The Geared Immortal Book 2 Chapter 80

Volume 2: The New Journey Chapter 80 The Underground Base

Chapter 80

In the clear night sky, multiple concourses of stars are like sparkles of fireworks undiminishing and steady. In the serenade of the black, the stars are a choir; they are lights that sing in infinite patterns. Sometimes eyes need music, and the darker the night the sweeter the song.

Upon a hill, two figures can be seen silently standing side-by-side looking at the boundless dark sky with an awkward atmosphere. They are Shin Jiao and Qin Lou who just kept their silence trying to feel each other's presence.

Shin Jiao felt helpless to this 'friend' of his as he didn't expect her to be this emotionally affected by their separation. Unlike Susu Ling who immediately had her entrepreneurial seizure kicks in. Her mind began to run wild upon seeing the things inside the large underground base.

As of now, the underground base has grown into a huge underground town, as Shin Jiao applied many of his ideas freely in there. There are floating vehicles, electricity, mobile communication devices, and the likes. Although it is not yet implemented in the whole base as they are all in the testing phase. But when Susu Ling saw them her heart almost go wild in excitement.

The thing that made her excited is the communication device. It's like an old-style mobile phone, where the display is made of monochrome LCD. Shin Jiao uses a technology which he called microscopic runes inside a small chip like object. Using these types of runes he is able to make AI's and components for handheld gadgets. He also uses the same technology for the gears and equipment of the shadow team.

For the signal to go around the underground base and even outside the town, he had set up a unique transceiver. It is unique as it relies on either spiritual Qi or natural element whichever is present in the area and it doesn't matter if it is in the line of sight or not.

These transceivers are scattered around the forest, with each one able to receive and transmit any signal from within a distance of 500 plus kilometers. They have already covered almost half of the boundary of the town of Dis.

Now, this tech has already been taught in the tech department who is researching on how to duplicate the system slowly.

Since this world has no engineers, Shin Jiao is sure that those craftsmen outside would not be able to duplicate this system. Although there is a chance that the gadget can be copied but, the problem is the mechanism inside. With its fine workmanship and mechanical precision parts, it would be impossible to copy, at least for now.

As Shin Jiao showed them the underground base, the two were amazed at the living condition of the people inside it. As the number of people has now increased to around 80 heads, all of them have their own responsibility and are being schooled properly to learn how to read and write.

After a while in their tour around the base, they have entered a special place, the place is called the Military Training ground. In here they saw around 23 people, training in combat and literature. The combat each one practice is uniform and the two women immediately recognized it at one glance. It's almost like the same basic training that Shin Jiao taught them. Making them feel the familiarity and evoke memories of the past few months they spend inside the small world of Lemy.

When they enter the base the eyes of the people are focused on the two young women. They cannot deny that Susu Ling is a beauty and the one covered in veil judging from her eyes, she might also be a beauty. Upon seeing this Qian Li frown a bit, but when she recognized the woman in veil her heart recovers. She knows that those two are just her master's friends but the other two is different, as they had a look of jealousy in their eyes.

"This really brings back memories when we were with Lemy." Susu Ling said.

"Oh, Yeah! Before I forget. Where is Lemy?" Shin Jiao suddenly interjected.

"Oh, that little guy? We don't know. After the auction, he just said that he needs to do something and left." Susu Ling said while Qin Lou nodded.

"Sigh… I guess that guy wanted to roam around this world." Shin Jiao sighs as he also felt the same as Lemy.

He also plans to roam around this world, but everything changes after he rescued the pitiful mortals in the dungeon. At least now he has a higher goal rather than just to selfishly indulge himself in his own fantasies. After he successfully established this base then that would be the time for him to roam freely. And looking from the situation of the base now, it seems that his plan would be pushed earlier.

After supper, Qin Lou asked Shin Jiao to talk in private. Hence he took her in this quiet place overlooking the underground base and the town of Dis.

"Ahem… How… how have you been faring? I heard that you build a name for yourself these days?" Shin Jiao asked breaking the awkward atmosphere between them.

"Umm… Yes, it's all thank from your guidance… Shin, I… I am so happy that you are able to give those people hope and a good life for themselves." Qin Lou said with a hint of hesitation in her tone.

She wanted to tell him something but she seems to be hesitating.

