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  • The Gluttonus Beast

  • Genres : Gods -  Male Protagonist -  Lazy Protagonist -  System -  weaktostrong -  Reincarnated as a Monster -  nonhuman protagonist -  leveling system -  calm pratagonist
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The Gluttonus Beast summary:

Amari Rex was an adamant animal lover and had an abusive childhood. The only love he was shown was from the family's dog, that was abused alongside him, and the animals in the forest. The dog raised him as its own child and the animals in the forest, causing Amari to become more distant from humankind, more beastly than human. The only thing that kept his very thin line of humanity was his desire for human affection. So he needed to learn why humans are the way they are, and the library was his own choice. There he learned about dragons, phoenixes, cultivation, the fantasy world, and his favorite Monster Hunter. He learned his morals and beliefs from anime and changed his outlook on humans. However, life always dealt him a bad hand and took everything away from him, he went mad on a rampage. Lost in madness, he killed his parents, caused the death of his true family, and his existence came to an end, or is it a new beginning?Disclaimer:I don't own the picture, should there be a need to take it down then plz let me know.I only own the OC I make, and other things I created. I don't own Monster Hunter, any of the anime related things, or things along that line.

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