The Generals Little Peasant Wife Chapter 197

The Generals Little Peasant Wife | Chapter 197: Brain Didnt Go Bad

While she was suffering, they had gotten married; they looked so happy together.

She was spurned by her own husband and she could not receive his doting no matter what she did. But for what reason could those two live so happily.

She couldnt help but want to destroy the picture of them being happy and blessed.

That said feeling she had towards them became more apparent after she met them.

She walked towards them and blocked their path. Qiao Tian Chang and his wife frowned when they saw the person blocking their path. Why do they always meet people whom they loathed whenever they left their house? 

"Qiao Tian Chang, why did you marry this woman? In what way am I any less compared to her when it comes to identity or status!" Yang Cui seemed to be too irritated by the happy couple that she criticized the couple in public without any thought. The servant girl standing behind Yang Cui felt a chill in her heart when Yang Cui spoke. 

"We should we should go back now." The servant girl didnt want to get involved as Yang Cuis actions were too embarrassing.

It was evident that the happy couple were newlyweds. But how long had Yang Cui been someone elses concubine? On top of that, no matter how she looked at it, it was inappropriate for Yang Cui to block and criticize other people in the middle of the street. If their young master knew of this

The servant girls complexion turned deathly pale when she thought of Li Wei. Her expression became a little out of shape too.

Ning Meng Yao frowned as she looked at Yang Cui with an unhappy gaze.

If other people didnt know the situation, they wouldve thought that she had stolen her man!

"Yang Cui, did you forget to take your medicine before coming out?"

"Ning Meng Yao, youre a cheap vixen! You stole the man I loved!" Yang Cui yelled at her crazily. It seemed like she had received a huge shock.

Li Wei planned to return home after meeting with his friends. However, who wouldve thought that he would run into Yang Cui on his way home? Whats more, she had yelled out things that wouldve been easily misunderstood.

Li Wei stood by the side with the crowd, he wanted to see what other things this shameless woman would say.

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The servant girl by Yang Cuis side wanted to tell her to stop when her gaze met Li Weis ice-cold eyes staring at her when she looked up. She was frightened to the point that she immediately closed her mouth and lowered her head, not daring to speak again.

"You can always snatch my man back, but would your husband say? Or could it be that you want to make him wear a green hat?" Ning Meng Yao had said this because she had seen Li Wei standing among the crowd with an ashen complexion.

(TLN: Wearing a green hat is when the wife cuckolds her husband. In simpler terms, its when the wife cheats on her husband. )

"This has nothing to do with you. He wont believe you even if you tell him that." Yang Cui seemed to be very confident about this. 

The people in the crowd seemed to understand the situation. It seemed like the young lady liked the other young ladys husband, but the other young ladys husband doesnt like her. So, she married someone else as a concubine. But after the newlyweds got married, she could no longer put up with it, so came over to embarrass them.

"Yao Yao, whats the point of saying so much to her? With her intelligence, would she even be able to understand you?" Qiao Tian Chang looked at Yang Cui with disgust, it seemed like if he looked at her any longer, his heart would feel uncomfortable.

Ning Meng Yao turned to look at Qiao Tian Chang. "Shes our neighbor, so we cant just ignore her."

The expression on Yang Cuis face turned ugly and her body trembled when she heard them talk among themselves like there was no one around them.

"We should we should get going now." The servant girls heart was full of fear when saw how ugly the expression on Li Weis face was turning.

Yang Cui reached out and pushed the servant girl beside her to the ground. "You leave then."

The servant girls eyes were full of grievances when she was pushed to the ground; the skin on her hand also tore due to the fall.

Yang Cui looked at Qiao Tian Chang and completely ignored the people in the crowd who were gossiping and pointing at her. "Qiao Tian Chang, I will make you regret treating me this way. I will prove it to you that it was your loss for not marrying me."

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Yang Cui with contempt and said, "My brain didnt go bad."

A deep smile flashed by the depths of Ning Meng Yaos eyes. Isnt he afraid of hurting her feelings?

"My dear, lets go home." Qiao Tian Chang looked at Ning Meng Yao. He had originally wanted to take her out for a stroll to relieve her boredom. But who wouldve thought that they would encounter such a messy situation? He really had enough.

Ning Meng Yao nodded her head with a smile as she followed behind Qiao Tian Chang and left.

The two didnt plan to pay any attention to the crazy Yang Cui. However, Yang Cui didnt plan to give the two an opportunity to leave. They didnt even walk a few steps when Yang Cui blocked their path again. "Qiao Tian Chang, if you deal with this woman, I will consider forgiving you."

Qiao Tian Chang didnt pay any attention to Yang Cui. "Dear, lets go home. Lets not argue with this lunatic."

L-Lunatic? Did he just called her a lunatic?

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