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  • The Gods Decree

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The Gods Decree summary:

From my youth I could only look up to the heavens but just as all my enemies before, It is under my feet quivering.If so be the case why would I care what The Gods Decree?My path is to be one that is unhindered by any shackles and I intend to keep it that way.Will you join me on this journey to becoming The EMPYREON WARLOCK the one truly supreme deity?

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The Gods Decree Chapters

Time uploaded
220 Overkill3 weeks ago
217 Bunkera month ago
216 Delilaha month ago
210 Burn Oua month ago
203 Indulgea month ago
199 Turf Warsa month ago
190 Sunflowera month ago
189 Pathogena month ago
186 Yours Trulya month ago
185 Well. Helloa month ago
183 Blood Oatha month ago
181 Grand Eldera month ago
180 Axusa month ago
179 Tokena month ago
169 Blue Rosea month ago
166 Asha month ago
165 True Lorda month ago
164 Gravitya month ago
161 Monstera month ago
157 Fates Handsa month ago
155 Reparationsa month ago
149 Mamma Miaa month ago
146 Fine Tuninga month ago
144 No Remorsea month ago
138 Lions Dena month ago
136 Assemblinga month ago
134 Ma?tre Da month ago
133 Flawa month ago
128 Joker 2a month ago
127 Joker 1a month ago
125 The Squada month ago
123 Weaknessa month ago
122 Mr Charismaa month ago
117 Dwellinga month ago
116 Humilitya month ago
115 Escora month ago
114 Bondsa month ago
113 Destinya month ago
112 Its Hima month ago
111 The Bells 2a month ago
110 The Bells 1a month ago
109 Arrivala month ago
108 Amir Amir 2a month ago
107 Amir Amir 1a month ago
103 Cageda month ago
101 Lover Boya month ago
99 Grim Reapera month ago
98 Pride Falla month ago
95 The Catalysa month ago
94 Termsa month ago
93 A Gifa month ago
91 Feara month ago
90 Cremationa month ago
89 Heaven Eartha month ago
85 Assimilationa month ago
83 Shreddeda month ago
82 Pawna month ago
73 Unshakablea month ago
72 Proud Momena month ago
71 Silenceda month ago
69 Ant Colonya month ago
67 Behavea month ago
66 First Stepa month ago
64 Elixira month ago
62 Reliefa month ago
61 Sky Fallinga month ago
60 Two Optionsa month ago
54 Warmtha month ago
52 Unfettereda month ago
50 Abominationa month ago
45 A Cougha month ago
37 You Cheatera month ago
32 May Daya month ago
25 Mouse Trapa month ago
21 As Time Passa month ago
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