The Gluttonus Beast Book 2 Chapter 34

Volume 2: Eden: The Wildlands Chapter 34 An Alliance Pt. 2

"You want to forge an alliance with us, as compensation for helping us in this battle?" Sheila looks at me with a 'you must be kidding' look, like the thing she just heard was the most insane thing ever...it was only slightly insane.

"Yeah, you heard me correctly, but I guess I can be more specific. What I truly, truly want isss..." I let it drag on for dramatic effect.

"Yes, what is it!" Sheila questioned loudly and she started to sweat and her heartbeat quickened, most likely expecting the worse.

"...a family!" I finally finished off we a toothy, goofy grin.

"...A family?" Sheila tilted her to the side, like a confused puppy, but in this case a confused p.u.s.s.y (AN: Sorry, I had to). I don't blame her for her confusion, anyone else in this situation would be confused. I guess it time to tell them a little of my background, although a little edited, this is a huge risk, however, it is a risk I'm willing to take.

"Yes...a family. I won't get into it now, as it is a long story, but after this meeting or even after the battle if you still want to know. I shall tell you." I turned to address her calmly as I finally confirm that she indeed heard what I said.

"...Oh, ok then. Ahem, now that this alliance has been established, I finally feel a bit safe, however, you should never underestimate the enemy. So I'm going to go into farther details about the Origins Faction..."

*1 Hour Later*

So basically to sum up everything I just learned, Sheila is the princess of the Blaze Clan, as she is the daughter of the leader of the clan, Scar (definitely not a certain lion we all know). He rules all the Blaze Clan with an iron fist, suppressing all of the different families inside of the Blaze Clan...oh yeah, the families.

So the Blaze Clan is not only a clan for the lions, but is a clan made up of a lot of fire-type magical beasts that have gathered together to make one huge clan, with the Blazing Lions as the lead family, as they are the strongest. There are a total of 5 families all in order of strongest after the Blazing Lions. The Flaming Fist Kongs, as second, the Hot-Horn Bulls, as third, the Red-Headed Jackals, and the Fire Devouring Geckos, as the fifth and weakest family. Anyways, back on track.

So again Scar leads the whole clan with an iron fist, the typical tyrant way of, 'You do whatever I say or you will be killed'. He would have done the same with Sheila, but she has the whole backing of the Renewal Faction in their family, so killing her isn't so easily accomplished. However, there is still a way of doing this without too much backlash or trouble, even if there are people dissatisfied with it, and that is a Pugna (AN: It means battle, fight, or conflict, from Latin).

In a Pugna, the two sides that are in conflict choose the rules, -the ones or one- who battles, and the bet. For the Pugna, between Scar and Sheila, Scar chose a death battle, meaning no surrendering and you have to kill your opponent to win. Both sides get to choose who battles, whether that is themselves, allies, or subordinates. And finally, the winner of the battle becomes the new leader of the two factions, and whoever disobeys or is unsatisfied with the new leader, either leaves the clan or dies. And this was scheduled to happen a week ago, meaning we only have 1 more week to prepare.

During that week Sheila was searching for someone who can compete with Scar and has experience fighting. Because while Sheila is, surprisingly, as strong or a little stronger than Scar, he has much, much more experience than her, which puts the match in his favor. And she has witnessed him fighting, defeating, and killing opponents that were around his level. Meaning he and Sheila are a bit stronger than the level of when I fought Magma.

So I have to fight to the death with this Scar guy, which is fine with me because he reminds me of my birth father, so this 'fight' should no longer be a fight because my stats are far higher then when a fought Magma, and if they are on the same level, then this will be a massacre.

Anyways, that was the guise of the conversation that we had, just her telling me his level of power a week ago, but he must likely is powering his self up now as we speak.


"Alright, if what you said about Scar is true, then we have nothing to worry about. However just to be safe, I'm going to go train and grow acquainted with my new strength. But first I need to improve the strength of my people before I go and get Magma to watch over them." I finally said after digesting everything that was thrown my way.

"Improve your people's strength?" Sheila said immediately after hearing my answer, she was confused and curious about how I was going to go about doing that, along with everyone else.

"I'm planning to give them a new and more powerful bloodline-" I was explaining but was cut off before I could finish.

"Give them a new bloodline!" Sheila shouted out looking utterly shocked and again everyone else as well.

"Yeah, is that a problem?" Now it was my turn to be confused, I mean is it a problem to give out new bloodlines to everyone.

"I-it's n-not necessarily a problem, but a very tedious and difficult task, as you need to implant the blood essence of a magical beast that is of a high-tier, like Scar, into your people, but you only usually get a single drop of blood essence from such as magical beasts like him, and they are very rare. It can be done if you capture him, drain him of his blood essence, but you would need to wait a year before he can regenerate his lost blood essence. Meaning you won't be able to finish that all in a week." Oh, well that would indeed be a problem...for normal people that is.

"Well, I guess I'm just special or should I say my body is special." I said proudly, as I lift my head up high, playfully.

"What do you mean?" Sheila asked me curiously.

"Well when I ingest the blood and blood essence of a magical beast, I'm able to later at any point, create their blood and blood essence again. Meaning I only need to drink their blood, to create their bloodline again whenever I want." Look back down to her as I finish up my explantation.

"T-that...that's incredible!" Sheila shouted out in excitement and...joy?

"Indeed, that is our Lord Ryoku for you." Kimble spoke out while nodding his head, along with his wife.

"Hahaha, I expected no least from my Lord, hahaha!" Ajax and his energetic self laughter filled the room. No you else said anything, but I could see the admiration in their eyes.

"Alright, I think that concludes this meeting, now I need to deal with a few things before I can think up an appropriate bloodline for you all. When I do have one, I will call upon you all to discuss if we should give it our, or find a new one. Now, are we all good." I speak out loud and clear to get all their attention back.

""""""""Yes Sir!""""""""

'I get my council calling me Sir, but why is Sheila and her guards starting that now.' I think grumbly to myself.

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