The Geared Immortal Book 4 Chapter 230

Volume 4: Mistaken Identity Chapter 230 The Demons Invasion 8

Shin Jiao versus the Jiao family part 2


In the darkness of the night, a figure can be seen dashing through the roofs and the dark streets of the city while on both of his shoulders he carries two figures wrapped in blanket sheets. After a while, the figure stopped as he heard some sound coming from one of the people he is carrying.

Shin Jiao carefully puts down to the ground the two people he is carrying. Then he slowly unwraps them and noticed that Aye Muyan is already regaining her consciousness.

"Ugh… What… what happened to me?" Aye Muyan muttered in a groggy and unsure voice.

Although her vision is still a bit blurry, yet she immediately noticed the person squatting beside her. Without another word, she immediately throws herself to that person and cried.

"Son… son… it's really you. I thought I… I would never see you again. Huhuhu… I was really desperate when we were attacked by the Jiao's and the Jiao ancestor." She said while sobbing.

Shin Jiao could not help but pats her back. He knew that this mother of his suffered trauma and was really scared upon seeing the strong opponent. But what surprised him is that she held on and stood her ground even with the risk of being captured.

"Son… how did you save me?" she asked but then suddenly changed her expression.

"No… wait… how about Jiyi? Jiyi that lass didn't leave my side even though it was too dangerous at that time. She… she... sob…. Sob..." Aye Muyan muttered as her expression turned into panic.

Since Shin Jiao is standing in front of her and covering the figure of Jiyi on the ground, she was unable to notice.

"Mother, it is all fine. I also save her along with you," he said as he patted the shoulder of Aye Muyan.

"Huh? Then… then…" suddenly Aye Muyan saw Jiyi behind Shin Jiao and heaves a sigh of relief.

"Son… thank… thank you." she said while hugging Shin Jiao.

"Mother, everything is fine now… and besides, there's no need to say thank you between us, we are a family." Shin Jiao said with a smile.

As the two talks, they heard the sound of Jiyi also coming to her senses. When Aye Muyan saw this, she pushed out Shin Jiao and jumped towards Jiyi, yet suddenly she was stunned. She now noticed that her clothes are in tatters and is showing too much of her skin, and when she looks at Jiyi on the ground slowly standing up, she was dazed.

This is because Jiyi is currently topless and the upper part of her body is exposed. The two mountains with its red cherries exposed made Aye Muyan turn her gaze to Shin Jiao.

Shin Jiao, on the other hand, was also stunned. He now realized that Jiyi is not wearing any clothes, due to his panic he was unable to think of anything and just wrapped her in a blanket and left. But now that he realized it, it seems that she is actually half-n.a.k.e.d.

Although Shin Jiao is a man who would not take advantage of any women, yet right now the situation is different. The half-n.a.k.e.d figure of Jiyi is truly attractive beyond words. This made him unable to remove his gaze on her as he admired every corner of her body.

"Ahem…" Aye Muyan cleared her throat at the reaction of her son.

But deep in her heart, she is satisfied. If her son could love Jiyi, then she has nothing to say about it. For the time that Jiyi was on her side, she has seen how she is as a woman and she liked her to be her son's first wife.

Although she didn't know how many wives his son would have in the future, still she is already happy to have this young woman as her daughter-in-law.

Shin Jiao upon hearing his mother, immediately shifted his gaze elsewhere. Then he waved his hand and two women's clothing suddenly appears from his spatial tool and gave it to the two women. He then turned around with a beat red face and walks to the side.

Jiyi also was blushing red as she didn't expect her master would look at her for so long. Although she felt shy, yet she is not against it. If it is her master then she would not reject him. The admiration she had for Shin Jiao from the very beginning has already grown into love. This is just her thoughts though as right now, Jiyi can't differentiate love and having a crush as she never experiences this feeling before.

After the two were able to get dressed, Shin Jiao told them what happened as they ran towards their now ruined house. Shin Jiao's goal right now is to make sure that Aye Muyan and Jiyi are safe. As for him, he would be returning the favor in destroying their home. He would return this to the Jiao family ten times over. Although his expression seems peaceful but Shin Jiao's feeling right now is very angry.