"What is it? Is there something in your mind? You know you can tell me." Shin Jiao noticing the situation asked.

"Shin… can… can I stay here? With… with you?" Qin Lou said after taking a deep breath and gathering her courage.

Then Shin Jiao froze, not knowing what to say next. He already knows the feeling that Qin Lou has for him, but he himself is not yet sure of his feelings yet for her. Deep in his heart, the pain of two failed relationsh.i.p.s has scarred him thoroughly.

But as a faithful person, he would only devout his heart to a single person at a time. But if they chose to turn their backs on him, he would just accept it and move on, so he would not bite off more than he can chew, thus his current predicament of accepting Qin Lou's feelings. But right now he didn't want to be distracted, so he turns towards her and gave her a warm hug. This is all that he can do for her for now.

When he was about to let go, Qin Lou moved both of her hands and wrapped it on his waist.

"Shin, can we stay like this for a while. Just for a while longer." She said in a tiny shy voice.

"Um…" Shin Jiao replied as he carefully caressed her hair.

The next day… Shin Jiao escorted the two to the town of Dis. He knows that he needed to meet with the leaders of the town so that they would not be regarded as a hostile faction.

When he entered the town hall, many eyes were attracted to their presence, this is due to Qin Lou and Susu Ling's presence.

"Miss Lou, it's nice for you to visit us this time. How can this elder help you?" an elder said politely.

"Elder, you are too polite, I would like to introduce someone… This is my friend… he is the one who lives at the eastern side of the town's boundary." Qin Lou said as she pointed at Shin Jiao.

Shin Jiao cupped his hands towards the elders in greetings. This time he is controlling his aura as he shows that he is in the initial-stage gold core cultivation realm. When the elders saw this they were smiling.

"It seems that this young one is also a talent. I heard that the eastern border of the town is full of huge formation array, are you the one who constructed those?" an elder asks with a hint of interest in his eyes.

"Um… yes elders, I am practicing some formations taught to me by Master Ju. So…" What Shin Jiao said is a half-truth as he really knew who master Ju is.

"Wait! You are Master Ju's student?" another elder suddenly stood up in surprise.

All the elders of the council also had a surprised look on their faces. They never would have thought that a person who can be considered as master Ju's student or even disciple is in the town. Many had an incredulous look at Shin Jiao and some are having their own plans, but as of now, they held themselves from taking any action. Then some elders with knowledge in array formation started to talk with Shin Jiao and not long later they became really absorbed in their discussion.

While Shin Jiao is talking with the elders, a very beautiful young woman silently enters the hall. She then walks towards an old lady sitting with the council of elders.

"Senior, my uncle told me that he is already fine. His wounds have already recovered." She whispers on the old woman's ears.

This made the old woman smile and a happy expression can be seen in her face.

"Really? Is it that amazing! I never would have thought that the pill is really remarkable. I think we need to thank the young alchemist for this." The old woman said as she stood up and walk towards Qin Lou.

The young and old woman walks near Qin Lou, who also noticed them. As the two women walk near Qin Lou saw the expression of the beautiful young woman beside the old woman. Her face turned red and had a disbelief expression on her face. Her gaze seems to be on Shin Jiao beside her who is currently talking to a group of elders. But she didn't mind this as she knows that Shin Jiao has an attractive face.

"Young miss Lou, on behalf of the Lotus Sect I would like to extend my thanks for your help. Hope that you can visit our sect one of these days so that we can give you our proper thanks for the aid you gave." The old woman said while cupping her hands.

"Elder is too kind. Then, it is my honor to visit your sect someday." Qin Lou said politely.

The beautiful young woman beside the elder is unblinkingly still looking at Shin Jiao, and that beautiful young woman is Cherry Lao.

"Shin… Shin, why… Why are you here?" Cherry Lao suddenly asked gathering the attention of the people around her.

It is already known in the hall that she is the newly promoted outer core elder of the famous Lotus sect, and also the fiance of the 2nd prince of the Xi Empire.

Hearing her voice Shin Jiao immediately turned stiff, though he expects to see Cherry Lao in town after they saw each other in the forest but not in a situation like this. So he forcefully calms his emotion so that he can face her with his dignity intact.

Plus he needs to show that he is fine after she left him. So he turns around and smiled warmly towards Cherry Lao.

