The Geared Immortal Book 4 37chapter 199

Volume 4: Mistaken Identity Chapter 199 Mistaken Identity Part 37

An Academy Life: 9


A life force and aura fluctuation detector is was what Shin Jiao has in mind. He wanted to create a machine that would enable them to detect and differentiate between beast-men and humans. This way, even those with a high level of concealment can be detected.

As a spy, he knows how dangerous he is when it comes to a city or a civilization's security. Spies can infiltrate and even become leaders of a country and it would be too late before anyone can know it. And Shin Jiao didn't want that to happen since his new family lived in the city.

If the city would fall then his family would also be affected and be caught in the destruction. This is the thing that Shin Jiao didn't want to happen the most and one of the reasons why he wanted to share this technology.

Shin Jiao asked for ten thousand mid-grade spirit stones and a list of materials. When the dean and the principal heard his condition they were a little taken aback. Although they can afford the ten thousand mid-grade spirit stones except for the materials in the list almost made them crazy.

There are three materials on that list that can be considered as treasures.

The first one is the mind stone; a mind stone is a rare stone that can contain the mind and consciousness of a cultivator. It is obtained through great luck in rock gambling.

Mind stones are like jades that are hidden in the stones, and can only be found in the coastal city of Cui. In that city, stone gambling is really famous. This industry has attracted many cultivators because of the many precious stones that can be bought there. But the only problem is the prices are sky-high. Only those super-rich sects and high-level artificers and alchemists can afford to buy them, so many would choose to gamble on stones. But the problem is that even with the use of spiritual sense; no one can detect the content of each stone as their senses will be blocked by an unknown force.

The risk is too high and the possibility is too low. This is the reason why the academy thinks that the mind stone is a risk they cannot take.

The second material is soul-flower. It is a rare type of flower that only grows in the underworld or a place where death Qi is strong. In those places, not all cultivators would dare intrude for the fear of being possessed by souls of strong cultivators.

The soul-flower has only one purpose, and that is to purify one's soul and strengthen one's spiritual sense.

The third is not that rare but can still be considered as a treasure. It is the blood essence of a level 6 beast.

The blood essence of a beast can be used as a catalyst to enhance one's strength and speed up cultivation. But it is hard to extract because the beast should be constrained and still be alive when its blood essence is extracted. Or if one can get the permission of that beast to give a few drops of its precious blood essence.

So these three materials are the hardest part of the list that Shin Jiao has written. Actually, Shin Jiao is not sure about the two materials, the blood essence, and the flower, but he wanted to have those as in his memory he recalled from Gubu that those materials can give him a high chance to improve his physique and cultivation.

After talking to the Deans and the principal, Shin Jiao directly went to his house. He wanted to start making the blueprints to construct a prototype first of the detector. Since he can detect the beast-men through their aura he needed the mind stone to record the pattern. This way the detector would immediately see who is human and who is not.

"I can combine the technology of the goggles and my knowledge and observation with regards to the beast-men. This way I can perfectly emulate my way of observation to the machine." Shin Jiao muses while he began to write down a blueprint.

This time he needed to draw and write everything down as the machine he is planning to make it a little big and has a lot of parts.

"I need this machine to shape like a gate or a portal. Hmm… what if it's shaped like those metal detectors on earth? That would be easier to make right?" Shin Jiao thought as his hand began to move and draw something on a wide paper.

Not long later a square-shaped drawing with many intricate lines and carvings on its pillar appear. Shin Jiao has drawn something from his mind, that the object on the paper looks real.

"So this is how it would look like then." Shin Jiao said as he stored the drawing in his spatial ring.

Suddenly Shin Jiao discovers that it is already morning and that he has spent the whole night drawing the blueprint.

"I guess I need to go to class today… at least they can say that I didn't go here for nothing." Shin Jiao thought.

On his way to the hall where they conduct their class, Shin Jiao saw some shadows coming out of a place.

"Martial practice grounds…" Shin Jiao reads the large sign.

"So this is the place where people practice the skills and technique they learned from the lesson and the books."

He then walks towards that place, but suddenly his sharp hearing picks up some noises.




The sound of a man groaning in pain and flesh hitting can be heard from a secluded corner outside of the Martial practice grounds.

"Not my business…" Shin Jiao thought as he continues to walk towards the entrance of the large open area.

From the entrance, he can see a large field as big as four football fields on earth. On the side of the field are stone seats formed like stairs.

"This looks like a sports arena." Shin Jiao muttered.

When he was about to take a step forward, Shin Jiao suddenly saw a shadow of a person rushing towards him.

With a quick reaction, Shin Jiao stopped and quickly jumped backward making that person fall on the spot where he was walking.

That person is a young man with a small yet pudgy stature. But when he turns his sight towards Shin Jiao, Shin Jiao was shocked.

The young man looks like a woman in every way. He is even more beautiful than any regular woman. But his face is all bruised up and it seems like he has been fighting with someone.

Before Shin Jiao could think more, he saw from the corner of his eyes a group of five young men rushing towards them.

"Tong Lei! Come back here! You will pay for what you have done!" one of the young men who looks familiar to Shin Jiao shouted.

When Shin Jiao turns his head towards that young man, a smile appears on his face.

"Enemies would sometimes meet in a narrow road." Shin Jiao muttered.

"You… you're Shin Jiao! Wha.. what are you doing here?" Bushan Deng suddenly said with a shaking voice.

He knows how vicious Shin Jiao was when he killed those two senior students back then and learned that he didn't even receive any punishments. He knew that those seniors are beast-men but this did not mean that they are weak instead those two are very strong. So his fear in Shin Jiao has increased by several folds already.

"So, you're bullying other students again? Can't you learn your lesson?" Shin Jiao said with annoyance in his tone.

Upon hearing this, Bushan Deng trembled in fear and took a step back.

"You… you… I will ask my brother to beat you to a pulp!" Bushan Deng shouted while pointing his finger to Shin Jiao.

"I didn't even exert too much effort fighting your brother last time. If not for the teachers arriving… Hehehe… his artifact is very interesting." Shin Jiao said with an evil grin.

Upon seeing this, Bushan Deng suddenly felt cold sweat drenching his back. He didn't want to implicate his older brother in this mess so he needed to escape fast.

Without any second thought, he immediately turns around and ran.

His companions suddenly were stunned at the circ.u.mstance. But when they saw their leader running away they too followed after him.

Shin Jiao watches them with a smirk. Then he turns his head towards the small pudgy young man who sat dumbfounded on the ground.

"Are you okay?" Shin Jiao asked.

"Umm… thank… thank you… for… for helping me." he said as he slowly gets on his feet.

"Why are they after you?" Shin Jiao asked curiously.

"It… its nothing." The young man said with his gaze on the ground.

"Well, I'm off then." Shin Jiao said as he turns towards the entrance of the Martial practice ground.

"Wait! I'm… I'm Tong Lei. Can… can I have your name brother?" he asked.

"Shin Jiao… you can call me Shin." Shin Jiao replied as he continued walking without turning around.

Shin Jiao sensed that Tong Lei seems to be following him from a distance.

"Hey, if you want to say something, come here!" Shin Jiao said with irritation in his tone.

When he heard this, Tong Lei suddenly felt a little scared. But he gritted his teeth and walks towards Shin Jiao's side.

"I… I need your help, please. Can… can you help me?" Tong Lei said trying to gather his courage.

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