The Glory After Rebirth Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Marriage Partner Of Marshal

Translator: DragonRider
“Marshal, what are your orders?”

The rain stopped, and it was dark. Outside the inn's window was the night view of the Liantang Town. Under the darkness, those lanterns shed soft lights. The wet and cold draught of air blew into the room from the window, it was so cold.

The person who came into the house looked at the window and said, somewhat worriedly, “Marshal, it’s cold at night, better close the window.”

Yuwen Tong didn’t care about this hint of chill, “Yue Qi, tomorrow you continue leading half of the people to the capital, and report my whereabouts to our emperor. Just tell him I am going to Tanyang to find my marriage partner.”

“Yes... Ah?” Yue Qi, who was the leader of Yuwen Tong’s personal bodyguards, froze in astonishment.

Marriage...marriage partner?!

‘Marshal has got a marriage partner?’

No, when did Marshal get engaged? He had been by Marshal's side for nearly ten years, how could he never hear of it?

‘So Marshal tells a lie to avoid the possible bestowed marriage from His Majesty?’

Yue Qi couldn’t help guessing, and began to worry, “Marshal, what you said just now… is it true? If His Majesty knows you tell a lie, it will be the lese-majeste.”

Yuwen Tong looked at him, somewhat displeased, “Who told you it is a lie?”

It ...Really was true? Yue Qi disbelieved more, “But Marshal, you once said you are not engaged!”

“I just found I am. Well, save the nonsense, do as I ordered.” Yuwen Tong said. His exquisite facial features looked more handsome that nobody could compare under the dim light. But his expression was cold and even serious; that really was a waste of such a good appearance.

Being scolded, Yue Qi dared not to ask more. Although feeling so shocked, he also chose to believe in Yuwen Tong.

“Yes, this subordinate will complete mission successfully.”

“Marshal, do you need to take more people to Tanyang? It is said that the banditry is serious there, not too safe a place to go.”

Yuwen Tong refused, “No.”

“Marshal, you must be careful then,” Yue Qi said.

“I know.” Yuwen Tong answered briefly.

Yue Qi exited the room, before walking out he specially looked at Yuwen Tong. He wanted to ask the Marshal who was his marriage partner, but unfortunately he did not have the courage.

After Yue Qi went out, Yuwen Tong continued to read the topographic map of Tanyang in his hands. This map was very detailed, and it was absolutely the very rare kind. But because of Yuwen Tong's noble identity, it was not too hard for him get such a map.

He looked at places that the bandits might hide one after another, finally his eyes landed on the Prefecture Guards station of Tanyang and became cold, “Zhang Chong.”


In Ling’s home, Tanyang.

Ling Zhaowen’s words were interrupted because of Ling Xingzhong’s sudden appearance. So Ling Zhang did not learn his mother’s origin from his uncle.

If Ling Zhang had only been suspicious of his mother’s origin being complex, then he was absolutely certain this time.

But he just didn’t know what kind of origin can made his mother master so strong formations. Even though Ling Zhang knew little about the art of war, he also knew that these formations were very precious. And they were absolutely those existence that cannot easily be imparted to the world.

Which family in the Great Yue was proficient in this? Ling Zhang couldn’t even find any possible candidate after ransacking his brains. If he must pick one from those families, it must be the Yuwen family. As a family of general for generations, they were proficient in art of war and formations, but his mother’s last name wasn’t Yuwen, and he felt her family wasn’t related to Yuwen family.

His paternal grandfather once said that his maternal grandparents lived far away, even farther than the capital.

Besides, he and Yuwen Tong had been engaged, that was out of the question.

But if not, what exactly was his mother’s origin?

And why didn’t his grandfather let his uncle tell him?

Ling Zhang had no idea for the moment, so finally he could only sigh and temporarily lay down this matter.
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