"Nice to see you again miss Lao." Shin Jiao said politely.

Hearing his voice Cherry Lao felt a little disappointed, but she expected this because she had broken his heart at that time when she left.

"Oh… You two knew each other?" this time Qin Lou had an amazed expression on her face.

She didn't expect that Shin Jiao would really know Cherry Lao the flower of the Lotus sect. Then all of a sudden everyone was surprised by a man appearing suddenly beside Cherry Lao.

"You! You're that mortal bo… Wait… a gold core realm cultivator? How?" the man is Shanguan Lao who immediately rushes inside the hall upon discovering Shin Jiao's figure when he scans it.

"Haha! You tricked me young one. I knew you were not simple." Shanguan Lao laughed heartily.

"So, why are you here? Did you volunteer to fight? I will welcome you to my group." Shanguan Lao blurted out with a big smile on his face.

"You!" This time another man appears, it was Taili Xi.

"Wait a minute? You're a cultivator?" Taili Xi suddenly asked in disbelief.

He can remember clearly at that time when he attacked someone who wanted to get closer to Qin Lou. It was this young man who blocked his palm strike. And he never would have thought at that time that a mere mortal can block his strike.

"So, brother Taili knows this brat?" Shanguan Lao asked in confusion.

"Wait a minute. Seniors pardon my interruption, but…" Qin Lou interjected and was about to explain herself when suddenly everyone felt a very strong pressure.

"They have arrived this early." the old man sitting in the head seat of the council muttered.

"Everyone prepare for battle!" He shouted.

Then all the people in the room quickly rushed out. The final defensive line is around 5 kilometers away from the town, so everyone rushed to go to the front lines.

"Qin… please promise me that you won't go to the frontlines. You are too important for the empire, as you can still do many good things... And... and I don't want you to get hurt." Shin Jiao said as he held both Qin Lou's shoulders before she can follow the people going out.

Seeing his action the two protectors was stunned.

"It seems that their relationship is not that simple." Zhao Long muttered to himself.

"How about you? Are you going to fight?" Qin Lou worriedly said.

"Umm… I must, this is for the safety of the base. I cannot let it or the town fall." Shin Jiao said with resolution.

"Then I will fight too." Qin Lou said with conviction.

"No, you can't miss Lou. This young man is right, you are very important to the empire. Your safety is our first priority." Zao Long said as he stepped beside of Qin Lou.

"Elders, please protect her. Thank you!" Shin Jiao said as he turns around.

"Shin… Wait!" Qin Lou suddenly shouted.

Then she ran towards Shin Jiao and immediately gave him a kiss not minding the eyes of the people around them. Because of her anxienty, she became muddle-headed and gained the courage to do this. Although she is wearing a veil, Shin Jiao can still feel her warm breath and sweet lips. Shin Jiao unconsciously wrap his arms around her slender waist and slowly lifted her up as he deepens the kiss.

Not too far from them, Cherry Lao's gaze became emotional. Her big and beautiful eyes became cloudy as tears started to form. Then a single line of tear slowly gushed out on her cheeks as her heart became heavy. She didn't want to see this, she doesn't want to accept it as she believes that Shin Jiao still have her in his heart. Then she sobs as her heart started to hurt and became heavy, although now her cultivation has increased exponentially however she discovers that it is too shallow. Right there and then she realized that it was not her love for Shin Jiao that causes her cultivation to be stagnant at that time; it was her desire for revenge.

Seeing Cherry Lao's reaction to this scene, the old woman shook her head. She now understands what is going on, it seems that this young man is the one she met in the forest and was the one that saved her.

"There is no medicine for regret in this life." The old woman thought as she also recalls the man whom she loved and had sacrificed his life for her.

When Shin Jiao and Qin Lou's lips separate, Qin Lou's face is already red like a tomato. She didn't expect that she would have the courage to kiss a man in front of other people. But she didn't regret it, at least now she knew how he felt about her.

With a warm smile, Shin Jiao touches the tears on the side of her eyes that have fallen.

"I promise to return. I still have to cure you right." Shin Jiao whispered as he kissed her once more and turns around.

With a confident stride, Shin Jiao's heart became firm, because now he has another goal in this life.

And that is to protect the woman who opened and healed his wounded heart. And neither monster nor beast can stop him from returning to her side.

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