ship in 3D.

It doesn't have any sails but overall it just looks like a plain old wooden ship. When everyone saw this almost all of them was dumbfounded because its design is truly 100% ugly. But at this time, the gazes of the craftsmasters in the area are blazing with passion.

Because even though the artifact looks ugly but it's an antique and might be one of those very first flying ship ever created in the cultivation land. This ship might have been tens of thousands of years old, and because of its age and longevity, it might contain secrets unknown to many.

Shin Jiao's heart is now also burning with the desire to obtain this ancient flying ship. But he is unaware that there are three people who are waiting for him to come out of that booth.

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