The Geared Immortal Book 4 Chapter 225

Volume 4: Mistaken Identity Chapter 225 The Demons Invasion 4

Trouble at home part 1


"The presence of the demon in the cultivation spell disaster. From the words of that demon, they seem to have opened another somewhere but were not satisfied with it. Now they wanted to open another one. It seems that the demon likes the rich atmosphere in the cultivation land. Maybe they would try to attack this part of the continent… If this happens I must get ready." Shin Jiao thought as he quickly ran towards his home.

Though it is a little distance away from the tournament, he needs to remind his mother and the others of the danger.

Shin Jiao is now feeling a sense of urgency within his heart.

Not long later, he arrives at the corner near his house but discovers that there is something wrong with it. Shin Jiao can see even from afar that the whole compound is in ruins. The houses seemed to have been burned and when he arrived at the gate, he didn't sense any presence.

Upon seeing this, Shin Jiao didn't panic as he didn't want those people responsible for this to catch him off guard and think that their plan has already succeeded.

But he is still worried about his mother.

So Shin Jiao hid in a corner and took out his phone.

Then he immediately dialed his mother's number. Since this technology is not like on Earth where calling is already commercialized and would go through a service provider. His phone can directly call anyone he wanted as long as he can type in the correct number of the receiver, just like the one on Earth but within the pay.

Shin Jiao waited and waited, but still, after some time, no one answered.

Now this made him feel agitated. He didn't know what happened and just waited. The protective array he put up to protect the compound is strong enough to withstand any gold core realm cultivator and even those in the primary stages of the infant soul realm could not break it that easily.

But since the protective array was broken to such a degree it only means one thing.

"A very strong cultivator may have broken this array, but it seems that it took a while before it was broken, or they might have used a dharma artifact." Shin Jiao thought.

But in his mind, he can only think of dharma artifacts that are strong enough to beak any formations.

Dharma artifacts are different from normal artifacts as these artifacts are from the gods themselves. It cannot be crafted by any mortals or cultivators alike, or so the whole cultivation land thinks.

And wielding a dharma artifact equaled to having twice the strength of the wielder.

For example, if a primary stage gold core realm cultivator held a dharma sword, then his power would be equaled to that of the late-stage gold core realm cultivator. But of course, this also requires technique in fighting or using the dharma artifact.

But these kinds of artifacts are not sought but given. Only through luck and fate could one get a dharma artifact. This is also the reason why families or clans became strong as they would be able to carry a dharma artifact coming from their ancestors.

No one knows how many families or clans have dharma artifacts in the Great City of Wu. But the royal family has two; it was a short sword and a long string of prayer beads.

This is also one of the reasons why the royal family holds a tight grip on the throne of the kingdom of Wu.

As Shin Jiao mulled over this, he suddenly noticed two figures flying and stopping on top of the compound. These two people look familiar to Shin Jiao. He then squinted his eyes and tried to see their faces clearly.

Then with the last light coming from the setting sun, he saw their faces.

At first, he almost could not recall their faces, but soon realized that these two people are the people who helped him when he was trying to escape from the town in the outskirts of the Heavenly Crow sect.

The old man and the good looking young woman slowly descended to the compound which is already in ruins with burned houses.

Shin Jiao didn't dare use his spiritual sense to prevent the two from detecting him. He even held his breath to prevent detection.

The two figures carefully inspect the surroundings.

"Mistress, what happened here is truly mindboggling. Even with the use of a powerful dharma artifact, those people could not destroy the array protection here. I wonder who made that array. I truly wanted to meet such a person." The old man following the young woman said.

"Master, do you think that those people here truly died? If only we could have interfered at that time. We could have stopped this tragedy." The young woman said while walking around and checking the ruins.

"I know you wanted to help, but this is an internal conflict within families. Though I am powerful, yet I cannot disobey the rules of the city. In this huge city, there would be someone stronger than me," said the old man.

When the young woman heard this she rolled her eyes.

It would be a joke if someone would be stronger than her teacher in this simple kingdom. If it was the capital city of Xi, she might think so. But in here, if she said that her master is the 2nd strongest then none can claim to be the first.

The two continuously checked everything but still found nothing as the young woman seemed to be feeling down.

"Sigh… we have already checked this place after the attack. No matter how I think about it, it is almost impossible for those people to just disappear." The old man said.

"I know but… huh! Teacher, look!" the young woman suddenly exclaimed as she suddenly rushed towards the house where Aye Muyan stays.

"Hmm… signs of struggle. It seems that the lady of this house fought back but was still captured." The old man said as he frowns.

"Yeah… and it seems that there are two of them that were captured here."

Then suddenly the young woman's eyes lit up.

"Master, I wanted to interfere with this. I will save those people." the young woman said as she lifted her small fist.

In her heart, she wanted to pursue justice at this time. Then suddenly she remembers the young man whom they have seen with a damaged and wasted dantian. She didn't know why whenever she remembers that guy; she can't help but feel disappointed at herself.

So, this time, she wanted to change something.

As the two left, Shin Jiao showed a worried face. He heard what the two said and immediately became anxious. It seems that his theory was correct and that a dharma artifact was used to destroy the array. But what puzzles him is who?

How can they have a dharma artifact that can break arrays?

But that is not the most important thing for him right now. What is important is to follow those two to know who the one responsible for taking his mother are.

The area is under his surveillance and all he needed to do is to get inside and enter the underground. But now his plan suddenly changed, he could not tag the two as the old man seems powerful. So his only choice is to follow them using his old skill as a spy.

If he can find anything after following those two, then he could still go back to the underground base and prepare himself to rescue his mother.

Shin Jiao has a heavy gut feeling that it was his mother and Jiyi who were kidnapped. The only problem is who made the move?

And so, using his old skill in changing clothing and changing face, Shin Jiao painstakingly followed the two. But what ticked Shin Jiao off is the young woman.

This is because she would always do something unnecessary as the two walks towards their target. The young woman has a great sense of justice which is also one of the reasons why she immediately attacked him before. That was when he was running away from a very strong cultivator.

The two went to places in the market, in a herbal and medicine shop, in a restaurant, then they walk towards a very familiar place.

While following the two, Shin Jiao realized that the direction they are going is something that he had seen before. And this made him feel that something is truly amiss. If Shin Jiao counted the time when the compound where they lived was ruined almost 12 hours have passed. So if he didn't move as soon as he got in the house then it would spell doom for his mother. And he didn't want his mother to feel pain and be in trouble anymore.

Shin Jiao has agreed to build the artifact shop with Mingsha Wu because of his mother in this world. When he learned how she was treated he promised to give her the best that he can. But still, he was not able to protect her.

Gritting his teeth, Shin Jiao swore that whoever dared put their hands on his mother, and then he would kill those people a hundred times over.

His changing emotion at this time made him lose control of his aura and made the old man suddenly turn around. But then to his surprise, he saw nothing.

"Hmmm… I could have sworn that there is someone following behind us…" the old man said as he suddenly scanned his surroundings.

But then suddenly the young woman's voice appears beside him.

"Master we are here."

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