When they were nearing the small area which looks like a little ruin with smoke still rising through the air, a shocking explosion was suddenly heard throughout the city.

When Shin Jiao heard this a sneer appears on his mouth and immediately instructed the two to hasten.

"Mom, no matter what happens you must enter the base underground and never come out. I can take care of myself."

"But son…" Aye Muyan wanted to say something because she didn't want Shin Jiao to face this problem alone.

She knows that this problem was caused by her and her alone. This son of hers is not really a part of this problem but her heart was touch when she saw how serious Shin Jiao is in helping her. But she could not bear to see him being hurt because of this as she has truly learned to love him as her own true son.

"Madam Jiao… We… we should go. I think the master wanted you to be safe. Plus we could not do anything against those guys. We would just be a burden to him if we stay." Jiyi said with a helpless expression on her face.

She too wanted to stay but is unable to do so because her strength is not enough to help her master face this obstacle. So she knows what to do and to never be a hindrance.

Aye Muyan wanted to say something but realized that Jiyi is right. She and Jiyi would only be a burden to her son as she knows that he would sacrifice himself for her safety. He even entered the den of the lion just to save her. So, with reluctance in her eyes, she and Jiyi ran as fast as they could to the hidden teleportation spot.

When they were about to reach that place, a figure suddenly appears atop the ruined place.

"Do you think you can escape after hurting my family? I will take all of your lives." The man who appeared on the air shouted.

When Aye Muyan and Jiyi saw this person their complexion immediately turned pale. Aye Muyan's heart suddenly ached as she wanted to throw herself in front of Shin Jiao and confront this alone. But before she could do anything else someone grabs her arms and dragged her.

"Do you think you can escape?" the person who is Jin Lo Jiao shouted as he saw the two departing figures began running away.

He then quickly lifted his arm and pointing a finger towards the two. And strong energy immediately gathered at the tip of his finger and a sinister smile appears on his face.

"If I could not have you then you both can just die. I will use your corpses to appease my anger." Jin Lo Jiao muttered as he was about to release the gathered energy.

As an infant soul forming realm, this pure Qi energy spell is enough to kill two or more gold core realm cultivators in an instant. So he is confident that the two could not escape.

But before he can release the strong energy spell, his attention was distracted as a flash of silver suddenly appear from out of nowhere. Lucky for him that he has put his Qi field up and that silver flash broke the Qi field and the trajectory of the projectile was diverted. Hence instead of hitting his head, it hit his right shoulder.

The silver flash and the hole on his right shoulder made Jin Lo Jiao missed his target. The energy spell he has shot was redirected towards one of the houses which are already in ruins and destroyed it completely.

"Who dares interfere with this ancestor's business?" Jin Lo Jiao shouted in anger as his gaze turns towards the direction from which the projectile came from.

And there he found a familiar looking face.

"You! You're Shin Jiao my great-grandson? How?" Jin Lo Jiao said as he looks at Shin Jiao and the wound on his shoulder.

He is a powerful cultivator and Shin Jiao is only in the middle stages of the gold core realm. It would be easy for him to kill the young man with a pinch. And his power is not enough to do him any harm. But the situation tells him otherwise.

Because the fact is in front of his eyes and a mere gold core realm cultivator was able to wound him with such ease.

This made the old man suddenly feels a pang of fear in his heart.

But as a high-level cultivator, the old man controlled this feeling and from the corner of his eyes tried to find the two women. But then to his surprise, the two are now gone and even with his spiritual sense, he could not find them. This made him suddenly erupt in anger as his attention turned towards Shin Jiao.

"You… you will pay for this." Jin Lo Jiao shouted in anger.

Shin Jiao just looks at the old man with vigilance.

Right now, he is going to face a strong cultivator way above his own when it comes to cultivation. He is not sure if he can defeat the old man, however, Shin Jiao is determined to fight him to the death if necessary for the safety of his own family.

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