The Glory After Rebirth Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Your Mothers Origin

Translator: DragonRider
“What illness on earth did my mother have?”

Ling Zhang only remembered that her mother died of a serious illness, and he could vaguely remember that time he was accompanied by strong smell of herbs.

“It was the weakness of the internal organs. Her body constantly became weak, and was finally incurable.” Ling Zhaowen answered with a heavy heart.

“What caused it?” Ling Zhang asked.

“I only know that your mother was born with the weakness and she had always been dependent on herbs to maintain her health. It was a risk for her to give birth to you. If she had dropped everything to maintain her health, she could have lived longer. However, she had been tiring her body and consuming her energy.” Ling Zhaowen replied.

“The knowledge of the battle arrays was extremely laborious for her, and she always seemed to be worrying about something.”

“What was she worried about?” Ling Zhang simply did not understand. Since his mother had married his father, although Ling family was not the top noble family, they had a life without worrying about food and clothing, and the family was in harmony. What else was his mother worried about?

“I don't know. Your mother never told us, but she thought highly of you. And she seemed to have high hopes for you.” Ling Zhaowen said.

Ling Zhang was shocked. ‘My mother had high expectations for me?’

But since her death, he had slowly forgotten all the knowledge of the battle arrays, and he didn't think of them even when he died in his previous life.

He failed to live up to his mother's expectations.

Thinking of this, Ling Zhang felt upset. ‘I was so incapable in my previous life that I not only failed to live up to mother's expectations, but also failed to save Ling family. Everything was terrible.’

“Uncle, do you know what my mother expected me to do?” Ling couldn’t help asking.

Ling Zhaowen shook his head and sighed, “Maybe your father knows, but he disappeared.”

Yes, his father disappeared. He disappeared and had also burnt all the battle arrays books that Ling Zhang’s mother left.

If they hadn't been burnt, maybe he wouldn't have forgotten the knowledge so thoroughly, and maybe he could have done something in his previous life.

But to this day, should he blame that person because of those things happened in his previous life?

Ling Zhang clenched his fists, and stifled what he thought just now in his own heart. Those complaints were because he was not strong enough, and he shouldn't think about this senseless thing again.

Holding back all the thoughts, Ling Zhang asked Ling Zhaowen, “What is it that you want to tell me, uncle?"

Those things he didn't know must be so important that they made his uncle so solemn.

“It’s about your mother’s origin.” Ling Zhaowen said, “I think you must be curious.”

Ling Zhang made a bitter smile, how could he not be curious. He had never been to his maternal grandparents’ home. When he was a child, his paternal grandfather only told him that his maternal grandfather's home was far away from Tanyang, even farther than the capital, so the two families never saw each other.

But how far was it?

“Cough!” Suddenly, there came an abrupt cough from the outside, interrupting what Ling Zhaowen was about to say next.

Ling Zhang and Ling Zhaowen were both startled, and they quickly stood up and looked outside the study.

The door of the study was opened, and Ling Xingzhong came in from the outside, giving Ling Zhaowen a stern look as he came in.



Ling Zhaowen looked at Ling Xingzhong with somewhat guilty conscience.

But Ling Zhang slightly frowned. ‘Why did grandfather appear so coincidentally to interrupt uncle’s words. Why?'

Couldn’t they tell him his mother’s origin?

“Huh.” Ling Xingzhong sneered at Ling Zhaowen angrily, “Without telling me a word, how dare you mention it to Zhang. Are you ignoring me?”
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