The Generals Little Peasant Wife Chapter 2184

Chapter 2184: Five Years

On the second day of talking with Ning Mengyao, they also left the sugar candy. There are not many people left in the villa. Whenever this time, Ning Mengyao has some helplessness. Are they not planning to come back?

"No matter what they are, we will leave, wait for us to be tired and come back." Qiao Tianchang reached out and held Ning Mengyao from behind, whispering in her ear.

Ning Mengyao nodded: "Well, let's go."

However, Ning Mengyaos husband and wife have been away for five years. Even Jomo, they dont know where they went, but they will come back every year to see if people are back.

"Brother, mother, they have not come back." Sugar looked at the uninhabited mountain village, and some disappointed said.

Jomo, who has become a teenager, looks at his sister: "They will definitely come back this year."

For five years, he has been outside for many years and will come back every year. He has learned a lot, he has seen a lot, and he understands why Big Brother likes to travel outside.


"Well, Xiao Mu wants to be the emperor, and they will definitely return." Jomothan said with great certainty.

Sugar sugar and peas think about it, it seems to be the same.

In the past five years, the sugar medicine has been better, and it has surpassed the black grandfather. As for the peas, it has become the first piano master in the world. Many people want to find him to help the piano, but they have never found anyone. As for the nine The sound has been with the peas for years, and he is traveling around him.

Just like Jomo, they think about it. After five years, Qiao Tianchang and his wife are starting to go back, and at the same time, they are also rushing back.

In the past five years, Lei Ans daughter Lei Qian had become a prince of Xiao Mu a year ago. The relationship between the two was very good. Because of the strong backing, no one dared to let Xiao Mu do not hesitate.

The Lei'an family also moved back from the border town a year ago. As for the security department of Bianguanlei, they were handed over to Shisong. As for Shisong, with the help of Qiao Tianchang, they married a daughter of a martial arts hall. Now there is a son and a daughter. It is also very happy.

There have been too many things in the past five years, especially in the classroom. Under the help of Xiao Qifeng, Xiao Yutian cleared a lot of locusts and promoted many officials. Among them, there are Yang Zhi Xiaolin.

Jomo Mou looked at Xiao Mu and Lei Qian who had rushed in: "How did you both come over?"

"I heard that your brother came back, we will come over and see, Erbo, are they still not coming back?" Xiao Mu asked with disappointment.

"Yang Niang should be on the way back. This year is your big day. They won't come back. Not only will the mothers come back, but they will all come back. We will give you support. No one dares you to choose those. People you don't like, we don't have this ability, we don't need marriage." Jomomo said coldly.

"That is, if they are embarrassing you, we will pack them up. We have also found a lot of talents for you in these years, not a few people." Yu Yan said with a cold voice.

"That is, the people we are looking for are all capable and talented people. Compared with those who only know how to rely on the old and the old, I don't know how much." Doudou nodded, and he also found some people.

Xiao Mu smiled and nodded: "Hey brother thank you."

"We are brothers, you have your responsibility, we will help you guard together, will not let you alone in that cold and lonely position." Jomo whispered coldly.

Ning Mengyaos husband and wife came back to hear what they said, and they nodded with satisfaction: "The little monkey said yes, you are brothers. In the future, no matter what, you will help each other. You must remember, you are not alone. There are Lei Qian around you, as well as the little monkeys and their many brothers. There are Shisong to guard you. There are little monkeys in the hall. They are holding them. You just have to be bold and do what you want to do. If you are not good, there is us behind you."

"Bo Niang." Xiao Mu eyes brightly looked at Ning Mengyao couple, Bo Niang they really came back.

Jomo, they are also very happy: "Mom, you are finally back."

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