The Glory After Rebirth Chapter 43

Chapter 43: What Else Do You Remember?

Translator: DragonRider
Hearing Ling Zhang mention his parents, Ling Zhaowen slightly changed countenance and his eyes went dim.

“I know, you are always curious about your parents. But you are so sensible that you just keep it in your heart and never ask.”

After sitting down, Ling Zhangwen motioned Ling Zhang to sit before continuing,

“The topics of your parents are forbidden in the family because we are worried that you may be sad after hearing it. Your father left home after your mother died, and that made you cry every day. Your grandfather and I were worried that sadness would do harm to your body, so we forbade the servants to mention your parents in front of you. And then we made a lot of efforts to shift your attention and let you recover from grief.”

“I didn't expect that after so many years, you suddenly remember what your mother taught you about the formations. But now that you've remembered, and become an adult, I should tell you something about your parents. Before this, you should tell uncle what else you have remembered besides the formations?”

Ling Zhaowen carefully looked at Ling Zhang. Obviously, he was worried that Ling Zhang had kept something in mind.

After listening to his uncle, Ling Zhang became curious. His uncle's words showed that they had kept something about his parents from him?

When thinking about it, Ling Zhang raised his hand to touch the jade he was wearing. His mother left him this magic medical jade that can detoxify hundreds of toxins, and he had been very curious what his mother’s origin was.

“My impression of them is very vague. Besides these formations, I can only vaguely remember that my mother had left some books about formations, and then my father set fire to them. He said that they were ominous things, and they caused my mother's death.”

Ling Zhaowen nodded, “That was true but I didn't expect that you can remember. Anything else?”

Ling Zhang shook his head, “Except it, I can hardly remember other things.”

After all, Ling Zhang’s mother died when he was very young. Suddenly recalling the knowledge of the formations was surprising enough as he even couldn't remember what his parents looked like.

Ling Zhaowen figured out what Ling Zhangwen had probably remembered and then pondered for a moment, as if he was considering about how to start the conversation.

Seeing Ling Zhaowen being so hesitant, Ling Zhang took the initiative to ask, “Uncle, those words my father said, is it true? Those formations books had something to do with my mother's death?”

“The knowledge of those books itself is innocent, and what your father did at that time was venting his anger on the books.” Ling Zhaowen sighed, as if feeling the heavy burden of the past.

“Venting his anger? Why?” Ling Zhang was puzzled.

“Your mother was very weak before marrying into our family. Although she was very intelligent, she was always in poor health, and in a situation of oversensitive her intelligence would increase the severity of the illness. She was not willing to give up the formations knowledge, and often bothered to teach you. She seized every moment to impart all the formations knowledge to you as if every day was the last day of her life. Your father tried to stop her, but failed. So he always felt that the knowledge of the formations, which your mother regarded as a treasure, was an ominous thing that caused your mother’s death. And he was so distressed that he burnt them after your mother died,” Ling Zhaowen explained, grief-toned.

Ling Zhang suddenly froze when unexpectedly knowing that his mother’s illness increased because she bothered so much to teach him. So in a sense, he also caused his mother’s death?

“Don’t take it to heart, it’s not your fault. You were just a kid that time, and you knew nothing.” Ling Zhaowen saw through what Ling Zhang was thinking and comforted him.
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